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So naturally, I put this error into the Google machine, and found a few threads on the subject.
After sorting, select all your songs with an error status, right-click on the list and choose Create MP3 Version (even if they already are in MP3 format).
You will wind up with duplicate songs, and later you’re going to delete the originals (when iTunes has finished converting them all). Leave the songs you’ve selected highlighted so you can hit the delete button when iTunes has finished with the conversion. So I tried that but when I click to convert to mp3 i get an error message saying “none of the selected files were converted because they could not be found”?

Your solution might be good for MP3 but what people who ripped their CDs in Apple Lossless?
Did not work for me, as converting to MP3 is not on the list, and preferences are not on the list either, must be a different version. The original solution was found in this thread, and I have chosen to document the process with more detail. Afterwards, with luck, iTunes will find a match for your songs and you’ll be able to download the highest quality version of the song from the iTunes catalog if you so choose.
This process takes about 8-10 seconds per song (on a Dual Core Macbook Pro with 16GB of RAM).

They always promise the world, but when it comes to iTunes (in particular) I am always especially wary.

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