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Just a few years ago most bloggers and content marketers were shying away from Youtube marketing. You can show how to use a program, play a game, create content, or anything else you may be interested in showing off.
Non-profit and government workers get discounts, and there are options for businesses who want it for an entire team working on collaborative projects.
It will turn your regular recordings into videos that really catch your attention and spark an emotion.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you have automatic video editing capabilities right from your phone?
Use their extensive tutorial library to improve your skills and learn things you never knew before about shooting videos. Doing some research before uploading it to find out the best possible keywords for you to use (you want popular without too much competition from bigger names) is important. Annotations have been around for awhile, and you will notice that well-known YouTubers use them quite a lot.
Going back to asking for subscriptions, you should do it in a little sting at the end of your videos.
Publishing your videos to your site is a great way to cross-promote: Growing your site content and your Youtube channel at the same time.
While embedding your videos to your site is a great idea, it must be noted that you may want to archive your entire channel and backup your videos regularly.
You have multiple platforms at your disposal (you should be on Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit and a number of other networks), but you need something a bit extra.
Finally keeping an eye on your video marketing progress is essential: You want to know which of your videos did particularly well, and be able to analyze what accounted for that success. Cyfe is a better option to monitor your Youtube progress: You set up your dashboard once and it will refresh the data in real time. YouTube has become one of the biggest money making platforms for video creators in existence. It is a frustrating fact for many who have been posting videos on YouTube but see little to no outcome. While the actual content strategy plays the major role here, the marketing strategy is of high importance, too. Of course, you only have so many hours in a day.
Recently I’ve come across a really cool YouTube research solution that saves my time investigating YouTube channels.
Their basic channel stats: Their channel age, video sharing frequency, total number of videos, total subscribers and views.
Their video analysis: Video duration, average number of views, likes and comments, most used words in captions.
Their video publishing analysis: Which time of the day and day of the week seem to work best for them. Another benefit is that it makes it easier to market YouTube videos and spread them across other networks. In many cases, it’s possible to extract a voice-over from your video and turn it into a podcast. Podcasts open up a few highly effective marketing channels including iTunes and SoundCloud.
To take this idea even further, you can collect those episodes and then publish them later as one audio-book. Audio books make so much sense these days when commuting to work may take an hour or more. One great way to market YouTube videos, is by creating short versions of your video that plays for about 10 seconds (and then loops). You can write a dedicated blog post each time you are releasing a video (You may use the video transcript as the original content to go with the video).
You can create a separate video directory (And pull new videos to your site automatically).
Other video sharing sites are going to get you less views than you would probably get on YouTube. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. YouTube has been around since 2005, but many companies have not taken full advantage of the platform for marketing. In fact, it has been estimated that 8,000 years worth of video is watched on a daily basis. In this post, we will show you all of the YouTube marketing strategies that are available to app publishers and give you some ideas and examples on how to promote your app through this exciting platform. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your users, will narrow down the type of content you should create. Once you are ready to publish a few videos, or if you already have a few videos out there, here is how you can get more views and subscribers, which will hopefully lead to more downloads of your app.
This is overlooked by some YouTube publishers, but the only reason that you are taking the time to make videos is because you are promoting your app. Also experiment with annotations that link to your other videos…keep people watching! Don’t go overboard with promotion because it will have a negative impact on the user experience.
If you understand App Store Optimization or SEO, then a lot of these ideas will be familiar to you.
Before we get started, it is important that you research the keywords that are important to your app. YouTube lets you get away with a lot in your description, so be sure to take full advantage of it. Second, be sure to include links to your website, social media or any other applicable links. Some sites embed YouTube videos and scrape all or part of the description text and add it to their site.
When you do a search, vidIQ will now give you some very important information about the search and the videos that come up. There isn’t much documentation on this (that I could find), but it looks like the overall score is a combination of the search volume and the competition. The plugin also shows you all the keywords of the top two videos, as well as the number of shares and the engagement rate (ER). Since this keyword is not very specific, you probably won’t want to use it on its own. If a video has a high vidIQ score, it is worth digging deeper to see what it is doing well. Remember that your changes might not have an impact right away, especially if your videos have already been around for some time. Nonetheless, they are able to #4 for the keyword, after paid results, and this is out of over three million results.

