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Clips may be added to a movie in the Timeline view, just like adding them in the Storyboard view. To repeat a video clip on the Timeline, it isn’t necessary to drag it from the collection again.
To delete two side-by-side clips on the timeline, click the first clip, hold down the Shift key and press the right arrow key to select the second clip too. AutoMovie does exactly what its name implies, automatically creating an entire movie from a selection of clips. 3 In the middle Collection pane where the clips are displayed, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking on each of the movie clips to be included in your movie.
In addition to choosing the video clips to be included in an AutoMovie, Windows Movie Maker offers a choice of editing style, custom audio selection, and some simple titling. 7 Click Done, edit movie, and then AutoMovie processes all your movie clips, adding transitions automatically. AutoMovie limits the length of its creation to the length of the music track selected during the customization process. 4 Type a name for your movie file and choose the folder where the movie will be saved (My Videos is the default). With an AutoMovie successfully created in the previous two tasks, it’s time to save the movie.
Uncheck the Play movie when I click Finish check box if you do not wish to view the finished movie immediately.
If you have movie clips and music from a favorite band, AutoMovie is an easy way to create your own music videos. 2 Click and drag the slider to the approximate point in the clip where the split will be made. Splitting a movie clip into two clips lets you use the clips in separate parts of your movie. 1 Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click to select the clips from the Storyboard you want to combine. To combine a large series of sequential clips, select the first clip on the storyboard, press the Shift key, and then click the last clip. 4 Drag the play marker to the point where you want your clip to start, and then from the Clip menu choose Set Start Turn Point.
When it seems impossible to find the exact spot to trim a video clip, zoom in further on the timeline. When dragging the edge of a clip doesn’t result in finding the exact trim point needed, try using the Monitor pane instead. With more and more people upgrading from old, analog video cameras to digital video cameras, coupled with the fact that most of today's PCs are powerful enough to edit video on the PC, it causes one to wonder why more consumers aren't editing their home movies.
Before I get completely into the actual muvee Reveal 11 review I think with this software it is important to understand not just what it does but also exactly who it is designed for. Over the past ten years or so the major video editing software companies have been developing and adding features to their products at breakneck speed.
This development has been conducted in an atmosphere of fierce commercial competition and has not always been driven by what is specifically needed or wanted by the consumer.
Regardless of why that development has occurred the result has been a steady process of complication and complexity being added to these programs and to their respective user interfaces.
For the average person who has little or no interest in either the process of editing or in an almost professional level of features, this presents an often bewildering barrier to them using that software. Having said that, this does not mean that Reveal is in any way crippled or lacking in necessary or desirable features.
However, if you want to quickly and painlessly put together a professional looking video without getting bogged down in technical terms or an endless array of options, then muvee Reveal 11 is most likely a good fit. The process is very straightforward and begins with Reveal 11 allowing you to easily import your videos and images into a central library. You can use video clips or images from almost any source such as smart phones, your webcams, camcorders, digital SLR camera or whatever. What you don’t need to do is give a second thought to such things as those videos or images having different sizes, different formats or even aspect ratios or resolutions. Once everything is imported you can then organize them into individual folders for different projects.
You then choose the assets (video clips, images and any music tracks) that you wish to incorporate into a project by just clicking a button.
I will talk more about the muvee Reveal 11 styles later in this review but at this point you click again and sit back for a second or two while the software creates your video for you automatically. The creation process involves the software scanning all the videos and images you have selected and arranging them into what should be a logical sequence. At the same time it syncs the music track you have selected to not only the overall length of the video but so that editing cuts and fades occur in time with the music. Once this has finished you will be presented with a completed video which you can then preview.
If you like the finished product you can go to the next step or if there are changes you want to make then you can manually make those changes with very easy to use tools that are available.
Once you are happy with the project you can share your video with others by burning it onto a DVD, save to your hard drive or portable device or upload it to YouTube or any other video sharing site. In keeping with the automatic theme of muvee Reveal 11, even the Sharing options are totally painless. No need to bother about all those complicated output settings and video file choices at this point! Just tell the software what you want to do and it will automatically put it together correctly. If you want to add some personal touches with titles, credits, captions, or even voiceovers, you can easily do that after the preview in a few easy to follow steps. Professionally designed title sequences have been added which include their own music tracks so you can just add some text and look like an editing genius… well maybe not a genius but you can look pretty good!
