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If you know that the product is going to be heavy or shipped in large boxes, I always recommend getting a freight quote.
According to UPS, to determine the dimensional weight for domestic shipments, you divide the cubic size of your package (height x length x width) by 166 to get the dimensional weight in pounds. Transit Distance: Another important factor in calculating your shipping is how far your promo items have to travel. A few other items that can affect the cost are damage resistant packaging, flammable or perishable items, international shipping, drop shipments and  whether you are shipping to a business or residence. The philosophy behind much advertising is based on the old observation that every man is really two men - the man he is and the man he wants to be.
For most of that time I have been handling the issues that may arise with an order after it has been shipped. I found some very useful information in an article by Jenna Markowki called, “Why Does My Shipping Cost So Much?” She does an excellent job of breaking down the pieces and explaining how the shipper determines the cost per box. For international shipments you divide the cubic size of your shipment by 139 to get the dimensional weight in pounds.

You also have a box of custom stress balls that weighs 20 pounds in a 24” x 14” x 15” box, so a dimensional weight of 36.3 pounds. The more distance between the factory your items are shipping from and your delivery location, the more expensive your shipping will be.
Or, if you measured in centimeters, you divide by 5,000 to get the dimensional weight in kilograms.
Whichever of the two weights is the largest is your billable weight, and will be the weight that is used to calculate your shipping cost. Even though both boxes weigh the same amount, since the stress balls come in a larger box, and therefore have a larger dimensional weight, they will cost more to ship simply because that box takes up more room on the truck.
When you’re selling an order it can be fairly easy to overlook the freight costs that will be added to the total. If the product that is being purchased is heavy or ships in large boxes – that cost can add up quickly.
There are many shipping options available and knowing exactly when your client needs their order can save a lot of money.

Even though your items may not weigh a lot, a large box still takes up a lot of room on the truck (or train, or plane). If rush shipping is needed, those costs can skyrocket and the freight can be almost as much as (or even more than) the product cost.
If the client is not aware of those charges they can be shocked when they receive their invoice.
This is calculated by multiplying the height by the length by the width, or height x length x width. If you know there will be several large boxes or the product will be heavy, using a trucking company can often save money as well.

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