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Esta semana nos llego via email una consulta en la cual hacian hincapie sobre la importancia o no de contratar hosting al momento de iniciar una tienda online.
El que quiere tener un sitio web exitoso tiene que invertir, ya que nada en este mundo es gratis, pero lo mejor es hacer una buena inversion que justifique una taza de retorno equivalente o superior. If you are thinking about launching your first website, the last thing you want to think about is the web hosting service. Luckily, facing stiff competition, many companies over the years have strengthened their efforts in offering user friendly hosting services that are affordable, secure, and easy to use.
Yet, figuring out the best hosting company can be a roll of the dice in many circumstances.
There are literally hundreds of cheap web hosting companies that provide a decent service and the numbers are growing all the time, but we decided to take what many consider to be the top 10, and determine the best three choices among them. Using over three dozen affiliate and high traffic websites, we reviewed ten popular hosting services.
We looked at quite a few web hosting companies over several months using over three dozen websites and it was clear to us that Inmotion, a company based in Los Angeles, took the top prize. To be honest many of the services we tested were good, and some came very close to knocking Inmotion from its top spot, yet their excellent customer service, easy to use interface, and excellent value simply exceeded our expectations and proved themselves to be the best choice.
Let's talk about the customer service, which is essential in when you purchase this kind of product. During our assessment, we had run into a couple of technical glitches on our end and needed their help. To be clear, we had some high traffic websites which may have strained the servers of other companies. While we are pretty experience web developers and programmers, we know that a hosting service that is easy to use, straight forward, and intuitive, is just better all around.
We feel very confident in recommending this web hosting solution to anyone who is looking for value, reliability, and of course, an easy to use system.
Coming in a very close second was Bluehost, which has rightly earned a great reputation over the last few years as an affordable and reliable alternative for those looking for a smaller web hosting company. Further, their customer service representatives that we had used on several occasions were very friendly and competent.

Still, Bluehost is a solid web hosting solution for anyone who wants a company with superb customer service, which is why it was our second choice. GoDaddy has had a great reputation over the years of providing excellent security and offering a wealth of services. Yet, while they offer good service, it's clear that their technical support people often double as marketing agents and try to upsell you on a variety of services that you may or may not need. Still, GoDaddy can be very appealing and useful for a person who wants to the convenience of having everything that they need to manage all within one account. Overall, GoDaddy offers customers a fair value, good customer service and excellent reliability, which is why we believe they deserve to be a close third. Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review in order to keep our site up and running. Este tutorial esta disenado para mostrar como utilizar Softaculous para instalar una aplicacion de WordPress para su sitio. Alojamiento web  o web hosting es el servicio que hace que su sitio web disponible para ser visto por otras personas en Internet.
Todo el panorama del marketing ha cambiado con la introduccion de las redes sociales, y el diseno de paginas Web   abrieron nuevas vias  para los vendedores que antes no existian o eran demasiado complicado. Ahora tenemos una herramienta facil de usar es una potente herramienta con la cual pueden compartir un fragmento de contenido en todo el mundo en cuestion de segundos.
Muchas personas utilizan los medios sociales por motivos personales, pero ahora si no lo esta utilizando por razones de negocios. Usted se sorprendera de como el uso de los medios sociales puede llegar a otras partes de su estrategia de marketing.
Cuestiones tan frecuentes como el tipo de sistema cms a utilizar para gestionar los productos, el tipo de email e inclusive registro de dominios son bastante frecuentes, y claro, solemos dar respuestas a cada una de ellas. Lo cierto es que tener hosting propio es tan importante como adquirir el nombre de dominio que mejor se ajusta a nuestras necesidades inmediatas, ya que con ello logramos un control completo de nuestros datos, hacemos las instalaciones y mejoras que mejor nos parezcan e inclusive gestionamos mejor los costos e inventarios de las tiendas sin tener en mente esa pequena espinitita de que nos eliminen las cuentas de hosting (un caso bastante comun al momento de alojar un sitio web en un sistema de gestion gratuito). Los expertos siempre recomendamos que desde el momento en que nos involucramos con el entorno web lo ideal es registrar un nombre de dominio ideal y un webHosting que se adecue a nuestras necesidades inmediatas. But, if you happen to pick the wrong service, you could expose yourself to extra fees and headaches down the road or worse yet, lose all of your information to "web hackers" from unreliable services.
Though there are plenty of options, choosing the wrong hosting service can pick away at your finances and sanity, which can quickly ruin your online operation. This has created several good solutions for those looking for an inexpensive hosting company.

In the end, we were quite pleased and impressed with several of them but only three choices stood out. The Inmotion customer service representatives that we worked with were very pleasant, extremely informative, and knew exactly what they were talking about.
These guys simply offered the best "bang for the buck" with their unlimited bandwidth, low monthly costs, unlimited emails, and no upsell conversations. And though Bluehost achieved great marks in their customer service, the company fell short of Inmotion' s complete value package.
They certainly earned their right to be in the top three out of the many services we were reviewed. They are certainly a one-stop shop for a many things including domain registration, shopping cart integration, and of course, web hosting. Un proveedor de alojamiento web ofrece espacio en su servidor, de manera que otros equipos de todo el mundo pueden acceder a su sitio web a traves de una red o modem utilizando un nombre de dominio.
Felicitales la Navidad con una invitacion personalizada o alguna de las que tenemos ya disenadas poniendo tu logo y el texto que quieras!!!
Antes de contratarlo tienes que asesorarte acerca de los recursos que necesitas, la cantidad de trafico que piensas recibir, el peso del sitio web que pretendes instalar y la cantidad de almacenamiento, y de este modo evitarte tener que pagar mas, o quedarte algo corto con los recursos webs que utilizaras diariamente. They simply offered everything we needed - from email to mega bandwidth - for under $6 a month. The much needed extras and add-ons that cost a little more, was simply enough for us to look elsewhere for our top choice. In addition, while they offer many services, they are a little pricier than other companies an didn't find that they offered many freebies. Hay literalmente miles de servicios de alojamiento web disponibles en la actualidad, que van desde servicios gratuitos con opciones limitadas , los servicios de alojamiento web especializado de negocios o de comercio electronico. La opcion que elija depende principalmente de como se va a utilizar su sitio web y cuanto quiere gastar.

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