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If you are a direct selling company, or if you are a direct selling leader and have a website or blog, or maybe a team support site, could you create a map that pinpoints places where you have consultants or team members? Choose Create a New Map and give it a name, such as Karen Clarks XYZ Company Independent Director’s Team Members.
Under Map Size click on Custom if you wish and edit the width or height to better fit your blog.
Click on the + or – within the map and then drag the map around within the square to get it in the exact position you would like it. Add a paragraph about where you have team members, listing the names of the cities and states.
Note that this only works if you have a website or blog where you are able to insert HTML code.
You can link to your map and post on your social media sites, especially one that is public (and visible to Google) such as your Facebook Business Page.
Even still, when you are looking at your map (under My Places) within Google Maps, click on Edit. Are you a direct sales startup company owner, or established direct selling company executive?
Karen ClarkWhen she was an active direct sales leader, Karen Clark walked the walk as she sold, booked, and supported a team offline, while expanding her reach and service online. In the beginning of my online marketing career, the first contact form I added to my website had at least six required fields. In my business, all I require is a single field for their email address, which I use to send them helpful information regarding my opportunity.

I frequently read QuickSprout, which created an infographic which contains some great information about increasing the conversion rates of your contact forms. It not only shows where I’ve been as a social media speaker, but below it I list those places, and also places where I would LIKE to speak. Add some sentences about where you are “now seeking consultants in the cities of…” and name specific metropolitan areas or states.
If you only have a replicated company website for your direct selling business, you will not be able to do this as I have outlined.
Change the Privacy and Sharing Setting to Public, and add a meaningful description about your business and perhaps add a text link to where people can find out more. Now working with direct selling companies and their field representatives as a speaker and social media corporate consultant, Karen uses her 17 years' online marketing expertise to teach audiences exactly where, when, and how to establish an ethical and effective online presence with social media, while remaining true to their principles and personal business. My primary focus has been turning the traffic I receive to my website into dollars, and there are obviously many ways to do that.
I wanted to know their first name, last name (separate fields), phone number, email address, desired income level, what they were currently doing for an income, how serious they were and where in the world they were from.
After realizing my error, I have since optimized my contact forms and have since received much higher conversion rates.
The easier you make it for them to complete the form, the higher conversion rate you’ll receive.
David has been teaching entrepreneur minded people how to earn a full time income working from the comfort of home for nearly a decade. Never miss your kids’ events, set your own schedule, choose your own income and enjoy a lifestyle and income which most people only drool over!

This alerts Googlers who might be looking for a direct sales keynote speaker on social media in those areas. This map will still be “findable” within Google, whether or not you ever post it on a website or to social media.
Maybe you are a younger company and have set a goal to have a distributor in every state in the United States. One of the best, most effective and lucrative ways to turn traffic into dollars is through building a list.
With this, you would be adding permission for other people (maybe leaders within your organization) to add their OWN locations to your overall organization map. Create a map listing each state name where you have someone, and update it when someone adds a new recruit and opens up a new state. Then type in their email addresses and add a little message explaining what this is all about. If you would like them to be able to invite even more people there is a setting for that on the right. In most cases you will want to control who is invited to the map but it is up to you and your situation.

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