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Marie is founder and managing editor of Make and Takes, and author of the book, Make and Takes for Kids. The highly acclaimed movie Good Vibrations is being broadcast on BBC Northern Ireland this weekend. Good Vibrations tells the story of punk music icon Terri Hooley who opened a record shop on the most bombed half-mile in Europe in 1970s Belfast at the height of the Troubles. Few cinema goers will know of the difficult journey independent movies such as Good Vibrations have to undergo in order to reach the silver screen. There is no dream factory to take care of the tough stuff once a movie mogul has decided upon the genius of your elevator pitch.
After a few false starts, local directors Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D'Sa picked up the project. An emotional investment in the story and a collective will to see the film made, no matter how arduous the journey, are vital components for any production team. Films with globally-recognised Hollywood stars at the helm can have the distribution in place before shooting has even begun, but small independent films without a stellar cast are not afforded that luxury.
David Holmes has experience of the other end of the movie-making spectrum, having worked on such big budget hits as Ocean's 11. Having the perfect fit for your lead can affect the size of your budget as Holmes explains.
Marketing is a key aspect, with preview screenings for press, papers and screening for the cinemas.
Producer Chris Martin cautions that distributors must be persuaded you have an audience for your movie. Part of this hard work was dispelling the notion that, as it was set in 1970s Belfast, Good Vibrations was just another movie about the Troubles in Northern Ireland.
For small, independent movies the importance of film critics such as Mark Kermode cannot be underestimated. The more endorsement you receive from significant industry figures, the higher the chances of success. For Good Vibrations, vocal support came in the form of Oscar winning director Ron Howard, who had a private screening of the film in America. Having a universal story that resonates with audiences in a range of countries and cultures is vital. So you've trailed the globe, the critics have had their say and the marketing department has worked wonders. Now as your movie goes on general cinema release, it is all down to the paying punters to decide whether it will be remembered as a cinematic classic or a turkey.
In the case of Good Vibrations, the final word has to go to the subject of the movie - Terri Hooley. Good Vibrations will be broadcast on BBC Two Northern Ireland at 22:30 on Saturday 06 March. He, along with writing partner Lance Weiler, is an alum of the Sundance Film Festival Screenwriter’s Lab (2010). Much of his writing advice has been collected in various writing- and storytelling-related e-books.
Method: A synopsis will run about 2-3 pages, and detail the overall narrative thrust of the book. Method: A mind map is when you drill into your own head in an act of narrative trepanation, and you stuck a bendy straw in there and let the sweet STORY NECTAR dribble onto the page. My latest novel was optioned as a radio drama serial (I know!) before I finished the very final draft of the manuscript. One thing you left out that I find helpful is drawing actual pictures of things in your story (or if you are not artistic enough you can clip out magazine photos or rip off stock images and insert them into your scrivener files watermarks and all). Glad to see different ways of doing this since I wasn’t sure if what I was doing could have been considered an outline. I’ve tried a timeline-method approach, where I have plotty bits plus a different-colored lines meant to signify the character arc and also the progression of the relationship of the two MCs.
I always go HELL YEAH CHARACTERS FIRST but now you’ve got me rethinking some tentpoles and structure. First off, I just wanted to say that you made me giggle at your self analysis (and attempt to outline for fifteen minutes) because, quite frankly, you’ve described me in your creative spark of defiance. I read through the comments and had to pause to read yours because you gripped me with your first sentence, and then the first paragraph. A good resume can open doors and a bad one can make you look an unqualified amateur, in acting as in other careers.
March 22, 2012 by Guest Author Whether it’s in business or in life, the value of experience is undeniable. The beauty of being able to share information is that we can learn from others who came before us. Ultimately, everything a business does or is about must align with its ultimate goal: to make money. The point of the quote is not that greed is the essential motivator one needs to make money, but rather that you need a source of motivation.
Although like the previous quote, the actual line is a bit malicious, the point is more or less true. While the character Roger in this instance is talking about the process of selling a flat out lie, the difference between a good salesman and a bad salesman is not selling to those who have no use for your product, but those who are on the fence, the consumers who want but don’t necessarily need to purchase. A good advertising and promotional strategy will help give you that extra edge over competitors. Small tokens of gratitude and office perks may seem difficult on a tight budget, but showing appreciation for your employees can often boost your profit margins rather than deflate them. Jamie Richards is a writer for Employers Liability Insurance UK an online resource for business owners. Inspiration is important part of any business which provides positive attitude to business person. WOW, it seems to me that you did an excellent research and analyzed all these movies, taking the most useful quotes.
Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. In a holiday season of countless AAA-level releases, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still stands out as one of the biggest and best of the year. There are so many different types of gardens to plant, there’s something for every type of living space. There’s always a project going on at her house and is often cluttered with crafts, glitter, and glue. Good Vibrations made it onto cinema screens across the UK in 2013, but as a small, independent film, its path to the multiplex was far from straightforward.
Hooley also released the classic Undertones hit Teenage Kicks, which DJ John Peel described as his favourite song.
Funding is scarce, infrastructure scattered and legions of writers, directors and actors compete for crumbs from the table. Good Vibrations managed to secure a range of funding from the likes of Northern Ireland Screen, the Irish Film Board and BBC Films. The lower the budget, the less time you have to shoot, and therein lies the biggest challenge. Finding the perfect cast, managing the demands of an intense filming schedule, with the sizeable crew that any modern film requires is challenging for a production team working on a relatively small budget.
Without distribution, your movie is little more than a vanity project, but getting it is no easy task.
For Good Vibrations this led to it being screened in festivals as far afield as Busan in South Korea, Tel Aviv and Moscow.
Also coming soon is his compilation book of writing advice from this very blog: The Kick-Ass Writer, coming from Writers Digest.
Their short film, Pandemic, showed at the Sundance Film Festival 2011, and their feature film HiM is in development with producers Ted Hope and Anne Carey. These are not so much golden rules as they are things I want you to grok regarding the plotting of one’s novel.
One of the values of outlining is that it gives you a map forward — a fraying rope to reach for and cling to in the long darkness of the writing process.

No battlefield strategy survives contact with the enemy, and no outlines survive contact with the story.
It’s not like the Outline Police are watching from the trees, sniper rifles ready to peel your scalp in case you deviate from the well-lit path of the outline.
I find writing three paragraphs of summary as time consuming as writing ten pages of outline. The one with the Roman numerals (I, II, III) and then beneath that, in indented order: regular old numbers (1, 2, 3) cap letters (A, B, C), lowercase letters (a, b, c).
So, you’re practicing with one format when ideally you should be learning to practice another. No specific format, but assume it should read like the encyclopedia for a world that doesn’t necessarily exist.
Also means you’re likely to build in tons of things that have nothing to do with the plot or the characters. This might be better when paired with one of the other outline forms, just to give you something less theoretical and more comprehensive.
Adapting the story into another medium altogether was extremely helpful in polishing the story. Out of everything I’ have written, outlining (in whatever form it takes) has definitely been something that helped me complete what I was working on. First, I write down the main parts of the book, then I try to fill in the chapters using scenes. When your ideas are in an idea state, they’re unformed, unstructured, subject to change. You sit down, come up with ideas, scenarios, characters, character timelines, plot… etc. You can try to get fired up for writing, but that kind of willpower fueled creativity is only going to last so long and probably get you no further than 15 minutes of really thinking hard about your idea. But an actor's resume is different than others in its format and the information it contains. In fact, there are no shortage of places we can draw from in order to enhance our knowledge and business acumen, and this includes books and film. It can be good for the community, good for the environment, and a champion of ethical and moral causes. A business is more than just the product you make, but everything that goes into promoting or selling that product.
Office Space – “My only real motivation is not to be hassled – that, and the fear of losing my job.
Keeping them interested, motivated and working hard will in turn inspire them to treat your customers well.
The difference between you and the next company is very small, but it’s that minutiae, that tiny margin between your customer service and your product offering that serves as the tiebreaker when a customer is forced to choose. There will come a time when you want to sell the business and dump all the pressure and stress that comes with. The given movie quotes works as success rules for business because they are effective to improve business. Good Vibrations was born when writer Glenn Patterson bumped into Terri Hooley at a pub in Belfast ten years ago.
Together they co-wrote the digital transmedia drama Collapsus, which was nominated for an International Digital Emmy and a Games 4 Change award. Every time I do it I have to grit my teeth and swig whiskey and engage in a movie montage where I ragefully punch frozen beef and run through snow.
And often, pitching an unwritten novel (which becomes hypothetically doable once you’ve sold your first novel) may require an outline, too.
I believe very much that writing and storytelling feels like magic while at the same time being a wholly and gloriously mundane activity. Every journey across the country will require detours and unexpected stopovers — you should expect this, too, when you jump from the outline to the actual novel at hand. Focuses not at all on the plot of the single book and more about the overall world — including history, food costumes, design notes, religions, myths, traditions, holy dildos, mating parades, monkey-punching rituals, etc.
