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About 60% of online purchases result from a customer search, according to ecommerce design solution Volusion.
The following tips will help improve your ecommerce company's search functionality, both on-site and via organic search. Usability studies indicate that a user's eye naturally progresses from left to right; therefore, place navigation bars to the left. From there, you may choose to expand navigation bars into drop-down boxes that display sub-categories. Once the user has moved beyond the navigation, he will be taken to a page full of products. In addition to pairing products with colorful, high-resolution photos, make sure to include unique, intriguing product descriptions. If your site has a larger population of product pages, a search box can help with targeted navigation. Speaking of homepages, Google will crawl the pages of a website that have the most SEO juice, which is usually the homepage. In order to maximize SEO, be sure to attach strategic keywords (including long-tail keywords) to your site pages.
Finally, be sure to index user reviews as well — Google favors fresh, user-generated content.
Having a well-optimized internet site for Google, you’ll want to look closely at on-page and off-page elements.
Incoming Anchor Text: if you should be creating links, you need to ask your lovers to include your top terms into the anchor texts of these backlinks. Server reputation: when your host decreases and remains down for a long time, Bing as well as other engines may penalize you, so invest in an excellent web hosting to avoid this issue.
Brand new Media: social media, social bookmarking, and video clip content are great getting placed at the top of search websites nowadays. The above code instructs WordPress to save a maximum of 5 post revisions, and to only save revisions at 5 minutes intervals. A great part of these users are searching for something next to them: directions, shops, business hours, etc. And even with such a situation less than 10% of small business owners have mobile-optimized web sites. It is easier when buttons, text, menus are bigger on a mobile web site or app so that users with smartphones or tablets can take action without any inconveniencies.
Desktop website, mobile one or app serve various purposes: your users are at different steps of the buying cycle.
It is not always true that many users prefer only mobile websites, many of them like going back to the simple desktop layout.
Make your choice. It’s a sure bet at least some of your potential clients are browsing your website on their mobile devices.
Not only should you do everything you can to land your business in the search engine sweet spot, but you should also optimize your in-site search for convenient user navigation. Also, you'll probably have more room for detail if the navigation bar runs down the left side of the screen. Provide a filter option that allows him to narrow products further — by price, color, fabric, most recent, etc.

Not only will the shopper be more intrigued to click through to the main product page, but Google is more likely to prioritize unique product descriptions versus unoriginal content.
That way, the shopper will more easily find related products, all while spending more time on your site and lowering your bounce rate.
Follow TasteBook's example and consider including brief search hints like “keyword," "ingredient," "fabric" or "sport.” Depending on the effectiveness of the tool, the search should bring the shopper to page full of corresponding products. Use Google Webmaster Tools and Webmaster Central to learn how to effectively index pages, then track how users searched for and found those pages. Use Google's free Keyword Tool to estimate the traffic you can expect from certain key words and phrases.
For this reason, you may also choose to invite curators to regularly contribute related content to your website, which will not only improve SEO, but will also add a community element to your business. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
By following a multi-faceted method, it is possible to reduce your dangers and present yourself a better possiblity to position well over the top search services.
Like that engines rank you greater for all those terms (with regards to the top-notch your partners).
Utilize the right anchor texts to greatly help websites eg Google determine the reason why you pages are very important.
That could alter, but if you need to develop fresh, killer content, ensure you make use of the social networking to go viral.
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Less communication, more technology, less time spent together but more in chats and social networks… This is what the truth is. Different popular surveys show that then about 50% visit a store or a place they were looking for within the same day. It means you have less space for other content: if it doesn’t take a user from point A to point B in one step, it is not essential. Make sure you understand your customer’s behavior: if they just search for the nearest retail outlet via smartphone or try to buy directly from their mobile device, etc. There’s no need to confuse the customer, your mobile website cannot clash with the look of your desktop one or an app.
Your task is to reduce users’ frustration and to allow them to switch easily between mobile and desktop versions. You need to ensure that your business website's search tools are simple and intuitive for those who are less technologically inclined — or risk losing customers.
Cross-linking is one of the most effective search methods for ecommerce customers, especially those browsing without a clear purchase in mind. And an ecommerce homepage should constantly cycle through featured products, sales and curated content so that repeat customers are more enticed to explore. Keep in mind that these pages might not necessarily reflect the categories on your navigation bar. You can even view the ratio of your total URLs compared to how many have appeared in Google's web index. Further research shows that 40% of people will abandon your website if take takes longer than 3 seconds to load.While WordPress by default is lightweight and fast, the configuration of the average web user can make things slow and extremely convoluted.

What is more incredible: only a small part of small business owners are going to follow up and optimize their websites, at least they are planning to do that in the nearest future. Mobile users don’t have time to click around, help them and remove anything that doesn’t contribute their (and your) goal. As soon as you understand this, you are able to create an efficient mobile app or site that will meet all the needs. Give prominence to other highly-clicked pages like the "About" page, for instance — they're more likely to be indexed by Google.
Regardless of how optimized your internet site is for the search engines, you will need to keep innovating and finding brand new approaches to dominate the rankings.
I’ve had a URL shortening plugin that also shows analytics data use as much as 160MB of my database space.
The evidence that it is a good idea to do so is overwhelming whilst the reality keeps being really surprising. You can always purchase your traffic, but that does not indicate you should give up on your organic attempts. You can find lots of people just who make a lot of cash by getting well-optimized web sites, plus they are maybe not doing everything magical.
You can optimize images on your WordPress blog by installing the WP Smush plugin or the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin. For a manual option that is not restricted to WordPress, you might want to take a look at Kraken.3. Enable Caching and Expire HeadersMost WordPress websites could be twice as fast if caching is enabled; caching works by storing a version of your website in your visitor’s browser cache, so that they are automatically served the cached version whenever they visit your website. Enable GZIP CompressionWhat’s your favorite tool for compressing files to ZIP format on your computer? You’ve probably compressed files at least once and noticed the miraculous effect where a file of 200MB suddenly reduced to 40MB? Combine Background Images with Image SpriteYour WordPress theme relies on several background images, in combination with CSS commands, to properly display a clean background; so that beautiful background image you are seeing is probably made up of 12 different background images. On the surface, this looks normal and innocent until you realize that the 12 images represent 12 different requests to your server from your visitor’s browser; what if you can turn these 12 images into 1? You’ll notice a drastic increase in speed.By combining your background images into image sprites, you can turn your theme’s different background images into 1 image, and then use CSS to get your website to display normally. This will reduce the total number of bytes your visitors’ browsers need to download, delays caused by roundtrips and request overhead.
Only Use Asynchronous Delivery for JavaScript CodesYou’ve probably seen a Facebook downtime bring down websites or make them ridiculously slow? The interesting thing is that this doesn’t just happen when you install Facebook code; it can happen when you install code from any site synchronously – especially analytics or tracking services. Enable HTTP Keep-AliveWhenever a visitor requests a file from your server, each file will be sent individually; the problem with this approach is that it has to open a new connection for each file, eventually leading to a slow website depending on how many people visit your website at once.

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