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I assume you’ve watched the trailer so you know Watney is very clever, pulls it together and starts growing his own food. Damon is, as always, a thoroughly likable hero and one you absolutely want NASA to spend 800 trazillion dollars on bringing home safely.
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Classic Movie Analysis Research PaperYou are going to choose a classic film from the list below to analyze. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Albert (McFarlane) is a cowardly farmer who was recently dumped by his picture perfect girlfriend, Louise (Seyfried) for the suave and debonair moustached Foy (Harris).
The opening credits showcase the amazingly beautiful Monument Valley from the air, there is a Western type score and even the fonts are spot on 1950’s shoot em up Western style. From the first scene, it is painfully obvious that McFarlane has made a huge mistake casting himself as the leading man. As the fast talking Albert, I initially thought he was a time traveller because his observations about this time in history, delivered in what began to seem like an endless monologue, were scarily accurate. The movie was funny and yes I did spend a lot of time laughing but many of the jokes were that juvenile toilet humour that taps into your inner 10 year old and you laugh despite yourself. Having said all that, the burgeoning relationship between Albert and Anna is very sweet, pure and honest.

If you allow yourself to just give in and laugh at shit jokes, laugh at the same joke said 4 different ways and said 4 different times, you should be fine. They travel for 6 months, stay a few weeks collecting samples and data and stuff, then travel the 6 months back home, laden with scientific cargo. He still has to exist on very meagre rations though and Damon’s physical transformation is rather scary. There are as many high moments as there are lows and you never see it coming and you never know what will happen next.
These films are consideredclassics for different reasons and are the films that helped define the decade in which they werecreated or were ground-breaking in some way. Don’t get me wrong, McFarlane is a brilliant comedian with a keen mind and sharp sense of irony but as a leading man? As I said, there is no doubt the man is funny as hell but self editing is a gift best used often.
One one such mission, a particularly ferocious sand storm catches the crew unawares and they flee the planet leaving behind one of their team, Watney (Damon) who they all presume is dead. You are going to answer the question: why is thefilm considered a classic, groundbreaking, or important? With the twist of his moustache and the arch of an eyebrow, he shows more character and personality than McFarlane does in the entire movie. Through watching the film andseeing what “experts” say about it, what was makes this film good and what has been itsinfluence on future films?

The pair strike up a friendship and she agrees to show him how to win back his sweetheart’s love.
Much of this will be your analysis of the film after watching it.Why do you think it is good based on analytical observation. Unbeknownst to Albert, Anna is in fact the wife of the baddest bad guy in the territory, the aptly named Clinch Leatherwood. You will then look at what the“experts” say about your film and use that research to prove your thesis.You are going to need to watch the film (and for research purposes, it would probably be best towatch it more than once). The reality is that no one is going to leave a human being stranded on another planet to simply starve to death. Make notes because you will need to use examples from the film in creating the argumentabout why the film is good.
Remember, the film is your primary source, and the research is whatyou use to prove your argument.
Watch the film!I do not want everyone doing a handful of the movies, so you will have the opportunity to chooseyour movie, if there are more than two (2) people who want to do the same movie, I will drawnames to see which two get to choose that film. Anything less thanfive (5) full pages in length will result in a 5 point loss to your grade.

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