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Also, while some people didn’t show up for one reason or another, you can still engage them during and post-event. A great way to collect information about who attended (and who you can contact for future events) is to have a drawing at the end of the event.  Collect email and street addresses on the entry form.
Post your photos and what’s happening on Facebook, too (although be a bit more judicious here because Facebook isn’t meant to be a live stream platform like Twitter).
Immediately after the event jot down notes about what did well from a marketing standpoint and what you forgot to do or can improve next time.
Is a survey something you can ask attendees to complete (this will depend on the type of event you’re hosting)?
Is a post-event Blog something that you should write, given the nature of the event and what you learned? Send an email to those who weren’t able to make it and be sure to send them the Facebook album link and blog post link so they can see what they missed. You may also find last weeks post How to Market Your Event Like an Event Planner, Part I useful reading.
As promised, the blog is back in its regular full swinging mode this year and today we are going to look at a different area than we have been and that is starting out.
DigiGames (23 Posts)Are you looking for customizable, innovative and creative game show trivia software and technology that will set you apart from the rest of the competition?
Marketing an event is the most crucial aspect its success, whether you’re planning a real-world event (like a conference, tweetup or political gathering) or a virtual event (like a webinar or teleclass).Here are a number of ways for branding and marketing an event. 1) Website : If you have a big event or conference coming up – remember your website is one of the tools you can use to market it.
6) Other Places to Market Online : There are plenty of online calendars, and you should list your event in any that seem appropriate. 1) Advertising :  If you have the budget for it, paid advertising is still an effective way to go. 2) Press releases : If you have less of a budget, then find ways to get the media to promote your event for free.
Direct Mails: Send out direct mailings and pamphlets to contacts, clients and your proven network.

But once the day comes, what happens during the event and after can be just as important because those people actually showed up. Here are our tips on how to maximize your event’s success through day of and post-event marketing tactics. Depending on the event and how hard this will be for one person to manage, this person might also be assigned to social media duty meaning have this person live tweeting during the event and sharing those quotes and photos, as appropriate.
You’ll want access to those photos for the next event as well as to curate which ones to include on platforms like Facebook. Did a presenter share something really interesting and unique that would be a great reminder for those who came as well as those who couldn’t make it? Share the link to the photos (which you will have hopefully uploaded to Facebook by now) so they can opt to share the album with their friends AND the blog post. If you have your next event on the calendar, be sure to mention it so they can add it to their calendar now, too! After yesterdays post on New Years Resolutions, I do hope you have made your own, and indeed for those of you that have already began the year with your trivia hosting then I hope all is going well. 99% of trivia hosts will use exclusively social media to advertise their products and services so you have to put in some time and effort. Are you looking to boost your trivia business, secure customers and appeal to a wider trivia market? Place an advertisement on your home page to reach passing traffic, and give options to click through for further information or register. Just start using a hashtag in all your related tweets and encourage other people to do the same when talking about your event.
Local papers, TV channels and radio stations’ websites often host a calendar of events that offer free postings. Apart from this their are event specific sites like EXPLARA etc where the list of events can be checked out.
Don’t always view other events as competition but as opportunities for cross promotion and future alliances. The idea is to let people who can’t come see what’s happening and, if they’re nearby, maybe stop by.
If there are some really fun ones that you feel the recipients would love, print them out and send it to them with a thank you note.

Make sure the venue has it on their page, make sure its on your page, create an event and invite friends, get it listed on the feeds of local businesses etc and listings site and above all else get a reminder in the day before. If you are not online, then get online – even just a one page website to handle online registrations and answer FAQs will stop you losing potential customers. If your event is large enough, give it its own Twitter account, which serves as a customer service “hotline” and adds credibility to the event. What about tapping into membership lists from industry organisations or association and doing a direct mail out?
This is long enough to make sure plenty of people see it, but not too long that people will forget. Remember if you create an event on facebook and invite people, when they join they are given an automatic reminder so half your work is done for you! With over 15 years’ experience in the Trivia industry DigiGames provides you with expert advice, information and materials with the finest and most innovative technology and unrivaled customer service. There are plenty of resources online to help you create your own if budgets are really tight. Mix up your event tweets by varying the message use tweets to announce new sponsors, speakers etc. To maximise your advertising dollars, make sure you take time to think about who your audience are and where you might reach them. Regardless, you’ll want those photos and content for post-marketing so be sure someone is responsible for capturing these moments!
NOW54Let me make a little prediction, mobile DJs: by the time Mobile Beat opens its doors in Las Vegas this March, Snapchat will be the biggest thing in social media.

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