As you saw above, even if you don’t have any videos yet, you can still rank for top YouTube keywords. If you compile a playlist of existing videos that people in your niche love, they will watch and share your playlist and probably subscribe to your channel. Think about they types of comments you would want to see on your videos and reciprocate accordingly.
But if you leave a good comment and you have keywords in your channel name, people interested in the topic just might visit your channel. Another thing that you can do is reach out to people who own related channels and have a lot of subscribers. Kamcord started as a company that created a SDK that allowed mobile game players to recorded their game play and upload it to YouTube. They recently raised $25M to grow the platform, which shows that people are interested in watching others play games. At the very least, you should think about asking them to share their experiences on YouTube. If you are able to utilize this strategy, it can drive hundreds of thousands of views to your video and garner a lot of new subscribers. YouTube will display all of the videos where the owners have allowed you to remix their video content.
If you would like to add images, music, text and transitions, those options are also available. Once your compilation is created, now you have a video that you can now optimize for keywords and add to playlists.
The first type of ad is a display ad, which appears in the upper right corner of the screen. Video ads might not be in the budget of every company, but if it is, you should certainly experiment with them. Non-skippable ads can be up to 30 seconds long and can also appear at the beginning, middle or end of a video. As you can see, there are many marketing opportunities on YouTube, beyond making your own videos. But it is worth it because just like blog content, video content can help you passively market your app for years to come. About Latest Posts Hugh KimuraHi, I'm Hugh and I'm passionate about helping you successfully market your apps. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to market with YouTube, here are two things you will need to do before you get started.
A big part of marketing with YouTube is making sure that you have the fundamentals in place.
Once you have done the heavy lifting, you will need to promote your videos on your other social media sites just as you would your blog. While getting your YouTube presence together is a bit of a front end commitment, marketing with YouTube is a powerful tool. She has been a freelance writer for over 5 years managing her work and homeschooling kids from her home office.
While investing in experienced video creators is always a great idea, you can start your journey to Youtube visibility almost for free!
A lot of them use Screencast-O-Matic, a ridiculously simple recording tool that will capture anything you are doing on your screen. Often WeVideo will stifle your creativity by only giving you access to preset features or automated editing. You can use their free tools and cloud storage, their flex accounts with a one-time fee or a personal monthly account for multiple videos.
SnagIt makes it easy to get a message across through images and screen recordings that can be annotated and sent to whoever you need to see it. It is free for personal users, or they have a business level that offers additional features. This tool is aimed at businesses, especially enterprises that need top quality video editing and control.
You want it to be searchable and come up immediately on a search engine, in particular, Google. Resist the urge to latch on to tags and keywords used by an already big series or video, such as using the name of an unrelated work to bring people to your own. This could be done using the exact same one at the end, like with the videos Paint’s Jon Cozart makes.
Cracked has alternating endings from people on the site, sometimes related to the video before it and sometimes more general ones. For weeks, months or even longer you have been working on that creative video, putting in timeless hours so everything is absolutely perfect. The Internet is an amazing platform for launching creative works, but it is competing with an endless supply to meet its endless demand. Youtube channels got banned and hacked: You don’t want to lose that valuable content by only saving it in one place!
All it takes is one person sharing a video out, and it can gain hundreds of views in minutes.
I love Youtube for giving us free analytics to look into stats but it can be quite time-consuming to go through various analytics dashboards. No scrolling or browsing through page to page: Multiple widgets give you a handy view of your number growth, referrals, and the progress of each individual video. It has not only launched the careers of many users to the level of celebrity, but some literally make millions on the site.
And you don’t want to get so bogged down in promotion that you lag on releasing videos, or impact their quality.
In fact, after putting so much effort into creating a great video, there’s no excuse for not trying to market it further as more content assets. A an animated GIF shows a single part of a scene that viewers might find interesting or funny. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest … just link to the video in your description.
Plus, an audio book is a good way to generate some extra leads if you give away your consolidated podcast collection in exchange for email subscription.
This is a great idea for when you start to build a dedicated audience and want to build hype for new videos. Hopefully this won’t happen, but you can never be sure, since you cannot control YouTube actions.
