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The benefits of creating a sitemap and submitting it to Google is not difficult and will optimize your website in several ways. 1) Once you create a sitemap Google and users will easily be able to find pages that would otherwise be hidden within the content of your website.
2) If your site is new and Google hasn’t crawled it yet (this process could takes months) submitting your sitemap to Google will get your website Indexed and crawled much quicker (usually within a few days). 3) If your site has interactive and dynamic content or is frequently updated than a sitemap will let Google know that your website has been updated. 4) If your site has a lot of separate web pages that are not well linked together (inbound links I will talk about this in another post) then a sitemap, will make navigating your site simple for search engines and visitors. To create a Sitemap you should have already have a Google Webmaster Tools (click here to create one) account first. All you need to do is have a gmail account to sign up and then be able to verify your website by creating an html file or inserting a new meta tag.
Once your webmasters tools is verified go to Audit my PC to automatically create a sitemap for you. When you finish creating your sitemap login to your Webmaster Tools account and click on the Sitemap tab. With the sitemap created and submitted directly to Google you will greatly reduce the amount of time needed to index your website as well as decrease the risk of having hidden web pages. Social media posts that contain videos boost views by 48%, and visual content on Facebook specifically increases engagement by 65%. Google recommend creating a video sitemap based on the Sitemap protocol because the same file can be submitted to a number of other search engines. Each video URL you submit must also contain the title, description and thumbnail of your video – these are all required fields. The most basic version you could submit would be a tag that links to the webpage that the video is hosted on. You can see Google’s help page for a list of possible video specific tags and their definitions.

When your sitemap is complete and also accessible via a URL on your own website, you need to submit it to Google through webmaster tools (just as you would with a normal sitemap). For further support around submitting your sitemaps, visit the Google Webmaster Tools help section. If you need to make changes to your video sitemap, all you need to do is make your amendments and resubmit the sitemap via Google Webmaster Tools. Of course, Google can’t guarantee that all of the videos you include in your video sitemap will appear in search results, but you certainly have got to be in it to win it and you won’t be penalised for making the effort.
Video sitemaps are of course just one piece of the video SEO puzzle; if you want to learn more then have a read of our post on the basics of video SEO. This entry was posted in Video Marketing and tagged create a video sitemap, submit a video sitemap, video sitemap on 24 October 2012 by Neil Davidson. If you would like to learn more or just have an informal discussion over a coffee, then just send us a note. SubscribeGet a weekly dose of clear, practical and easily applicable video production and marketing tips by email.
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A sitemap is basically a plain text hyperlink that displays all the web pages on your website.
A sitemap is basically a plain text hyperlink map that displays all the web pages on your website.
You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better and safer experience. They essentially push your video metadata to Google which means they will find the videos on your website more quickly. Here is a link to a comprehensive list of tools that you can use to piece together your video sitemap.
We would recommend providing as much information as you possibly can as it will all help towards improving the chance of your videos appearing in search results.

Google adheres to Sitemap Protocol 0.9 which means that your sitemaps will be compatible with other search engines which adopt the same standards.
Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. This is particularly useful if your videos are time sensitive or if your videos are difficult to find on your site.
Webmaster tools will show you the status of your upload and will tell you if there are any problems.
Therefore after submitting to Google Webmaster tools you can hop right over to Bing Webmaster tools and do the same.
So how do you get yours to rise above the flotsam and jetsam of the online world and float to the top of Google Video Searches?THE SOLUTION: GOOGLE VIDEO XML SITEMAPSCreate a Video Sitemap.
This guide will show you how you can start making videos that are optimized for each social media platform today. Back in December of 2007, the Google Video team announced support for Video Sitemaps—an extension of the Sitemap Protocol that helps provide Google with more information about your video content.The Video Sitemap tells Google exactly where and what the video content is on your site.
While Google seems to indicate that this is a possibility, it is clear that currently this is designed to assist only with Google Video search results only. That being said, I have begun to notice that several companies other than Youtube and Google."…your video may also appear in other Google search products.
During this beta period, we can't predict or guarantee when or if your videos will be added to our index, but as we refine our product, we expect both coverage and indexing speed to improve. You can add, for each video, duration, title and keyword rich description to help drive traffic to your video and also help Google properly index it. The included video URLs will then be searchable via Google Video and may even appear in other search products offered by Google.

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