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With mid-year coming up and summertime upon us, many marketers are taking stock of the first half of the year and re-checking their Digital Marketing plans to finish out 2015 strong. One half (50%) of businesses surveyed do not have a defined digital plan or strategy, although they are active in digital marketing. Nearly 60% of peoples’ time is now devoted to digital marketing activities, showing the importance of skills development in this area.

Summertime is a great time to do a bunch of Lunch and Learns across your team why not consider a series of weekly lunch and learns to get the skill level across your entire team up!
You can’t have a high performing team with spotty skills especially in the area of digital marketing.
Whether that’s as simple as; how to write an effective tweet, to how to write for the web, or how to write a pay-per-click advertising the common denominator is content and writing.

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