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You can usually launch a campaign and measure your results fairly quickly, making email a great option for time-sensitive programs.
Buy or rent a list and send a short, compelling message to generate interest in your product.
Drive prospects to a special page on your website to download a white paper, a demo or other offer. Buy or rent a subscriber list or send the campaign to your current prospects and customers. Add news about your company, special offers, etc., but focus on content and information rather than pure sales. Email marketing is more editorial than advertising, and it’s powerful because it can support and even drive a sales process. You send announcements about products and offers; you occasionally use email to generate leads or keep your name in front of existing ones. You use email as a quick-fix – when you’re low on leads, you do a blast message; if you haven’t reached out to customers, you create a quick newsletter. You don’t test your campaigns, and you don’t know how many of your messages are actually delivered. Create a free account in our marketing planning and management web app for step-by-step guidance.
Use email to meet the goals you set in your annual marketing plan; you can also use them as part of a broader marketing campaign.
Develop a tangible objective – for example, to generate a specific number of leads, demo requests, meetings, or purchases. Create a good offer and compelling call-to-action, and present it early in your message – readers skim. Plan a series of emails to create an ongoing campaign – it takes multiple touches to generate response.
Don’t forget fulfillment – if your prospects expect a phone call or email, deliver it quickly or you could lose their interest. If you’ve never launched an email campaign, you’ll probably need to use an email service provider (ESP), typically a web-based service. Make sure you’re following accepted industry practices – you’ll improve your probability of success. The Marketing MO planning app is your behind-the-scenes Chief Marketing Officer, a comprehensive resource that will improve your overall business, whether it’s a consulting practice, start up, or mid-size company.
I will not tell you how many emails are in my Inbox that are unread, all I will say it that you need to match more than 3 balls with the bonus ball to be close to winning that amount!
Email marketing can be a very cost effective and productive marketing tool, but all too often people forget the fundamentals of email marketing and sometimes why they do it. I have mentioned already that email marketing is cost effective, the ROI is something like ?26+ for every ?1 spent, and I have also said that emails are checked daily but besides that email marketing is measurable for lead generation and can also help you increase your social media reach. You can count an ‘open’ as a lead but more specifically if your email causes the recipient to take action then you have reason to believe they are a solid lead. You will all be familiar with the speed that Facebook change their algorithms and how these changes make it more difficult for your fans to see your content and posts, well, fear not, email marketing can help with this too. So the final point for tonight, and I will tell you know that this is going to be a two part installment, is what should an email be. As well as content being relevant, it is important to continuously communicate with your customers. So, no surprises here, next week we will be back on the topic of emails but this time it will be content related. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Register your BookRegister your copy of Watertight Marketing for access to the powerful companion toolkit to help you implement the methods in the book. I’d like to thank you for all your help as I think you’ve managed to ‘get us’ and deliver what I asked for, which is a tailor made marketing plan ready to implement. Julie has just de-mystified the detail of social media issues in an easy to understand and professional way – I highly recommend her to help anyone needing guidance in this area! Julie took the fear out of using Twitter, simplified it and guided me as to how to use it and when…had it not been for Julie’s clear and easy-to-understand tutoring, I would still be sitting on the sidelines and missing some incredible opportunities. We’ve had quite a few emails from people who got the newsletter and have a couple of appointments set up already as a result.
I decided I really needed an expert to point me in the right direction and put some structure in place. Email marketing is a great channel to reach out to a large audience in an economical and profitable manner.
There are many email marketing platforms today that allow you to personalize your campaigns based on the frequency of emails opened and click-through rates.

Based on the behavior of your target market, you can create a workflow to trigger targeted campaigns.
In the healthcare industry, your email marketing messages should be relevant to different kinds of institutions and healthcare professionals.
Here’s a ready reckoner to find out who you should contact, what type of marketing collaterals you could create, and channels you could use in order to customize marketing campaigns.
According to industry experts, almost 70 percent of healthcare professionals receive marketing communication around 2 to 5 times before a decision is made. With the world of healthcare professionals changing, marketing strategies to connect with them has to evolve too. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A recent study by SmileyCat Web Design showed that only a minority of major retailer email templates which are being sent out in 2011 adhere to the recommended width of 600 pixels or less which facilitates their display on a broad variety of tablets and smartphones. It seems that many of the largest American retailers have not quite caught on with the fact that we are now firmly ensconced in the mobile age of narrower screen sizes and horizontal scrolling is taboo, a fact of life that small business email marketers should meticulously adopt.
Remarkably, even huge retail chains with massive budgets (who should know better) such as Old Navy, Frys, Costco, and Gymboree are at 800 pixels or above, with Harry & David bringing back the 20th century with a widescreen-suited 894 pixels! Of the 155 retailers studied, only HSN, RedEnvelope, Crabtree & Evelyn, Cabelas, and SkyMall managed to sneak in under the 600 pixel limit. One of the bright spots in what seems to be nothing but a resolution migraine is the long rumored iPad 3 which is “supposed” to feature a stunning 2560×1920 screen therefore allowing for the widest of email templates to be accommodated easily. Therefore if we assume that your email template is being read in portrait orientation rather than landscape, you will be cramming 1920 pixels of horizontal imaging into 5.82 inches, so a 600 pixel wide template will stretch across less than two inches of screen! You can consider the violation of the 600 pixel limit by a staggering 83% of all retailers as either a failing of their web marketing departments or a case of “what do they know that I don’t know?” It seems that the evidence is not piling up in support of the latter: Open one of the wider email templates on an iPhone 3G or most Androids and you’ll see just how frustrating it is to see about half of a newsletter and have to scroll along horizontally to see the rest! B2B marketers have an array of email marketing features at their disposable, but are not making use of all them to great degrees, according to July 2012 survey results from Pardot. Marketing, advertising, communications & public relations trends, statistics, charts, graphs, infographics, presentations, and video that are not published to the e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog or to eStrategy TV. David Erickson, VP of Online Marketing at Minneapolis Public Relations firm, Karwoski & Courage. Clients typically like to see that you're on top of what's going on in the mortgage industry. An effective email marketing campaign is what many small businesses lack in the world today.
A few years later, B2B marketers discovered its value, and email campaigns have become an important tool for businesses in all stages and industries. Email marketing is a powerful vehicle that enables you to cost-effectively communicate with your market in a way that’s immediate and relevant.
It’s easy and inexpensive to test different aspects of your campaign on a segment of your list, so you can hone your creative and your offer to generate the best possible results. Your campaigns offer strong content and messages; you create custom landing pages to convert clicks to prospects. You can reach a large audience through email, but that doesn’t mean you should – narrow targeting means you can speak more directly to their needs.
Choose a reputable ESP to help you stay compliant with spam legislation and get your messages to your prospects’ inboxes – a major issue in email marketing. The more time between campaigns, the higher your rate of bad addresses – and those “bounces” could trigger spam alerts. If you’re working with a new ESP or list, evaluate your delivery and response rate before you roll out. When tackling any new marketing task, have confidence that we have your back – with the structure and detail you need to get things done right. You want your email subscribers to think of your business when they need the product or service you offer, so remind them of your presence with email. I would be very happy to recommend her to any company that wants to improve their visibility and grow their business. Julie is a real expert in her field, she is well organised, consistent in her approach, passionate about what she does and is very approachable. You may have developed a strategy for your direct mailing campaigns and you might have geared your team of medical reps with sufficient marketing ammunition. While email marketing may not be embraced entirely in the healthcare industry, it has become an inevitable line of communication.
As healthcare professionals are inundated with marketing communication, it is important you develop relevant, targeted and customized campaigns. For instance, a campaign created relevant to dentists will hardly be relevant to physical therapist. This ensures that you send the messages to right person at the right time to get optimal results.

