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Microsoft is working on a new app that will collate a playlist of news stories and read them back to you according to Engadget.
With the fall TV season well under way, we thought it might be fun to take a look at how two TV shows that feature characters who work in television news chose to portray TV station facilities in their sets. This CBS comedy starring Will Arnett follows the life of Nathan Miller, a TV reporter in the Leesburg, Va. Miller works at WXDN-TV, a fictional TV station in what is basically a fictional market (Leesburg, Va.
The show’s TV station set includes a windowed editing room with a few workstations outside of it, as well as a small conference table. The workstations and break area also seem to encroach a bit on the studio floor area where cameras might be positioned.
The news set itself is simple but well done — featuring an oval anchor desk situated in front of a printed backdrop of a photo of what is presumably downtown Leesburg. Horizontal metal elements are placed above and below the backdrop, as well as on the side narrow side walls, which are finished in wood laminate and feature a colored rendition of the station’s logo printed on plastic sheets and mounted on the wall with standoffs.
As is common with news sets that appear on TV shows, some of the scaling is a bit off on the set, however. Fox plays Michael Henry, a former news anchor who has returned to work at WNBC-TV after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
The newsroom area includes muted grayish-blue and wood banded walls with plenty of monitors as well as a video wall.
These backgrounds, which are done rather jarring shades of blues and dark brown (or is it orange?) and are rather typography heavy, make the newsroom feel a bit dated. Large glass windows look into the neighboring studio where the fictional version of the WNBC-TV set resides. The show forgoes the real WNBC-TV’s colored backlit panels and bold blue walls, while adding an elaborate header element above the anchor desk that includes a printed graphic along with monitors. On this set within a set workstations are also added in front of the anchor desk area, something that isn’t there in real life. I would like to point out that when old footage the the Henry character is shown, the Fox show uses the former WNBC Rampage music, however uses Look F graphics. Agnitum terminates the Outpost development and they’re offering you to exchange your Agnitum Outpost license. To ensure security of your computer, Agnitum encourages you to make use of a special offer. All active Outpost license holders are able to exchange their Outpost licenses for Kaspersky Internet Security licenses free of charge. For exchanging licenses, you are requested to enter an active Outpost registration key in the form HERE.

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About UsA friendly IT community that has been active for almost a decade, offering help, advice and tips on how to set up, customize and get the most out of your installation of Microsoft Windows and related software. Originating from the CBS Broadcast Center in New York, the set is located in Studio 43, which has housed the network’s NFL coverage for nearly 15 years.
CBS Sports laid out a series of goals for the revamp that would help enhance the broadcasts storytelling ability for the new season. Jack Morton PDG was chosen for the project after a pitch process, with Andre Durette leading the broadcast design. Due to budget constraints, Durette had to work within the original architecture of the existing set, incorporating the new design motifs and technology requirements. Since the studio is used for multiple shows across college and professional football, flexibility was key. The monitors located around the set are all moveable, allowing them to track for various broadcasts. The desk is also changeable with side wings that can be removed based on the talent setup of the particular show. Several shots were fired from a handgun and windows were shot out at a building at McDaniel College early Sunday morning in Westminster, officials said. No one was injured, but lobby windows at Whiteford Hall were broken and the campus was locked down, said Beth Gerl, vice president of student affairs and the dean of students at the college.
Chris Tillman pitched seven innings of five-hit ball, Adam Jones broke up a scoreless duel with a sixth-inning homer off Justin Verlander and the Baltimore Orioles beat the skidding Detroit Tigers 1-0 Friday night.
Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. Newscast, created by the Bing team, is set to make commutes more productive, allowing the user to get on with different tasks whilst catching up on the latest news. It’s not clear if this area is meant to be the complete newsroom or just an in-studio work area. All of these are placed in rather close proximity to the news set, which seems like it could cause some noise issues, though it’s certainly not implausible for a TV station to be arranged like this in a smaller market. For example, the anchor desk seems a bit low and perhaps too close to the camera center wall. Fox Show” designers opted to draw inspiration from the reeal WNBC-TV set, keeping some elements while making some notable changes.

These goals included making the set feel large and open, incorporating New York better and creating multiple areas for talent to utilize during broadcasts. The materials help tie in with the more raw and organic feel of football,” said Durette. Technically, yes, but it's never too early to start prepping your arsenal of back-to-school gadgets for the fall. A campus alert was sent out immediately to all students, who were sheltered in place.The lockdown was lifted before dawn.
The app reportedly uses Bing’s text-to-speech program and reads out summaries that last 30 seconds each. However, the set doesn’t use the newsroom as a backdrop as that version of the NBC New York set did. NewscastStudio, creative newscast inspiration and related marks are marks of NewscastStudio. Agnitum will provide antivirus base updates, bug fixing and technical support until December 31, 2016. Visit the dedicated page to learn more about the migration program and exchange your license for free until February 17, 2016.
About the size of your typical USB memory stick, the AVerTVHD Volar MAX plugs into any desktop or notebook USB port; just install the tuner software (both Windows PCs and Macs are supported) and attach the bundled antenna, and you'll be able to watch local, over-the-air TV stations (yes, even after the recent conversion from analog to digital broadcasting) right on your laptop, including any stations in HD. Whilst the app was momentarily available for download on the Microsoft Azure domain, it has since been taken down.
The Volar MAX also lets you record shows for later viewing and compress your saved programs for playback on an iPod.
Police said the men tried to provoke the students into a fight and displayed a handgun.The students walked away from the confrontation and back to campus where they entered Whiteford Hall. Authorities conducted a thorough search of the area but did not find the assailants.While investigating the shooting, officers learned that another student had been accosted while walking along Pennsylvania Avenue near the college just prior to the shooting. The student told investigators that a grey minivan had pulled up next to him as he walked down the sidewalk. One of the men indicated that he was armed with a knife and demanded the victima€™s property.
Anyone with information related to either case is asked to contact Detective Stephen Blackwell of the Westminster Police Department at 410-857-9285.

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