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June 14, 2012 By Duru 70 Comments Google Drive Just Made Marketing With Video Cheap and Easy! If you are using WordPress (and you should!) you probably require an additional plugin or software to play the hosted videos on your website. Google Drive is a new service by Google for file storage and sharing as well as video hosting and streaming.
Anyone with a Google account can sign up for free and is eligible for 5GB FREE storage to get started.
Unlike other private video hosting services, such as Amazon and EZS3, Google Drive is dirt cheap. Google Drive files enjoy all the sharing and privacy options of Google Docs (pretty powerful stuff). If you are outsourcing your video production, you will need to find a way to transfer large files. Google Drive gives you control over all of your file types in a single place, including video files.
You may be asking yourself when to use Google Drive for your videos as opposed to simply uploading and publishing them in YouTube. Private hosting allows you to keep your video content secure and within a membership site for example, while placing your video on a public video sharing site has the potential to go viral or get stolen. Although you can use YouTube private or unlisted videos, your viewers may click through the video to YouTube and you will lose them in the mix as opposed to a Google drive video embedded in your website.
You can allow or stop viewers from downloading, embedding, or even knowing about your presentation without seeking your permission.
Once your video is uploaded you can easily embed the video from Google Drive to your website using an embed code (similar to embedding YouTube videos – Click here to learn How to Embed Google Drive Videos on Your Website ) which you can use to post the video to your own secure site, sales page,or sales funnel. Next you may want to install the Google Drive for PC which allows you to add documents to your drive by pasting them into your Google Drive Folder on your PC and synching with your drive (much like Dropbox). I strongly recommend uploading files to your Google Drive using the browser uploader applet. If you already use Google Docs, Google Drive sharing and privacy options are familiar to you. To share a file with someone not in your Gmail contacts add them to your contacts and then share your file with them.

Signup for Google Drive and get cracking with new video hosting and streaming, cancel your private hosting and save some moolah today! There shouldn’t be a problem Amit, your limiting factor to stream video from your Google Drive will be the amount of storage you require on your drive.
The feature you mention Jay is present on Amazon S3, however I have not found a way to restrict domain access to video playing from Google Drive. Generally Google Drive Videos Play on all mobile devices so you shouldn’t have a problem.
Great question, it is frustrating not to have a built in MP3 audio streaming player from Google Drive. There is a new MP3 Music Player Available for Google Drive – This will not allow you to stream audio for others on your website as you can with videos however you can listen to MP3 files from your Drive using the Chrome Browser. It seems to me this would fall under an app either from Google Play or from additional development for apps on Google Drive. Also, is there a restriction on the number of plays -like Vimeo has a restriction of 250000 plays for their Pro package.? As to assigning a password protection to folders – I have not seen this capability yet nor the ability to restrict the number of views.
There is no bandwidth cost for streaming Google Drive videos – which makes it ultra attractive! When you save the audio file to your drive from your PC it is not automatically downloaded to your phone. If you upload an audio file directly from your phone you shouldn’t be experiencing this glitch. Is there OR will there be a way in the future to stream videos and pictures stored in GoogleDrive straight to a smart TV ?
As far as other smart TVs, I have no idea, but if they have a browser like GTV does, then you can just log into Gdrive. Comparativa de Whatsapp, Telegram, Hangouts, Skype y Facebook Messenger: ?cual es el mejor desde el PC? Google ha incorporado a Google Drive una nueva funcionalidad: a partir de ahora podemos usarlo como hosting de paginas web con HTML, JavaScript y CSS. Hay que dejar claro que esta posibilidad no sustituye a los servicios de hosting que solemos usar para alojar paginas de cierta envergadura, sino que mas bien sirve para hacer pruebas y compartirlas de forma rapida.

En la ventana que se abre a continuacion veremos que, alli donde se indica “Quien tiene acceso”, la carpeta aparece como privada por defecto. Ya esta todo listo, solo nos queda obtener el link que usaremos para que los demas puedan ver la pagina que hemos creado.
Un estudio demuestra que los acortadores de URLs pueden exponer tus archivos en la nube El recorte de espacio gratis en OneDrive ya tiene fecha ?No tienes suficiente con un backup? If you compare Google Drive prices to Dropbox  you can see how inexpensive this solution really is. Google Drive is a great solution, simply share the file with your video producer (or your producer can upload the video into their Google Drive account and share it with you). Are there any scripts that could do a fallback for non-flash enabled devices that could work with this? If it is a Google TV, then you can just go to the drive video thru the browser and play the video.
Como tener copias de seguridad anti-desastres ?Quieres 2 GB mas de espacio gratis en Google Drive? This nullifies the need for file sharing solutions such as YouSendIt or Dropbox for example. You should be able to embed the video regardless of whether your website pages are protected. There was an option to click share with only people who have the link and then it gave me the link. Haz este simple chequeo de seguridad 11 complementos para supervitaminar Dropbox ?Cuanto cuesta realmente hacer una web, o una app? So now I just need to figure out how to embed it on my website and hopefully kids won’t have to wait 15 min for their videos to load anymore like they did on S3! Our Website pages are password protected so I’m guessing only students will be able to view them?

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