You can now take any existing style from within the software and perform a wide range of customisations to each one to get your project looking the way you want. If you like the way you have adjusted one of these styles then you can now save that customization for future use whilst the original style is left intact. You can set a faster pace to the project, selecting a specific color filter or even change the default font and background colors.
The program includes a wide range of stickers from frames and borders, to hand drawn embellishments, to even light sparkles, fireworks and cute stickers for kids.
You can then save a new photo with these embellishments for Facebook before using them in your muvee slideshow. You can now zip up your projects in their entirety, transfer it all to another machine and continue editing without loss of anything. It will zip up all the photos, videos, and music content along with all settings, captions, intertitles and every imaginable detailed setting of your projects into a single file, and continue where you left off on another machine.
Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. The Canon Power Shot D30 waterproof camera is the ideal choice for intrepid types who often find themselves outdoors, underwater or in extreme situations.
Now you can capture beautiful underwater stills and video without the need for a waterproof case. The Canon HS SYSTEM on the PowerShot D30 lets you take bright, clear photos in an even wider range of shooting situations. Record the fun and excitement of your outdoor adventures in crisp, clear high definition video on the PowerShot D30.
The PowerShot D30 digital camera is equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS)* technology.

Sophisticated Canon technology that makes getting that great shot as simple as pressing the shutter button, Smart AUTO automatically detects scenes by assessing various factors in both the background and the subject.
The camera automatically selects the best shooting settings for optimal quality based on subjects and environmental factors to provide point-and-shoot simplicity. Automatically selects shooting settings for optimal quality and records a video clip every time you capture a still image.
Give images a miniature look with an effect that emphasizes perspective by blurring the top and bottom of the image. Simulates photos taken with "toy" or pinhole cameras, darkening the image at the edges to create a vignette effect. Poster Effect combines several similar shades into one color, turning subtle gradations into eye-catching, scene-popping contrasts. Easy-to-use guidelines simplify the shooting of aligned multiple frames that can later be combined (using bundled software) to create panoramic photos. The innovative Canon Optical Image Stabilization technology, Intelligent IS, analyzes camera movement and applies the best shake correction method for the shooting situation.
Effective for video shooting at wide-angle focal lengths, eliminating the unwanted shaking that typically occurs while walking. Compensates for hand movement when shooting video at the telephoto end of the zoom range, where camera shake is magnified.
When a video clip no longer fits your movie, remove the clip while performing other edits on the Timeline. To use video clips from more than one collection to create an AutoMovie, either copy or drag all the clips into the same collection. If there are movie clips already on the Storyboard or Timeline, AutoMovie will append the auto-generated movie immediately after the last clip currently on the Timeline or Storyboard. For users who want to build a movie from their video clips quickly, AutoMovie is a great way to get most of the elements in place in the fewest steps. To add a series of songs, pick the first song to be added automatically by AutoMovie, then manually import the other songs by selecting File, Import into Collections.
Saving the movie to the hard drive makes it easy to import the file into a DVD-creating application, burn it to CD, or save it to MiniDV tape later. If you plan to share an AutoMovie with family and friends, choose one of the settings optimized for email from the list of save options. Be sure you have the rights to the video or audio content before sharing a movie like this with other people. Divide the clip into two parts at the frame where you want the split to occur, making it easy to use each piece of the clip in any part of your movie.
With Movie Maker in Timeline view, use the blue slider to find the point in a video clip where a split should occur. If two video clips follow each other chronologically in your movie, combining them helps keep the story flow organized. Trimming is useful when a movie clip includes extra material on either end or contains footage irrelevant to the movie project. The hidden frames are skipped over during playback of the video and ignored when the final movie is saved.
