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July 8, 2013 By Windells Leave a Comment Here at Windells, it’s not hard to find good skate spots. Fortunately for us, the Northwest is also home to some of the best skate parks in the country, and we make sure our skate campers have access to as many as they can in their week-long stay here . Make sure to check in with us all summer long as we stack clips, travel the Northwest, and skateboard every damn day! You pretty much just need to walk outside. Our skate campers have had endless amounts of concrete to explore in the Portland area.

Everyday our campers pile into their own Windells skate van and head to parks such as Glenhaven, Ed Benedict, Battleground, Happy Vallley, Hood River, and Estacada.
Designed and constructed by California Skateparks, this 20,000 square foot park is going to have a skate plaza, a flow bowl, and an individual bowl. Our skate coaches make sure their campers are hitting a variety of parks and terrain making our campers well rounded and educated on all styles of skating. These guys were traveling the Northwest in search of a skate adventure, and they succeeded…big time.

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