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Like any medium, there are several options available when deciding your online advertising channel. Who is viewing your ad and what mindset are they in when they are exposed to your advertising message?
It has been said that on average a person will decide within the first eight seconds to stay and look around a site or leave.
What processes and standards are you putting in place to measure your results during and after a campaign? Once you’ve answered these questions and worked out your budget, you’ll start to get a clear idea of the type of online advertising you want to pursue. At the cheaper end of the spectrum, performance-based advertising offers a measureable return on your investment and can meet the needs of advertisers wanting to generate response. Advertising with larger, mainstream sites and portals can deliver visitor numbers to your site, and is great for brand awareness. All forms of online advertising are highly measureable, and this is a key strength over other mediums. But how you as the advertiser execute your campaign is the chief driver to meet your objectives and achieve success. This will help you define your prime market, the best way to reach them and what your objectives are with them.

Where you are dealing with a sales representative (your new best friend) ensure you communicate your objectives effectively. The type of site, content section and environment may dictate what your creative will say and do. Solutions such as Google AdWords, Facebook, and affiliate marketing can be highly targeted and bought with a nil-risk buying model (no results, no need to pay).
These websites will specifically target your market, usually in a highly engaged environment, and can provide quality response combined with valuable awareness-based benefits.
But these sites often require a minimum spend threshold, which may be prohibitive to smaller businesses.
But does this inherent accountability mean the host site is solely responsible for generating leads and sales for their advertisers? Submit your articles to us and we will not only publish your content to our blog hub but we will also broadcast the post to our social networks on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and the other 40+ social networks we have a presence on. Ia€™ve read countless resumes, cover letters, and one mock newspaper clipping in my career.
Your advertising objectives should be realistic, particularly when taking your budget into account. If your budget allows you to choose multi online channels and sites, how will the mix work together?

They should then match this with tailored recommendations on where you should “expose your ad” on their site. Have you made it crystal clear what you want your audience to know about you, your offer and then what you want them to do about it?
Is your site designed to optimise results from any traffic you are generating through your advertising? You know your business best, they know their site best – by working together you will develop a better understanding of what works for you and what you can realistically expect to achieve.
It is within the site owner’s interest to work with you and give you a positive advertising experience. Dona€™t use a ten-dollar word where a five-dollar word will suffice, especially if youa€™re going to use that ten-dollar word incorrectly.
I prefer to read that you excel at communicating your ideas, rather than you excel at being loquacious.

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