This makes incremental shifts of the play marker more subtle, allowing for very precise marking of trim points. Scroll the play marker under the Monitor pane to the point in the video where a trim should be inserted. It is a lot easier thanks to the latest video editing applications and computers that ship with FireWire or USB ports. Currently the camera with the world's deepest waterproof performance, the Power Shot D30 dives to a full 82 feet for excellent scuba and snorkeling flexibility. The tough and sporty PowerShot D30 is the ideal choice for intrepid types who often find themselves outdoors, underwater or in extreme situations. Therefore, be sure to use GPS in accordance with the laws and regulations of your country or region.
That means that if you're a certified Open Water scuba diver, you can comfortably explore the certification's entire 59-foot range.
Whether you're skiing, cycling, climbing, hiking, even performing high movement activities in extreme temperatures, this camera can handle it. The result of combining the camera's 12.1 Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 4 Image Processor, the Canon HS SYSTEM makes possible beautiful low-light shots with minimal noise and maximum detail in highlight and shadow areas. You can travel the world and let the camera automatically record the locations and local times of your stills and videos. The camera has been equipped with a new Sunlight LCD mode that reduces glare, making the LCD monitor easy to see even in bright light.
On the PowerShot D30, detected scenes are analyzed using 32 predefined shooting situations. For stills, the system automatically selects among Normal, Panning, Macro (Hybrid) and Tripod modes. Trimming is most often used to remove things like unintended shots of feet, walls, the lens cap, and other obstacles to the intended subject.
This effectively eliminates them from the movie, but also makes it easy to readjust trim points later without needing to re-add the full clip to the Timeline.
Select Clip, Set Start Trim Point or Set End Trim Point depending on which side of the clip you are trimming. In this article we'll discuss what it takes to get your video into the computer for editing, and turn that videos into cool home movies on the computer, starting with the DV camera, moving onto the editing software that you can buy, the computer that you'll use to edit that video, and the options available to you to present that video to your intended audience. Bikers, hikers, skiers and climbers can also confidently pack the Power Shot D30 to document the day's action. The images and video you capture underwater will exhibit all the Canon quality you expect, with high resolution and vivid, natural color. The 12.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor in the PowerShot D30 incorporates advanced light reception technology that enhances sensitivity while the DIGIC 4 Image Processor actively reduces noise, expanding the usable ISO range to an amazing high of 3200. Full HD video on the PowerShot D30 means everything from amazing mountain heights to beautiful underwater depths will be preserved with spectacular realism and detail, perfect for watching on an HDTV or sharing with family and friends. This enhanced visibility not only makes framing and shooting easier, but also makes it easy to review what you've captured and show it to others. The camera then makes optimal settings to ensure the best possible image capture, whether you're shooting stills or video. When shooting video, the system automatically selects among Dynamic, Powered, Macro and Tripod modes. The camera is shockproof to 6.5 feet, and temperature resistant all the way from 14 Degree to 104 Degree. As a signal is received from GPS satellites, take sufficient measures when using in locations where the use of electronics is regulated. And with the Movie Digest mode, you can record more of your dive without interrupting your enjoyment of it. The Canon HS SYSTEM takes the frustration out of low-light shooting, delivering clear, blur-free images.
In addition to being able to shoot Full HD 1080p video at 24* frames per second, the PowerShot D30 can also shoot 720p HD video at 30** frames per second. You can maximize the usefulness of the GPS feature by using the special bundled Map Utility software that makes it fun to share the memories of your world adventures. Smart AUTO also includes Advanced Subject Detection, which allows the camera to detect and track non-human moving subjects like animals and vehicles. With Intelligent IS, you can concentrate on image capture, letting the camera make the most effective IS settings to help capture the steadiest possible image. The built-in GPS tracker records the location and time of all the images and videos you capture, and the new Sunlight LCD mode makes it easy to see the monitor even on bright, sunny days.

The mode captures a still image plus up to 4 seconds of video prior to pressing the shutter, all without using the REC button. In addition to displaying all your photos' locations on a world map, the camera's GPS system can also track your route from photo to photo – a great way to visualize each trip! Whether you're underwater or on dry land, images are beautifully clear, steady and loaded with detail and natural color thanks to the Canon HS system and Intelligent IS. You can also create and share custom maps and personal mini-travel guides with friends and family members.
