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Ricoh understands your business is unique.  You serve a specific niche and engage with your customers in a specialized way.
South by Southwest (SxSW) is a private company based in Austin, Texas, with a year-round staff of professionals dedicated to building and delivering conference and festival events for entertainment and related media industry professionals. Advertising agency BBH New York decided to transform some of Austin’s homeless people into mobile Wi-Fi hotspots during SxSW Interactive.
Promotes social media sharing by including numerous popular social media links, plus share with a friend by email, and text messaging included with every merchant coupon. Today’s world is fast paced and mobile technology has changed the way consumers communicate. The power of our system is extensible because of it’s ability to deliver advertisements, deals, and discount offers outside of a typical location-based marketing area by including both Mobile & Web portals which consumers can access from anywhere. Our built in Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is the best way to keep in touch with your customers.
Location-Based Marketing delivers a cost effective marketing channel as real time instant tracking and results significantly reduce advertiser waste.

Accurate Conversion Rates measure foot traffic to accurately show street to store conversion rate. And like any other business, you need to address the growing number of mobile users you employ and serve.  Learn how mobile printing can address your business needs. Since 1987, SxSW has produced the internationally recognized Music and Media Conference & Festival. Also included is a RSS coupon feed system that notifies shoppers of new offers & deals automatically within their browser window. Providing the ability to shop at home, adding selected discounted offers of their liking to a built-in mobile-wallet, and then using their mobile phone to redeem offers in-store at a convenient time.
Use the CRM to see the activity of your business socially, use it to know your top customers, and reward them intelligently. With the WiFi network advertisers and local business reap high conversion rates which translate into “GROID” …Greater Return On Investment Dollar.
Visually gauge the growth in your customer base and keep track of how relevant you are to your fans. Let us help you go beyond Merge social with technical analytics by measuring bandwidth consumption, monitoring quality of service, device usage, deep customer profile and statistics.

By overlaying marketing campaigns and online indicators its simple to understand why your customers visit. Summary reports and exportable data is available for continuous monitoring and management.Quickly see real time analytics to keep you up-to-date with your customers. WiFi Adexchange’s intelligent CRM tool incorporates these insights and more to automate online & in-store programs that are unique to each business. Money was then collected via PayPal in which all the proceeds went directly to the homeless person acting as the hotspot. Maybe give them a different perception of what homeless is like,” said Melvin, one of the homeless hotspots.
Hardware devices are 100% Plug & Play, not requiring any configuration or ongoing maintenance whatsoever.

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