While hosting them on your site may be too expensive, there are some good cloud options that may work. Create an organized video archive using Dropbox, Flickr, Amazon, etc. Instead, monitor your channel stats and quickly react by helping the organic boost with some ads.
It supports YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other social media channels where you can host a video.

If you invest in ads for any individual videos, set up a separate widget to monitor that videos progress more closely. Video content has been on the rise for several years and they predict it’s only going to get bigger! It’s unfortunate because video is such a powerful medium and millions of people watch YouTube every day. Some strategies will take some time to implement, but others take a lot less time than you might expect. Learn how to make incremental improvements along the way and or hire someone to make it look professional. If a visitor stumbled upon your channel, it is a lot more likely that they will subscribe, if they know exactly what you are about. Keep in mind that your are not only optimizing for YouTube search, but for Google search as well. It’s usually good to understand the basics, before jumping into more complicated tools. Then when you click on any of the keywords in the list, vidIQ will give you stats on that keyword. But it is an important base keyword (giving YouTube a general category) and can be a great starting point for finding other related, long-tail keywords. One interesting thing that stands out is the fact that there are only 91 words in the video description, but 31 links.
This means that the creator does a great job of creating videos that are highly related to her primary search keyword. This is a really easy way to see which keywords you might want to target with your app video.
So make a few changes, then let them be for at least a couple of weeks, before making any more changes.
See what is working for others and figure out how you can do something similar for your videos. This can be an easy way to tap into your target demographic, without spending a lot of time building a following yourself.
If you can get people to share their experience with your app, this is often the best type of marketing…provided their experience was mostly positive.
They have since evolved into a hub for watching live streams of popular games and interacting with top gamers. Can you include a record button in your app and have that upload video to your YouTube channel? This might not work for all app publishers, but with a little creativity, you may be able to figure something out. Here is an example of a remix video that has over 400,000 views and almost 300,000 subscribers to the channel. Skippable ads can appear at the beginning, middle or end of a video and people can choose to skip the video after five seconds. Maybe you will have to make some adjustments to your videos before they really start to get traction. If you have a great YouTube marketing strategy that you would like to share, let us know in the comments below.
I'm surrounded by some of the top app marketers and app marketing companies, here in San Francisco. For example, you can pin your videos onto Pinterest, share links on Facebook and tweet new additions on Twitter. You can add a custom link to your site as well as links to the four social media channels of your choice, which will give you a little Google juice and drive traffic to your various sites and channels.
You can add little pop-ups to your YouTube videos with calls to action such as subscriber links and links to your social media. And editing is easier than ever, thanks to a number of tools that have been released online. Have you seen videos of people that show their reaction to what they are seeing alongside the image of their screen? One of my personal favorite features of this tool is scroll capture, so you can grab other images not currently showing on your screen. Keywords in the video file title, the upload title, the description and the tags are necessary.
He has a simple and quick singing subscribe request that is both memorable and relates well to his content. They keep them light and humorous and speak to the audience in the kind of way you would to a long time follower, including inside jokes. Remember, all it takes is something interesting and a bit of luck to have a video go viral. The best use of GIFs is on Tumblr, where the unique format will allow you to post several GIFs in the same post, where they can be read and reblogged in sequence. You can release little trailers or teasers that can be promoted through mini-video sharing sites like Twitter video, Vine, and Instagram. It shows you how well vidIQ says this video is doing, compared to all the videos on YouTube. This shows that adding more links to your description might be a good way to get better keyword rankings. Study your YouTube analytics to find out more about the popularity of your content and when your audience is viewing it. I personally find those ads annoying and would encourage you to find other ways to monetize your content.
This is a favorite for educators in particular that want to use their videos in the classroom.
When it is making an announcement that can benefit the viewer or active linking to another video, it provides something useful that they won’t mind.
Once you install the widget, make sure to test your page load time using this tool or a similar one.
FirstSiteGuide offers a great example of a video index that is easy to scroll and looks nice. They had to market YouTube videos in such as way so as to build a brand and dedicated audience that subscribe and regularly view their work.
According to SiteGeek, the cheapest, yet most reliable cloud hosting options are Hivelocity and Siteground while PCMag recommends Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and Amazon. They never would have reached that point if they hadn’t broken their backs clawing for views when they were just starting out.

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