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One of the faculty has some axisymmetric diffusion simulation code written in Excel and VBA. I’m looking for a low pass filter program with ms office or so basic software .Have you got any idea about this??? Unless Office is a requirement for some reason, you’ll be better off doing filters in Octave (free) or MATLAB (not). DON'T RENAME THE WORD ARMATURE OR ELSE WHEN YOU EXPORT THIS, THE ERROR MESSAGE WILL APPEAR! Note2: This is not yet completed, though, there is enough words, I'm gonna put pics for easy understanding! The last time I saw information written in this frank easy manner was Amazing Earl's RCT2 ride tutorials when they came out about ten years ago.
Are you struggling with, RCTgo, RCT1,2,3, NoLimits, Thrillville or Thrillville: Off The Rails?

The end result is a really nice set of eyes that you can insert in your clay puppet for animation. First, drill a hole inside of a block of wood, then insert a bull so it fits snug inside of the hole. Mathworks already outlined how to do a basic mesh plot in polar coordinates, so all we have to do is adapt their instructions to our data. Doing them in Excel would basically require you to write VBA code to convert a series of cells into the filtered result. To join those two armatures, press SHIFT on your keyboard and select where do you want to connect it to.
If you want more animation, you should move your object more then change the keyframe(s) - (the bar with numbers!) then do the no.4 in this tutorial! After you have done this, use a drill to make a hole that goes half way down through the pupil.

Since this is a differential equation solution, we assume that the concentration is identically 1 everywhere from the center to the inside boundary radius. We don’t actually have to work out all the complex math, we just need to make a matrix for each point in time of equal size to the X and Y matrices created by meshgrid and pol2cart. So, the total graphs of concentration versus distance should be:which makes it a bit more explicit that we have a lump of pure material that gets gradually eaten away by its surroundings and becomes smaller. Each column of this matrix should be the original Y data from Excel for that particular time, and the repmat function takes care of that.
When finished, paint a black circle around them, then fill in with your choice color paint.

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