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Amazon CloudFront: Works similar to CDN services, basically what it does is distribute the bucket and its content to servers around the world for a faster loading of your media or content. 10.  Enter a user name and make sure that Generate an access key is checked, and click on Create. Even though you can upload media from the AWS Management Console, It’s much easier to use S3 Fox Organizer to manage your media files. Once the media file has been uploaded navigate to the far right and click on the down arrow next to your username and select Security Credentials from the drop down menu.
Once you have created a user account click on Download Credentials button to download Access and secret key. Once you have closed the security credential window double click on the user you recently created to grant that user permissions.

Once S3 Fox Organizer is installed on Firefox click on Tools and select S3 Organizer from the drop-down menu. There Click on Manage Accounts and enter the Account Name, Access and Secret key then click Save and close. Once installed go to the settings and enter the user credentials same one you used to set up S3 Fox Organizer.
Also set up the width and height of the player and enter the name of the bucket (where  the media is being saved). Once you have configured the S3 Media Maestro media player settings, you would need to go back to the S3 Organizer right click on the media you wish to place on the post and select Copy URL to Clipboard from the drop down menu. Now you’ll see a line of text created by the S3 Media Maestro that include the link or name of the media, from here just preview your Post, Now you are ready to rock and roll!!!

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In my case I’ll upload media to this bucket instead of creating sub folders, by clicking on Upload, add files, Browse for the media and click on Open then click on Start Upload to upload your media to the recently created bucket.
You can either place a link or just the name of the media as shown and click on Insert Player button. Amazon said Thursday that Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have committed to a show.

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