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All small businesses will benefit from having a simple marketing plan that maps out your overall strategy to reach your ideal client and win new customers.
A marketing plan helps you focus your efforts on initiatives that align with your business goals.
If you try to market your products and services to an undefined audience, you most likely will fail. Being clear about who you work with increases efficiency, eliminating wasted time and money on activities that are random and unfocused.
Determining what really sets you apart from others in your field and communicating it effectively is not an easy exercise. Take some time to think about the following and come up with a list of things you do really well. With so many companies offering the same products and services, you must identify what makes you uniquely different and use it to your advantage. Stand out by really understanding what you do best and exploit it. Your plan should define which strategies you will use, on which channel and the associated activities you need to be doing regularly that will lead you toward your goals. Strategy: Create an online presence that projects my expertise and helps those searching find my web site. This part of your marketing plan becomes the foundation of your ongoing marketing action plan to ensure you define a realistic set of activities based on your resource limitations. Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing activities will depend on what you are trying to accomplish with each one based on pre-determined key performance indicators (KPIs).
By determining whether your marketing activities are working, not only do you stay focused on those that produce results, you can lower your budget and eliminate wasted time and money. Debra Murphy is a marketing coach and consultant who empowers small business owners to take control of their marketing for better results. TestimonialsI appreciated the professional presentation of information that was both objective and free of self promoting.
Cash flow forecastA cash flow forecast is an estimate of future figures based on experience. This marketing case study demonstrates the importance and application of the marketing mix. This case study focuses on the marketing strategies used by Aldi to increase its market share and encourage loyal customers.

These downloads will help to put finance theory into context using real world examples from real businesses. Learn how Parcelforce Worldwide applied finance theory to thrive in the logistics industry by downloading our premium case study. Find out how Travis Perkins used finance theory to succeed in the construction industry by downloading our premium case study. Learn how Ben Sherman used finance theory to prosper in the fashion industry by downloading our premium case study. Discover how Cow & Gate employed finance theory to thrive in the food & drink industry by downloading our premium case study. Discover how Diesel applied finance theory to prosper in the fashion industry by downloading our premium case study. Subscribe to our newsletter for current business news including lesson plans and activity ideas. We invite you to share this page with others and have provided everything you need to share this page below.
Unfortunately many don’t take the time to create this important guide to keep your business on track and prevent you from wasting time and money with minimal results.
Many small business owners avoid making a decision to target a specific market and try and be “all things to all people” because not making a decision feels less risky.
And despite being a prominent marketing myth, defining a target market will not limit your business. The secret to identifying what makes you different from your competition is to understand what your ideal client really wants and make sure you deliver it better than anyone else. Don’t underestimate anything because you think it is too simple because things that are simple to you just may be very valuable to your clients. Most business owners understand the value of having marketing goals, but many never take the time to set them, evaluate progress and adjust them as necessary.
It takes your marketing plan one step further and assigns dates, topics, tools and resources needed to each activity so that it removes the guess work and ensures you always know what you should be doing and when. Common measurements include click-through rates, email opens, form conversion rates, cost per lead or sales revenue. It’s important to constantly question the value of each marketing activity to determine if you should spend any time on it at all.

Download your marketing plan template that includes an editorial calendar, action plan and budget spreadsheet.
Experienced across all traditional marketing channels, Debra specializes in inbound marketing, a combination of search, social media and content marketing, to help small businesses effectively utilize this new media to gain visibility and generate inbound leads. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This template was downloaded from Excel 2007 using the Office Button and Selecting New.Using the Pro Forma Business Budget TemplateWhen starting or running a small business, following a budget is important to the success of your business. Directing your marketing efforts towards a specific market increases the clarity of your message and heightens your visibility to a much broader market. Figure out what’s important for you to accomplish in the next 3 to 6 months and go for it. Without goals, you run the risk of wandering aimlessly throughout the year, unfocused and possibly missing opportunities that could elevate your business to a new level. In all cases, you need to know what success looks like and whether an activity is working and should be continued. Debra regularly writes about small business marketing on her Masterful Marketing blog and contributes to thought-leading resources like Business2Community and Social Media Today. However, costs may be the same because the firm may have already produced ?12,500 worth of eggs to sell.
When things slow down, assess the situation and make the changes necessary to re-energize your marketing.
This small business budget template will help you keep track of your finances in one easy-to-read Excel spreadsheet. If that were the case then actual profit would only be ?7,500, which would be really short of the budgeted figures.A budget is a plan for the future set out in numbers dealing with quantities such as sales, costs and production.
In business, you can forecast future sales figures, or the likely cash flow into and out of a business. A business often prepares a cash flow forecast showing the money likely to flow into and out of its bank account in a given period.A retailing business typically makes sales of 500 items a month at ?5 each.
The 'bottom line' of each monthly column shows the forecast bank balance at the end of that month.Forecasts are based on past experience, whereas budgets are based on active plans for the future.

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