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The BMW seasonal check includes a comprehensive range of services to get your car fit for the coming season. Save time and trips to the bank by securely depositing checks any time, from virtually anywhere.
Tap "Pay check into" to select the HSBC account you want to deposit the check into, then enter the value of the check into the "Amount" section. To take a picture, place the check face up on a dark background, rotate your phone, and press the camera icon. Important: HSBC can only accept photos that are sharp and clear and show all four corners of the check.

To deposit a check, simply log on to the HSBC Mobile Banking App and tap "Banking" then tap "Check Deposit" on the main menu. The account you want to deposit the check into and the amount of the check will appear on the screen.
Flip the check over and follow the same process as you did to take a picture of the front of the check.
In order to view your accounts via the HSBC Mobile Banking App and use HSBC Mobile Check Deposit, you need to be registered for HSBC Personal Internet Banking.
BlackBerry is a registered trademark of BlackBerry Limited, the exclusive rights to which are expressly reserved.

Whether you need a BMW holiday check-up or a BMW winter check-up, our knowledgeable BMW Service specialists are there to advise you. Our experts inspect critical areas such as brakes, lights, tyres and fan belts, then use innovative technologies and original custom-fit BMW Parts to bring your BMW back up to specification.

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