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The Excel 2016 Printable Calendar One Page Template is no exception bringing in the New Year in January and New Year’s Eve on December 31st.
On February 14th, we celebrate Valentine Day by showing how much we love each other with cards, candy and flowers. In March, we celebrate a new beginning with Easter and the beginning of the season of Spring and in October the curtain is revealed to the other side when we celebrate Halloween and remember those who have crossed over.Important Dates on the Excel 2016 Printable Calendar One Page Sheet TemplateThe first day of April we play fun safe jokes on each other taking the stress out of our lives, while bringing smiles to our friends and family.

September we all remember Labor Day is a new beginning at work to do something new with all our lives, or to find the perfect job that will lead to a great career. May is a time to celebrate our Mothers and to spend time with them and in the month of August is the time all mother’s help their children get ready for school.For the next two months of the 2016 Printable Calendar One Page sheet template, the month of June we celebrate our fathers and spend time with them and the whole family spends time celebrating their Independence on July 4th.

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