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You might take gears from an old watch, tiny hardware items, little toys or party favors, as well as beads and wires.
If you need a last-minute gift idea and you have some beautiful small boards on hand, you have all you need to create this box.
I chose yellowheart from Brazil and padauk from West Africa for their contrasting hues, but any striking combination of hardwoods will do nicely. Joint one side of each of the yellowheart boards to create flat surfaces, then plane them down to the thicknesses listed. Shape the curve of the leg using a bandsaw, then sand the cut surfaces using a belt sander. Next, scribe a line along the curved portion of the leg 1?4" in from the edge on both the sides and faces of the leg. While you’re still near the bandsaw, cut a small scallop out of the back edges of the bottoms of the legs.
Glue up the four legs and four sides, then prepare a pattern for cutting the cork that will line the bottom of the box (not pictured). Before you apply any finish, use tape to mask the places where the fixed part of the lid fastens to the back of the box. For a quick and easy finish, I chose a water-based, low-odour, clear matte spray in an aerosol can. Homemade jewelry is back in fashion—not that it ever left, but we’re seeing so much of them these days that they’re practically a summer staple.
Create a workspace: This may sound trivial, but beading is intricate work, and you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible.
Invest in quality: That being said, there’s no need to be cheap—some tools are worth investing in right from the start. Now that winter has settled itself over most of the country, you might be looking for some cool at-home projects to pass the time.
My friend Ronin (who runs an awesome blog all about shipping container homes) sent me this idea over the weekend.
There are several different ways to deal with the sharp edges once you have the basic shape cut out. Hi I was wondering if you could tell me how to make one of these really cute bracelets, I am wondering how you get the edges like that ? What about buying cheap bangle bracelets at a garage sale or thrift store and shaping the soda can around the bracelet? When I really look at the picture of the bracelets here, it looks to me like they were made of some sort of sheet metal first and the tin cans were cut and placed inside the rolled edges.
The ones pictured are definitely not made cheaply (or atleast any way I could do it!) Here’s my tutorial of how I have been making them! I’ve done several things with soda cans and I found these great sissors at the local hardware store .

Considering the use she gets out of old Altoids tins, it's ironic that Desiree McCrorey doesn't actually eat the mints. Desiree began using Altoids tins artistically after she realized that they provided a wonderful foundation for her favorite medium: polymer clay. While Desiree certainly appreciates polymer clay as a medium, it's hardly the only one she uses.
Her love of variety certainly comes through in the wide array of jewelry boxes that McCrorey has made since her interests in polymer clay and used Altoids tins converged. Once the base is made, use E3000 glue or a brad to attach a fabric flower, button, or other fanciful item to the top of the spiral. Hi, just wondering how you stop the wire digging into your finger – the last bit that you cut, I mean.
Glue the items onto the plastic, then in the morning, when the glue has dried, glue on the pin backing. As you work, saw pieces from the board in sequence to ensure the grain is visually consistent as it runs around the corners of the box.
Trace the upside-down box on a thin piece of cardboard (cereal boxes work well), cut it out and transfer the shape to your cork sheet before setting it aside. A lovely little gift that goes together quickly while helping you use up nice leftover stock you don’t have the heart to toss out. Get a box with several small compartments to sort all those little pieces, and set up a space with good lighting (you’ll need it to thread small beads and see color combinations well). Beading tools can be expensive, even overpriced, but most of them can be made with everyday materials.
He wrapped the edges around a metal coat hanger and then pressed down with needle nose pliers.
This type of clay is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is popular for its pliability and range of colors.
The artist has worked with everything from traditional tools like paint and fiber to less standard media like food and wood.
Covered and decorated with ropes and pearls of different colored clay, Desiree's Altoids tin jewelry boxes look almost edible -- like small, delectable cakes. My sister and I used to get bored in the garage with the guys working on cars that we got a hold of some wire(don't know the kind but it was strong yet bendable) we had a piece of wood with nails and wrapped a matching set of twists and turns. Orient the wood so the surface that will become the inside face of the leg rides against the fence. In any case, it’s a great time to learn how to make beaded jewelry, whether to start a business, save yourself some cash, or just add a little something to your look.
Use shells as bead scoops, test tubes to separate your beads, chopsticks to hold your strings—you’ll end up paying next to nothing where others shell out a few hundred dollars!
There’ll be a lot of that when you’re beading, so get one that’s light and feels good in your hand.

They don’t even have to be functional; just string some beads and hemp together to get a feel of it and what the finished product might look like. Look at what the celebrities are wearing, or browse online to see which colors are popular.
This would not only protect your skin but also give the bracelet a cool effect if you picked a contrasting color. You can use two sided tape to hold the can in place while folding over the edges of the flashing. That said, the artist is grateful for all of the people in the world who do love Altoids mints; they provide her with plenty of used tins that she uses to inspire her artistic creations.
Since the materials' colors are embedded in the very particles that make up the substance, polymer clays of different colors can be used to create a marbled effect. After we took them off the wood we would use a small smooth hammer and tapped some  hook earring holder to attach them. These support the padauk bottom, which is a little smaller than the opening to allow for seasonal expansion.
Also look for good-quality beads and strings, the kind that won’t fray or break easily when you make mistakes. Or if you’re making your own jewelry, stick to your favorite colors or those you know will look good on you.
He used a Mountain Dew can, (one of the new ones made with real sugar, with the hillbilly on the front) and it turned out really cool! With these there is no need to do anything to the edge unless you want something decrative. Using old Altoids tins in new and interesting ways makes Desiree McCrorey part of the oft-overlooked subculture of artists known as tinnovators. The clay can also be easily fired in a standard home oven, which means that artists don't have to shell out lots of money for a kiln [source: DeVoto]. The spiral will act as the base and needs to be large enough to accommodate the item you want to attach to the top if it. She got allergies on the hooks so we would apply clear coat nail polish on all the hooks ,works very good for allergies. You can also take a cue from your wardrobe—if you have lots of red, chances are you’ll want a red hemp bracelet!
Also nail polish was painted on some completly or the earing would remain silver.We always said they were Twisted Sister Designs. When the wire meets back at the spiral (step 3), bend and double back to the starting point (step 4).

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