Maxwell will be deciding upon and after this illness passed we will take a look at producing these scripts into feature films or television productions. Maxwell is spending this time taking care of his wife, and not in production, he has plenty of time to read scripts.
Thus, this is a wonderful time to have him take a look at your script.i»?A This page is set aside to give us an opportunity to keep our visitor abreast of what is going on with Maxima Vision Films and our film school. At the same time we encourage our visitor to write us anything they feel may be of interest in film and television to our community. Many of these articles are written by our own CEO who is serious about keeping our whole community up to date with any breaking news and events we may be involved with. In the event you write to us a story we find the community may want to know about we will post here on this page. These stories may be of any kind pertaining to the film and television industry, from casting calls our community may want to know about, to events in the area, to a new story ideas you come up with you think might make for a good film or television production. Both categories capture video as a series of ones and zeroes, but those under $1000 capture the data with a one chip CCD, and those over $1000 capture the data using a three chip CCD.
Randall Maxwell of Maxima Vision Films takes some of the backdrop of that particular White House, fictionalizes the story, orchestrates some look-a-likes and dramatizes a womana€™s lust for power who is willing to do whatever it takes to become the first lady president of the United States, including assassination, sex, love or war. Without getting into further detail, the one chip CCDs capture the image data through a single RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Charge Coupled Device, or CCD while the three CCD units have a dedicated CCD for each of the primary colors, which results in a higher quality image.
The choice is all dependent on your pocketbook and what you are going to shoot with the camera, because at the end of shooting, both cameras can transmit the video signal into the computer the same way. When three unlikely but well-intentioned groups of mighty people join forces to battle the demon, they face challenges within and without.
Their variegated backgrounds, including slavery, military, and commoners, must be overlooked if they are to stop Man Burnera€™s evil quest.
The powerful and precious Atma stones must be kept secret if the world is to be saved.Will Man Burner be able to succeed on his quest to find the Atma stones? This delay is expected to last a couple of months, postponing production of every film by a couple of months.The reason for this suspension is due largely to the fact of us not yet having our film school, which is attached to our production company at the point where our investment group had wanted it by summer of 2013. Another large factor is not finding a large enough pool of talent here locally who have enough professional film experience or training to allow us to completely cast four feature films per year, let alone finding enough professionally experienced crew.Thus, one of the things we are now awaiting is hiring a casting director in Hollywood to cast any remaining major speaking roles for each film we have been unable to cast thus far. This is an all out effort to raise the bar in this region of professionally trained actors as well as crew. At this summer feature filmA  consortium; Whether you are an aspiring producer, director, script writer, editor, animator, actor, cinematographer, or just want to learn the ins and outs of the film making industry, you may begin as early as the summer of 2013 building your working resume by participation in our Summer Feature Film Consortium! Well, we have serious investors who share our same passions who are willing to put their money where their mouths are. Let us commit ourselves then together to perfecting our craft of film making and television production by committing to professional training and stop spending money with so-called agencies who are simply in business to sell schools and photos, but have no real connections to even consider making even a feature film. It is a very sad thing that so many have been lured into such scams and have been taken advantage of, but now it is time for change and a part of this change is a must, raising the bar of excellence. It is now time for us to show our investors that we are willing to invest in our future so that very soon they will allow us the opportunity that all of us can make a very good living doing what each of us love doing and that we are extremely passionate about.A This film school has always been and will continue to be always a very specialA  part of our production company and our plans for the future as a means of keeping well trained professionals continuing to come on board with our production offices, from professionally trained actors to crew.
This keeps fresh ideas coming through the doors, but more importantly it allows us to always know we have the most highly skilled actors and crew that money can buy.
Our investment group has always made the film school a stipulation on their investing in our feature films and will continue to do so. A One of the biggest concerns of our investment group is to keep from happening here what happened in Louisiana, where their film makers were at least diligent in getting their law makers to raise the incentives to entice major film production companies like Maxima to come into their state to produce films in their state. They were able to do this by quoting statistics which prove, when major film production companies come into your state and begin producing motion pictures, they bring with them literally millions of dollars into the local economy. In Louisiana, they experienced tremendous success in enticing these companies into their state.A Unfortunately, these companies came by the droves, however, once there they found there was not enough professionally trained talent already there to produce the number of films they wanted to produce, causing them to have to hire the bulk of their needed talent out of state.
