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Signing up for a Facebook account has become the first step into social media for millions of users.
One of the first steps you will see after signing up is the option to add existing contacts from your email or other services. Facebook makes finding your friends that are already part of your contact list a piece of cake. Quick tip: Become familiar with Facebook privacy settings so you understand what you are sharing and with whom. With new changes to Facebook, many people are experimenting with the idea of using personal accounts in place of fanpages for public figures.
Facebook now lets you customize your page tabs, which are gateways to other applications for your fans to engage with. One reason to consider your personal account for branding on Facebook is due to the subscribe feature. Quick tip: Remember that when a person requests to add you as a friend, they automatically subscribe to your public feed. You can also convert a personal account to a fanpage but there is currently no option to make your fan page into a personal page. With millions of users on Facebook, it’s easy to see the potential that lies within the networking for business purposes on Facebook. About Latest Posts Lisa ClarkLisa Clark is a Social Media Consultant and writer with more than 12 years experience. To help you with remembering fb emoticons and smileys codes, here is an image of all working Facebook chat emoticons and smiley symbols. Just use the profile username of any facebook user or facebook page in this format without space. If you want to show someone love, just change your profile picture and use youruserid and then press enter in chat box. If you don’t want to change your profile picture, find any such page or profile with your desired image and use the trick as explained here. On the first page, Katniss posted ‘I have to be the winner for my family, for Primrose Everdeen’. The whole point of Facebook is to connect and network so you are encouraged to go through these steps to add your friends.
It will ask you for your educational information such as what high school and college you went to. I highly recommend adding a photo of some type because if you leave the default Facebook profile, you look like a spammer or an incomplete account.
You can also go to your privacy settings and determine how much and what info you want to show to the public.

It determines the language that the core Facebook application uses for a number of actions and can also be used by Facebook and other third party applications to provide context.
You can spend some time building your fanpage before it goes live so you can add your company logo, images, photos, taglines, link to your website, milestones in your Timeline and more before you publish the page for all to see.
For some people, keeping everything on the personal account is easier and for public figures, it can create a more personal approach to your followers.
Use a consistent theme when designing your tabs, and select only the applications that you think your fans will actually use.
You have to approve the friend requests and you have to keep all status updates public or some followers would miss certain content. This is one of the first things people will see on your page and you want to catch their attention and also promote your brand through your cover photo. Break your Facebook page down into component parts and make each component as attractive and useful as you possibly can. Since Facebook has a 5,000 friend limit, you were previously unable to share your content with more than 5,000 friends. If you deny the friend request (or have reached your 5,000 friend limit) they will still be subscribed unless you block them. Making a Facebook account does not have to be difficult and you can choose exactly how you want to use it to interact with friends and family or for business use.
In this image, there are few special and extra codes which are not shown in the default smiley list in fb chat.
We’ve a trick to share with you which we ourselves learned recently from one of our friends. So this code will mark the profile that have the ID=0 (that surely doesn't exist) Cool isn't it? It was what Katniss was thinking in the 74th Hunger Games until the first part of the book Catching Fire. You need to have a personal account in order to make a Facebook page, but for individuals the new subscribe feature can give your personal account as much reach as a branded page. While companies might still prefer the fanpage method, many public figures, performers, musicians and other individuals are choosing to use their personal accounts with the subscribe feature instead.
Now that the subscribe feature is available, anyone who subscribes to you on Facebook will be able to see your public updates. You can see Lisa's work at Social Media Satisfied and book your own special media solutions, or contact her on Twitter. In facebook, you can use custom (your-own made smiley) pictures, any picture as emoticon symbol in chat box. Basically, her activities, interests, favorite movies and books are related to hunting  which is banned in her society.

In the past, fanpages were the only option for entities that wanted to connect to more than 5,000 people.
It’s also a good idea to make your default photo a high quality headshot that is recognizable. We all know how important smileys are when it comes to exhibiting your feelings and expression or to cheer up your buddy.
Save the picture on your computer so that you can always look back at the image in case you forgot any smiley codes. That's awesome isn't it? What I know is you can't post a blank Facebook status simply by hitting the Space bar and sharing that, that surely won't work.
Not only this but also her favorite music,  Rue’s Lullaby was banned since it was the song she sang for Rue when we was dying, but also to show her thought. With such emoticons, you can wink at your girlfriend, you can give a kiss, you can express your sadness for a cause. Well, with this trick, actually, you can use profile picture of any facebook user or any facebook page in the size as small as of emoticon symbol in fb chat. Instead of that, you have to place a simple code that will be replace by an empty character (Facebook Glitch).
If you have neglected creating a Facebook page for business or professional purposes, you’re wasting a free marketing opportunity by putting it off. Facebook has a option via which we can use these smileys in fb chat but clicking on the smiley icon and then selecting is not as fast you could type the code directly in the chatbox yourself. Before, the only thing she cared or valued was her family but changed to Peeta Mellark as the time passed.
Everyone in Panem is meant to like, or at least watch every single Hunger Games held each year. Other districts are protesting to The Capitol who overpowered them and President Snow visited me because of that.
Since Facebook is a public site, she should have write Hunger Games in that category to show The Capitol that she cares, but she didn’t which shows she is against what The Capitol wants her to do.
But since Catching Fire is 2nd book of the Hunger Games series, it only builds the conflict and ends with no solution – the solution will be in the 3rd book Mockingjay.

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