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We all look forward to our summer socials, held in June, July and August in place of our regular meetings. Sunday, June 13, we will gather at noon at Merrill and Jay Martina€™s cabin on Lake Sylvia. On August 15 we will gather at Richard and LaGretta Deana€™s home in Buffalo on Lake Pulaski. MAY 26At the BUUF ANNUAL MEETING, officers and committee chairs gave reports about their activities during the past year.
At the Annual Meeting, during the time set aside for BUUF members to make suggestions to the Steering Committee, the issue of our meeting place was raised. The BUUF is planning to have a booth at the Wright County Fair, August 4 through 8 at the fairgrounds in Howard Lake.
On June 11, 2010, Louise and I will celebrate 50 years of life together a€“ a€?many of them happy,a€? as they say. It is, of course, dangerous to thank certain people for the thus-far success of the BUUF, because you will always forget someone, but I hasten on anyway to thank the current members of the Steering Committee.
First I thank my able vice-president Duncan Fowler who has been my right hand advisor and who keeps reaching out as the Outreach Chair.

As Secretary, Louise Markve takes wonderful minutes of our meetings and is always a€?at my side,a€? if you know what I mean, to offer suggestions, corrections, advice, and comfort.
As the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, Jack Waldhauer is always careful in proposing a budget related closely to our expected income.
Corinne Miller, as Chair, and I as a member of the Program Committee decided on topics, speakers and dates.
Faithfully, Polly Oa€™Brien opens the doors, turns on the lights, sets up the tables and chairs with others who are co-opted as ad hoc members of the Facilities Committee, before each meeting.
Jim Gabrielson chairs the Social Action Committee and does a good bit of social action himself. Dorothy Hawker, who turned 100 years of age on June 4, has been Chair of our Caring Committee. In prior years, we have had many others who have moved back and forth as leaders and followers, and the records show that it takes many people, love, and much happy effort to move the cart along. Betty Waldhauer, our Historian, has been keeping notebooks about our fellowshipa€™s history.
The 2010 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association will be at the Convention Center in Minneapolis June 23 to 27.

This is part of the Unitarian Universalist Associationa€™s nationwide network of leadership schools, offering a week-long intense program in which leadership and group dynamics can be developed and reflected upon. We all enjoy reading the poems and essays from Luke Markve in our newsletter, and we sincerely hope that he continues to share his thoughts with us even though he no longer occupies the Presidenta€™s chair. The Minnesota Network on Abuse in Later Life announced that June 15 is a€?World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.a€? This is an issue we dona€™t hear much about. We welcome everyone to our group, whatever your race, ethnic origin, religious perspective, sexual orientation, political philosophy, or economic condition.
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