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So here's mine:The Dell laptop on the left is strictly for internet access and listening to music which I have a cord plugged in from the laptops headphone output to the back of the 26" RCA flat screen HDTV. I also have an additional audio jack going from the back of the flatscreen to the 12" Kenwood Tornado powered subwoofer. The HDTV is playing the role of my computer monitor for my Compaq Presario Desktop computer.
The desktop computer has no internet access and is strictly for editing and creation of visual effects. The laptop on the right is a compaq laptop which also has no internet access, and is strictly for editing and creating visual effects. The compaq laptop is also currently rendering a visual effects animation for another client of mine. There's usually a small TV for grading where the boxes and Dalek are sitting, but my girlfriend took it to play her Gamecube on. Actually I have an excuse, my office is currently located in the living on the dinner table lol. The Video Card that I'm getting, the NVidia GeForce 7300 GS was on Tiger Direct for $44.99 after rebate! Pooky, I have no idea what you said in the last half of the post exept for the $350 dollar part.

PCI-Express gives graphics card more space to send information, but they didn't even use all of AGP's bandwidth so there's no difference. There usually isn't a drawer tot he left of the G5 and the desk is messy due to ebay items I'm about to sell. Its quite a step up from the old(er) computer I was using, a 2 year old E-Machines with 512mb ram and a 80 gig hard drive. If it's not already, you'll have to flip the switch for it from the 'green square' to the 'P'.Next, use the dial adjacent to the switch to change the mode from "auto" to "manual". If you didn't already know this, you can move the dial up and down to change selection, and push it in to select something. With the esposure dial (or toggle, rather) you're changing three things: f-stop, shutterspeed, and gain. I love changing shutterspeed to get that 'action movie' effect, and I change f-stop to suit my brightness, but I NEVER change gain, it adds grain to the image.If this doesn't spell it out for you well enough, I don't think the manual will be of much use.
I'm still having issues with the brightness of some sunny day footage that I shot but I think I'm getting it figured out.
The editing computer for the whole thing is in a horizontal receiver case on a stand wedged quietly underneath the spiral staircase. I think I'm going to refrain from posting a picture of my pokey study at home, not least because it's a total mess.

The motto is never enough PCs, monitors, or keyboards.My T2i would be here somewhere, but I'm photographing with it. For four of us in small shared bedrooms, we decided to economize the living area by integrating electronics into it. We have a merchant's chest with leather buckles to hold our cables and things, and an oak box on top with crystal decanters to hold our alcohol. We can push it under the stairs to a more inconspicuous area, but it's out now because we needed to plug something in to watch Entourage.The tower of stuff. I normally hate these, but my our roommates wanted to have a big receiver to use, so we bought a unit to hold our Pioneer receiver, horizontal-case editing comp, Bluray player and LP player.Closer detail on our current desk in the corner of the room. Exposed wires on the ground need to be straightened out and run through the walls, but we're still yet to do that.
The 'tower' in the right side is a large speaker, not a computer, but we're looking at concealing that speaker more as well (maybe with a plant).

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