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A medida que crece el mercado de las aplicaciones moviles y muchos de ustedes se lanzan a la travesia de crearlas, es necesario contar con los espacios de promocion adecuados, que exceden las tiendas oficiales.
Estos espacios se conocen como Landing Pages y no son mas que un pequeno sitio destinado a dar una vista inicial de lo que nuestra aplicacion o plataforma online hara por quienes la utilicen, instalen o descarguen. Me ha sucedido de tener que recorrer muchos lugares que ofrecen estas plantillas y terminar utilizando siempre las mismas por resultar mas simples de editar que otras.
Encontraran que los estilos entre todos estos ejemplos gratuitos de plantillas HTML para Landing Pages tienen una estetica similar, esto es, porque en su mayoria utilizan la misma coleccion de herramientas para plantearlas y no se han personalizado lo suficiente.
Claro esta que en muchos de los ejemplos, necesitaran reemplazar imagenes, logos y textos ya que ninguna de ellas les servira de otro modo. Habiendo recorrido una gran cantidad de opciones durante un largo tiempo, hay sitios que poseen grandes disenos, rapidos, simples y livianos que seguramente los sacaran del apuro de la mejor manera y siempre viene bien tenerlos a mano. Artista multimedios, trabaja desde hace 9 anos en disciplinas relacionadas con el mundo tecnologico, video, animacion y procesamiento de imagenes.
Blog en comercio electronico, e-marketing, redes sociales, diseno web, cloud computing, web 2.0. Landing page best practice adviceMost discussion of web design in companies still naturally tends to focus on the home page. If you’re into landing pages I recommend this excellent post written since I wrote this, decomposing 10 landing page examples. If you want to read more on techniques to increase web site conversion I recommend my Web design best practice guide. Anything referred to as a landing page is intended to maximise conversion of visitors to this page or series of pages to a particular marketing outcome – sale, lead or change in brand metrics. Most typically, the outcome is conversion to action, typically data capture where a site visitor fills in an online form to generate a marketing lead. Landing page goalsEffective landing pages are those that meet their objectives, so let’s start with typical objectives. Explain the value proposition offered by the company to differentiate from other sites the visitor may visit during the buying process i.e. It is important to run through these objectives since sometimes it is just the two primary objectives related to data capture that mainly determine landing page design and not the secondary objectives which are equally important.
Different types of landing pageWe have to bear in mind that there are different types of landing pages that work best depending on the campaign objectives and whether it is a short-term or long-term campaign. Such landing pages in particular category or product pages use what is known as deep linking. So this approach is used since it can potentially produce higher conversion rates or produce a microsite more consistent with the campaign goals and style.
So, companies need to work out whether the cost of producing this type of page is offset by the potentially higher conversion rates and better campaign results.
The home page can be a landing page Note that a landing page could potentially be the home page although this is not typically best practice. Different referrer typesTo make the landing page effective, we also need to think through the full range of places the visitor may originate. My Twelve microsite success factorsBefore I run through the success factors, remember that guidelines are only guidelines, they of course, have exceptions. As a minimum, you should readily be able to view data on bounce rates (the proportion of visitors who leave the page without visiting more pages) and conversion rates (the proportion of visitors who complete the intended outcome) for different referral sources (e.g.
Second, remember that the guidelines are dependent on the users typical viewable area of screen. However, if browsers open a new window, for example from search results page, the new window may be smaller than full-screen. Unlike casual visits by browsers, visitors arrive on landing page with a directed goal or intention in mind. So in terms of message, branding and creative the landing page needs to deliver an integrated communication. The key message on the landing page needs to be consistent with the key message of the referral source.
For me, one of the most important aspect of landing pages, and one that is often not right, is that there isn’t enough detailed information on which the visitor can decide to signup. To help determine the right-level of information, best practice is to use design personas to identify typical information required and the gap relative to what you deliver. If the response mechanism is on another page use multiple calls-to action to gain response since some visitors will respond to images and some text hyperlinks. The words used to form calls-to-action are critical to create a scent trail that users of the site follow. Some designers would suggest that content must fit on one page that doesn’t require scrolling at 800 by 600 resolution.
To summarise, I would say, make it short (for impulsive readers) AND long (for readers who want to read more).
Although this can work well for a retailer to show more products above the fold in a category, this is achieved with a loss of control of design. Make sure you are using paid search to direct visitors to the relevant pages particularly during the campaign.