The fist time I did Nanowrimo (five years ago, without an outline), I wrote 50,000+ words of basically garbledygook. Oh, and I alternate writing screenplay and novel versions of my story because I think each improves the other. Then, since I often start with character and back-work to plot, I could try plotting out scenes intended to do have whatever effect on the character(s).
You’ve got the reliable old novel, sure, but there are also novellas, graphic novels, web comics and web serials. I am a bundle or storified potential energy-outline is in place, just couragefearcockinessangerhopelessnessshortsidenessprocrastination seems to stall me. All too often, I find myself overthinking the beginning or a sentence or the images in my mind. How am I going to repeatedly kick myself in the brainpants without a higher-than-the-RDA dose of Wendig every few hours?
The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned, but the second mouse, he struggled so hard that he eventually churned that cream into butter and he walked out. This is great idea to use movie quotes because these good to inspire any person through movie story. But for now, we wondered about the possibility of a Hollywood film adaption of Skyrim and how that might work. It is popular in Poland.) A synopsis is less about the sequence of events and more about the scope of the book. Each Roman numeral might identify a chapter and then you drill down into the events of that chapter.
A scene generally is set in a single location in an uninterrupted span of time — it is contained.
Point is, the book is like a tent and it only remains aloft and functional when a certain series of tentpole plot points hold it up. You can track plot, theme, characters, really anything you want — and you can do so in an explicitly visual way. This bundle normally runs for $20, but for the whole month of October, if you use coupon code NAPLOYONOMO you can get it for 25% off — aka, $15.
I may, potentially, start NaNo with the screenplay and then go back and fill stuff in for the rest of the month. Web comics and serials tend to divide a story into smaller, bite sized chunks that are potentially more manageable. You need to develop a habit that you can stick with, even when the fires of inspiration burn low. Just choose a subject or part of your story that you want to begin with, then type out the words for the sentence. Now it’s just a smooth patch of flesh like bubble gum stretched across a puckered mouth. Call me back when you have contained actual lightning — at which point you will learn that no amount of outlining is capable of diminishing its ELECTRIC FURY.
Note that these outlining modes are not necessarily exclusive to each other — they can be used together, if need be. Detail the main characters, their arcs, the POV, the conflicts, the time and setting, maybe touch a little on theme. Just you cranked up on the batshit adrenalin formed when you’ve got your teeth around a good tale, running like a hog on fire through the jungle of your story. I started with a simple outline for a short story that was going to be for a flash fiction challenge. We have to actually reach out and put our filthy hands to the pristine white clay of our ideas. A drawback here would be needing to potentially team up with an artist, but it could be worthwhile if that’s what it takes to stave off boredom.
I’m not sure what all it is for you, but what I do know is that you should try to start somewhere.
The margins should be large enough so that everything you type fits into an 8-inch by 10-inch space.Step 2Type your name, centered, in BIG, bold, letters.

Also, various pieces of software can be used across these outlining methods — Word, Scrivener, Excel (yes, you can do some of these in spreadsheets), Index Card apps for your phone, Mind Mapping apps, etc. They can cover major plot points only, or drill down and encompass every little beat of action that occurs. Chart their arcs — who are they when the tale begins and what do they become in the crucible of the narrative? Luke walking the plank on the skiff above the Sandy Fanged Butthole just before R2D2 ejaculates a lightsaber into the air is a scene. So, you just need to write down the four or five big holy shit things that are utterly absoflogginglutely required for this thing to function. This is less about what happens next and more about creating a group of characters and setting them on their path together (or in opposition to one another) and watching the story unfold. A novel is, but a screenplay goes through various hands and phases before it actually ends up on screen. I was just hashing out some details of my Storm World idea with a friend who studied climatology.
Drawing the room or area the fight happens in and draw where the gun is on the mantle or where the shovel is leaning against the shed, really helps you plot that event out. Here we examine the pros and cons of adapting the game, and what challenges the filmmakers might face along the way. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.
They may even give you a graphic file to insert into your resume with the agency logo and phone number.
Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.
All those scenes add up to the LUKE MAKES GOOD ON HIS PROMISE TO STRAIGHT-UP MURDER JABBA THE HUTT sequence. If you do not have an agent, put your own cell phone and e-mail address here.Step 5If you will be using this resume to get film and TV work, this is where you list your film credits. A film tends to have eight sequences, roughly 40-60 scenes, and those add up into three total acts. You get to think about where doorways are and which room will be the living room and the dining room and the SEX TARP room. The type of role can be "Lead" (one of the largest roles) "Supporting" (a mid-size role) or "Principal." Do not list "extra" or "background" roles.
