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Knowing how to create PDF Files and eBooks from scratch is a skill you should already know. Here is a video I recorded to show you how to create PDF files and eBooks using Microsoft Word 2010 on your Windows PC…. You can definitely gain more exposure for your blog online by turning your most valuable blog posts into very nice eBooks and then sharing them all over the internet.
Here are the alternative programs you can use instead of the Microsoft Word Program (the tools mentioned in the video)….
I have gathered a list of tools you should check out if you are marketer online – go to the Tools Page here. 3 – Insert a simple Footer with your Company Name and the URL to your Blog or Website.
Having a Footer and Numbered Pages really helps the eBook look better and easier to go through the content.
Let me tell you how you can use this simple technique to create a lot of mini PDF Files or eBooks (the same thing :o), share them in different File-Sharing Sites and get free traffic from them.
First, you are going to need to spend a little bit of time playing around creating very nice eBooks. Make sure everything is well-organized and you proof read the entire document before converting it into an eBook. This marketing strategy is very simple and I don’t think I need to explain to you in any more great details how it works and how you need to do it. There is not much I can tell you about this File-Sharing Site Marketing… just TAKE MASSIVE ACTION with this information!

Lawn Care Business Marketing - GopherHaul Forum News All the latest news Steve has to offer from the GopherHaul Forum. I added a new flyer template to the online lawn care business flyer and door hanger designer.
Check out the design it yourself section to get access to all the great online marketing design tools.
I even had a line at the bottom of the door hanger where I would put the estimate for the particular property that I left it at.
This is something I personally do and is just something you can do to make the eBook look a bit better. It all consists on creating valuable, simple eBooks on a daily basis and upload them on different File-Sharing Sites. I had a door hanger designed and printed and distributed over 300 of them and only got about 3 calls from them. Some of the File-Sharing Sites I’m going to share with you are a little bit strict on stuff like that. Just keep in mind that taking massive action is very important if you want good results with this.
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