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3400 Square Feet (316 Square Meter) (378 Square Yards) 5 bedroom Kerala style traditional vastu based home design by Green Homes, Thiruvalla, Kerala.
1025 Square Feet (95 Square Meter) (114 Square Yards) small budget contemporary home with estimated construction cost. 2550 Square Feet (236 Square Meter) (283 Square Yards) new style traditional mix Kerala home design architecture.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Home Based Primary Care for frail, homebound Veterans as a model for Independence at Home B.
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The Independence at Home bill (IAH) establishes, in effect, a public Special Needs Plan focused on frail, homebound Medicare beneficiaries. We project HBPC’s experience onto the IAH population to estimate public savings from expansion of home-based, all inclusive care. Methods: We merged cost records from Medicare Part A and VA for the 9425 veterans enrolled in HBPC in FY06. Assuming adequate risk adjustment to cover observed costs, using savings factors specified in IAH as a public Special Needs Plan operated by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Plan would recoup initial savings of $42,035,000 or $4660 pmpy.
Conclusion: Frail, home bound veterans with complex chronic diseases require significant resources.

The use of interdisciplinary team-led, all-inclusive home care as envisaged under IAH can result in substantial savings to the public. A threshhold of 2.4 with the current HCC model– the average HCC risk for PACE– may target a group where savings exceed IDT costs.

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