The goal here is to write out every sequence and then build into that what scenes comprise each.
Casting directors do not consider these to be acting.You can list student projects, short subjects, and ultra-low-budget independent films, and you don't need to mark them in any special way. As your career develops, you can drop some of these credits and replace them with major features.If you have already worked on a major film or with a well-known director, list them first. The types of roles for TV are "Regular," "Guest Star," and "Co-Star" (and "Principal" and "Under-5" for AFTRA shows).
A Skyrim adaptation requires the filmmakers to develop a more well-defined main character with a more tangible series of character traits. It isn't enough that the lead be a humble hero tasked with saving the realm from a mad god. Instead of listing directors in the third column, you may choose to list the networks or production companies.Step 7Under the heading "Theater," list any stage credits you have, again using the three-column format. It's a neat idea that the hero is the last of the Dragonborn and tasked with killing a horde of resurrected zombie dragons during their quest. If, for example, you played Ophelia in Hamlet, You would list it as "Ophelia," not "Lead" or "Supporting." However, if you starred in a play that you could not reasonably expect a casting director to know, it's OK to put "(lead)" after the character's name.
In the third column, some actors list the theater or theater company rather than the director.Step 8"Commercials" is the fourth category for credits, but it is not customary to list them on your resume. First list those skills that are most likely to be prized in an actor: singing, dancing, stage combat, fluency in foreign languages, dialects (accents), to name a few.
How do you make a proper Legend of Zelda movie when Link rarely speaks or does anything more than grunt in the games?
TV casting directors often look for athletes or actors with real-world experience in nursing, police work, or the military. Only when you're sure it's perfect should you make multiple copies.Step 12Trim each resume to fit on the back of a headshot with no overhang.
It leaves room for storytelling freedom and interpretation, but also ample opportunity for error.
Using a paper cutter, or craft knife and straight edge, will give you better results than most people can get with scissors. Counting Skyrim, there have been five core games in the series, plus numerous spin-offs and expansion packs. Various books, both in the games and in the real world, further flesh out the deep mythology of this universe. Skyrim is just one of nine provinces on the continent of Tamriel, which itself is just one landmass in the world of Nirn. Complicating the mythology even further is the fact that the games are often separated by decades or centuries, creating an extensive timeline for fans to pore over.
It would be better for the adaptation to follow the example of the Lord of the Rings books and film adaptations. Tolkien's Middle-earth possesses an equally vast history, and those stories were only one small piece of the puzzle. After introducing the main character, the film should focus squarely on the hero's rise to prominence as a Dragonborn, his alliances with characters like Esbern, his battles with dragons and eventual defeat of Odahviing, and the final clash with Alduin. The games pride themselves on their ability to keep players invested in side-quests and optional missions.
The player can devote dozens of hours to exploring and building their character without ever once participating in the main storyline. The series' dense mythology shouldn't necessarily be seen as a barrier to a film adaptation.
The plot of a Skyrim adaptation would simply need to be trimmed down and kept focused on the main beats and the fight against Alduin.
Oblivion had Terence Stamp, Sean Bean, and Patrick Stewart (who voiced the king of Cyrodiil and about half the male NPCs in the game). Max von Sydow has the voice to play a powerful knight of the Blades, but not necessarily the physique these days.
However, we would like to see as many talented A-list celebrities as possible to bring legitimacy to the project.
The Lord of the Rings showed that audiences are more than receptive to fantasy films, but only when they're done well and with convincing amounts of spectacle.
Whether Skyrim is adapted as a live-action epic or a CG affair, it needs to be given the budget and star power to stand out from the rest of the fantasy pack. However, the worst thing that could happen is for Skyrim to adhere too closely to the LotR formula.
Some are benevolent, while others, like Skyrim's main villain Alduin, are more interested in enslaving and dominating mortals. The LotR films offered a hint of these types of godlike characters with Sauron, but that villain was largely a disembodied presence in the movies. In addition to humans, elves, and orcs, there are also the lizard-like Argonians and the cat-like Khajit.
Dragons roam the land in Skyrim, sometimes attacking towns or even serving as transportation.
If a Hollywood studio can successfully adapt one game to film, then they've opened the door for an extensive franchise. Future sequels can follow up exactly where Skyrim leaves off and continue the stories of the surviving characters, or they can do what the games have often done and venture elsewhere in the timeline and introduce new characters and conflicts. Game of Thrones showed us this year that epic, LotR-quality fantasy is possible on television.

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