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For anyone starting a new company or looking to grow their current business operations, one very important question looms: what can we offer to attract more customers that someone else doesn't already offer? The following shows a typical example of how we’d go about approaching market research. 90% of startups fail within their first two years of operation despite the fact every startup founder being personally convinced that people would easily buy their services during the initial phases of their startups. Contact Your Target Audience: Search people on the basis of their age, gender, locations and monthly income who you think can be your potential customers and tell them about your new ventures or services you are planning to offer. Analyze your Competitors: Research the level of competition you have to face in your new venture. Visit Local Authorities: Almost every city has a specific department which helps local people in starting small businesses.
This guest post is contributed by Rudo Malequin, who works as Internet Marketing Executive for Fortepromo, which creates customized promotional products for startups and help them to promote their brand in market.

While this answer seems easy to many entrepreneurs, finding what separates your organization from the rest of the marketplace is not that easy. The key reason behind this: most startup founders never realize the importance of a detailed market research before starting their venture, which leads to a startup founder analyzing the situation wrongly and making bad decisions. Sometimes the competition in niche markets is very high that you may need a huge budget for marketing to attract customers. You can go to such offices and discuss with them about the feasibility of your new venture and how much initial investment would be required.  Governments do give grants to startups in specific niches, so check if your venture is related to any such niche. You can find lots of free and useful information on web like latest market reports, experiences of successful founders of similar startups, resources you will need to set up your venture and everything else you can think about. Conducting market niche research is the best way to understand what you can offer, who you should offer it to and how you can make your products or services stand out from competitors. A proper market research won’t only help an entrepreneur to understand how his or her target audience but would also help to decide whether or not the target audience is ready for the products they are going to launch in their venture.

Ask them about their opinions, expectations, needs, price they would like to spend for such kind of service. So if you don’t have sufficient funds, it would be better to leave such startups instead of facing loss in later stages. If you can find enough ads from people who are looking for your services, then there will be a good scope in the market.
Strong examples of market research survey questions might read like this: Sample Market Research Survey Questions Sample Market Research Survey Questions Compiling all of the data from a market research survey will reveal deep insights into what factors have a strong impact on how consumers make purchases. For a start-up company or small company looking to expand, these insights lead the way to stronger product development that can fill gaps in the market and spark bigger sales.

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