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Project ASPECT was born from a more general search for new communication tools to help the wider public engage with important but inaccessible issues. ASPECT recognises that to date, climate change communication has engaged a narrow audience and stimulated a limited public dialogue.
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If you watched Sharknado on the SyFy network on Thursday, July 11 one of two things happened.
Either you watched a ridiculous, campy movie about sharks… in a tornado… or you watched a ridiculous, campy movie about sharks in a tornado with Mia Farrow and Wil Wheaton and thousands of other people who were live-tweeting about Sharknado. At its peak, there were over 5,000 tweets a minute during the Sharknado watching party on Twitter. Damon Lindelof, co-creator of Lost, and comedian Patton Oswalt discussed writing the script to the sequel while the movie was still on. Even organizations like the Red Cross and the San Jose Sharks hockey team got in on the action. Now the question is—was Sharknado a freak phenomenon or does it forecast a change to how we consume television? Through social media, live television may see a comeback and regain some of its lost relevancy.
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Video Aspect Ratio for Windows can work on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 2000. A powerful video converter enables to convert more than 168 video and audio formats with fast speed and superb quality.

Free download Aspect Ratio Changer - Bigasoft Total Video Converter (For Windows, For Mac) to your computer.
The issue for me is that we desired to rip and decrypt the DVD’s to our PC hard drive (Windows 7 64 bit) and copy them over to an external hard drive which plays directly on our Samsung Smart TV. I have not been able to find any way to change the aspect ratio to accommodate to the 123COPYDVD Platinum software, and would like to have all the features available in just one software program. Tips, although the profile The New Apple TV (MPEG4) is recommended by the program, I would always recommend the below one The New Apple TV (H264) as it offers much better video quality with larger video resolution.
Tips, you can set aspect ratio with this gear button for whatever profile you choose for ripping. Enter your email address to subscribe to WormTechs and get all the latest giveaways, contests and program user tips delivered to you by email. As a result, ASPECT explores how the wider public might connect to the climate change discussion through digital storytelling. Some material published here is cited from third parties, who retain copyright and licence their work under their own terms.
The movie’s over-the-top campy brilliance was snapped up by the Twitter community, encouraging watching parties planned out in advance or spontaneous gatherings of people to the showing. Simply dragging and dropping the video files to the interface of software is also a good choice. We have been told by Samsung not to play the converted DVD’s in 4:3 aspect format at lines will burn into the LED screen and permanently obstruct other full-screen viewing. You can follow the below guide to change aspect ratios of DVDs to better suits your TV, new Apple TV included.
Once you have put a DVD into the DVD drive, click the Disc option to add the DVD and Ok to load.

Apple TV won’t accept videos with resolution over 640*480 if the video codec is MPEG4.
But I am still able to do so on the computer with individual episodes or menus if I copy the DVD to ISO. Craig Engler, the senior executive at the SyFy network, retweeted quotes and answered questions along with Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, the movie’s stars. If you didn’t have cable, you could practically watch the movie unfold by following the #Sharknado hashtag.
Right after the DVD is analysed, you will be presented a Window to select profiles for ripping. Each DVD has on average about 5 episodes (30 minute view time each) yet to enable episode separation, it took from 4 to 5 hours to rip and decrypt.
I find the profile new Apple TV also works on my Samsung smart TV as well, so I go for that profile. You are also able to change resolutions, codec for videos and audio codec, channels as well. For other TV, you will go check the specifications to see the video formats, codec and resolution it supports. If you just want to backup your DVDs as fast as possible and don’t care about the file size, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is also perfect for you.

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