Because these incentives are based on hiring local talent, these companies when they were forced to hire outside of state talent, they lost their incentives. Louisiana has since worked diligently trying to get professional instructors in their public schools and universities to train up a workforce of professionally trained film and television professionals to salvage what they can of the professional production companies who have remained and tried working with them.A At Maxima Vision Films, we have experienced the same thing in this region as far as finding sufficient professionally trained talent to do here what we had planned to do in this region. When I speak of this region, I am speaking of the region of Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. We have two investment groups, one of which has already committed to funding four feature films or television productions per year over the next five years here in this region with Maxima.
We want to shoot films that matter, films which can help to shape our culture positively as opposed to negatively.
These films will be marketed directly to the Christian community, which when one considers 70% of the USA population are professed Christian, this is an enormous market. We are certain if we can keep our production cost down under a million dollars the odds are in our favor of at least breaking even if not making a few dollars, especially considering telling stories that matter.
If we can keep our films under $500,000 the odds go up even further, and we know one film in 6-7 will make a substantial return. Our main goal though is telling stories that matter, that might help shape our culture positively, and we can all make a decent living while doing what we are all passionate about doing.
A To accomplish all of this though, we are going to have to raise the bar here in this Texas region as far as talent goes. We are diligently seeking those individuals who have a real passion for film making and television productions, who are driven by this passion to do whatever it takes to one day be able to make a living in a industry that chances are very bleak in anyone getting to a point of making a living. However, one thing is for certain, to have any chance at all, the more one is willing to do in the industry, whether it be sweeping the floors, taking coffee to the director, or being the lead role, or simply investment of time, energy, and money to keep perfecting their craft, all tends to lead to work, which gives us more exposure, that in turn leads to more work, etc, etc, etca€¦ A The point is this; we have investors, which is something, if not the one and only thing which keeps most from doing what they truly want to do in this industry! These investors are seeking individuals like yourself who are like minded, those who have a real passion for film making and television productions, but who are also just as passionate about telling stores that matter. However, the real key is finding these like minded individuals who take this business very serious, as serious as our investors take it, those who are willing to invest into their own future, so as to help them to perfect their individual craft so that they are the very best they can become, so that as a collaborative art form we are able as a group of individuals creating a quality product. After he began his own recovery, he helped set up centers to help other addicts."I abandoned my old life to serve the Lord Jesus Christ," he said. One twin struggles with an addition to prescription drugs, while the other battles doctors whose prescription anti-psychotics are driving her sister to madness and death.a€?One is what I call a€?preachya€™ and more for the church community and affirming faith,a€? Maxwell said.
With the first type of film we will focus on films which are considered preachy and on the nose which will be marketed directly to the Christian community. The second types of films we will focus on are those designed to reach the un-churched with a message of hope for a hurting world, a film with at least a redemptive message.
This investment group is especially interested in getting involved with projects where the project owner has some sort of invested interest in the project themselves or have some avenue to put together a split funded project somehow, thus splitting the risk as well.A A Thus, this investment group funded many trips around the country for Dr.
Maxwell to travel and meet with other investment individuals, companies and groups who had expressed interest in partnerships with the films we were already in pre-production stage which were our films a€?Rachela€™s Gracea€? and a€?Sister Surrendereda€?, both of which had an estimated production budget of around $300,000. We had felt with partnering with others who could double the production budget we could add at least some actors with much experience as well as other talents. Unfortunately, at this point, though we met many such investment groups who had expressed interest in split funding our film projects, most simply had projects themselves who they wanted our investment group to invest in their film projects and did not show us even any interest what so ever in split funding our film projects after our investment group paid travel and lodging expenses for Dr Maxwell to meet with these people. A With this being said, this has been a very expensive summer for our investment group in trying to put together split funded film projects.

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