For instance, if a pharmacist clicks on an email or downloads a document related to a particular product, you can schedule your next email promoting that particular product to urge them in their decision making process. You also need to connect with right person, create customized marketing collateral based on what they may be interested in buying, and use the best channel to reach them at the right time. What this means for you as a healthcare marketer is that sending one email message is not enough. Besides email marketing, you need to use multi-channel marketing and combine other social media channels as well. Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach healthcare professionals who are typically strapped for time. These findings betray a schism in retail email marketing as the screen widths have proliferated in the past few years with your subscribers reading your emails on screens which vary between 3 and 30 inches! It’s a bit like trying to fit a three year old child and Shaquille O’Neal with the same sized shoe! Fortunately iPads facilitate zooming otherwise you’d have to include a free magnifying lens with each email newsletter you send to iPad 3 owners! You cannot afford to alienate any of your customers no matter how they access your newsletters, so the best advice is to consider the 600 pixel horizontal limit as sacrosanct.
Keller served as Vice President of Finance for restaurant chain Market Broiler and CEO of Accor's Ticket Services Division before transferring into the COO position at Benchmark, where she has been instrumental in bringing in numerous small business customers, as well as high-profile clients that include Mercedes Benz, Siemens, and Kaiser Permanente. What better way then to be proactive and send them the latest mortgage news and at the same time help to answer any questions they may have. Our easy-to-use, on demand email marketing software platform lets your business or organization send out beautiful and inspiring email campaigns to large contact lists so you can stay in contact and build your business and brand awareness. Take your new or existing business to the next level by implementing an email marketing system to grow your list and the long term value or profits of your small business!
Business people get hundreds of emails (or more) each day, so you’ll need to get your message past spam filters and give them a reason to read. It’s an investment to develop that content, but it’s the content that gets people to open your messages and continue to read them over time.
A good ESP can raise your delivery rate, manage your opt-in and opt-out process, keep your email list clean and provide reports that can help you improve your results. Keep testing and improving your subject lines, headlines and copy, design, offer, landing pages, even the delivery timing. If they do this then you can spend a little time ‘nurturing them’ before you go in with a ‘buy now’ offer. Mailing frequency varies by business type or product type, and you will be able to gauge this for yourself.
Connecting and engaging with customers and prospects in real time through digital channels has become increasingly difficult. You need to send triggered and customized emails in regular intervals in order to stay top of mind. By using multiple channels to engage and communicate with healthcare professionals, you can increase engagement, response rates, conversion rates and get higher ROI than what you would have, had you used just one channel.
While medical reps are necessary to provide a face-to-face connection, email marketing is a cost-effective and result-oriented channel to share key information, engage and create a connection with your target audience. They found that regardless of conventional wisdom only 17% of these emails were 600 pixels or less, with 44% being 650 or less.
It would seem that there should be a way for your emails to automatically and appropriately resize their width, images, and layouts to suit each of the over 2,000 different display device screens but unfortunately that is a capability which does not yet properly exist.
You’ll also need a strong offer, valuable editorial content, appropriate design and a good fulfillment and measurement process. Using email automation tools is a great way to organize and schedule emails that can be sent out based on actions and history of recipients. If you are not already, now is the time to harness the power of new digital marketing technology and modern marketing tactics in the healthcare industry! That left the majority at over 650 pixels which is a size that can provoke flurries of back and forth scrolling when reading lines on most mobile screens. A good place to start is by focusing on the most cost-effective channel in modern healthcare marketing…email marketing.
Our on demand email marketing system is used by small and corporate businesses in Canada, The United States and Europe from all industries including Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Consultants, Hotels and Travel Industries, Non-Profit Organizations, Religious Groups, Small Business Professionals and Much More!

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