Second, if the page is integrated into the web site and will be used in the long-term, optimise it for relevant search keyphrases using the search engine optimisation techniques described here. Provide a choice for those who don’t respond despite your carefully crafted landing pages.
Por ejemplo, las landing page se usan cuando hacemos mailings (envA­os de correos electrA?nicos a nuestros clientes o posibles clientes) sobre nuestras promociones. Las landing page o paginas de aterrizaje nos ayudan muy positivamente a medir el exito que estA? teniendo nuestras campaA±as publicitarias en google u otra plataforma publicitaria. Ni nos complicamos, ni te complicamos la vida, sA?lo hacemos diseA±o de paginas web economicas. Esto es, porque si bien estos repositorios poseen todo lo necesario para explicar que es lo que hace la aplicacion, en muchas oportunidades, ustedes querran ir mas alla. Por lo general, poseen un formato a una sola pagina lo que las hace dinamicas y con informacion que va directo al grano. Claro que siempre es mejor que lo hagamos nosotros mismos, pero hay situaciones en las que el tiempo apremia y cuando se trata de proyectos propios, es una solucion mas que conveniente, no solo por el resultado que en su mayoria es impecable, sino que las modificaciones pueden implementarse rapidamente y tener el espacio listo en muy poco tiempo. Pero por otra parte, esta caracteristica, asegura que tengan un espacio totalmente adaptable, limpio y claro para contener la informacion relevante relacionada con su nueva aplicacion o plataforma online.
Generalmente, en esos casos, los Mockups suelen ser de gran ayuda, sobretodo para las aplicaciones moviles, ya que hay una gran variedad de ellos.
But, for companies who are running a lot of online marketing campaigns, the effectiveness of the different pages deeper within the site is vital to getting returns from these campaigns.
Often it is thought that response is everything – so objectives are not though through, but that this can lead to data capture pages that are too simple. The majority of the visitors to the landing page won’t actually convert, so it is important to give them a favourable experience also.
Landing page(s) integrated into site architecture and styleIt is most efficient in terms of effort in content creation to make landing pages part of the main site information architecture.
The disadvantages are that this approach requires more effort and maintenance and often result in a poorer user experience since the page will look and work differently to elsewhere in the site. Although this approach is surpisingly quite common, I think the approach is often taken for convenience eventhough it is more expensive in the longer term. But, if a company has a limited range of products or the main campaign objective is to generate awareness rather than response.
Visitors can be referred by clickthrough from any online referrer such as a search engine, online ad, affiliate site or e-mail campaign.
While many still design for a minimum of 1064X768 or even 800 by 600, the latest data on screen resolutions shows that over three quarters are now higher than 1024 by 768 although this is skewed by the designer audience of that source!
So the first thing you have to do is instantly show relevance to help visitors achieve that goal.
You need to show the visitor they have selected the right place to find the brand, product, deal, information or experience they are looking for, so the headline must clearly indicate this. So again, you need to show the visitor they have selected the right place to find the brand, product, deal, information or experience they are looking for, so the headline must clearly indicate this.
An effective scent is delivered where the words match what the user wants to know or achieve. First an offline campaign will lead to people searching on your brand or the campaign strapline.
If so, you need to carefully manage when they and links to them from within the nav are expired.
Dicho de otro modo, la landing page es la pagina de destino donde se envA­a a un posible cliente interesado en alguno de los anuncios publicados en internet.
De este modo podemos analizar si nuestras campaA±as estA?n funcionando del modo que deseamos. Otorgandole a la aplicacion un entorno adecuado que le sea propio y en el que haya un espacio de interaccion directo con quienes quieren saber mas sobre ella. No hay espacios para irse por las ramas y en algunos casos quizas encuentren que le faltan algunos elementos necesarios para expresar de la mejor manera lo que quieren decir sobre la aplicacion.
The first is a landing page integrated into the sites stucture and consistent with standard page templates and navigation for the site.
The downside is that they may not work so well in terms of converting both direct referrers and browsers navigating from elsewhere on the site.
Alternatively, if it is a short-term branding campaign then it may be more straightforward to create a microsite separate from the main site with a different look and feel. If it is a completely separate site with a separate domain, a big disadvantage of this approach is that due to the Google sandbox effect, it is not likely to be included in the search results for several months. I know of one E-commerce manager for a multi-national technology vendor who tries to educate their hundreds of web and traditional marketing specialists to not use the bespoke landing page approach, but to always try to integrate into existing site structure.
The design should make the next step clear and minimise the number of clicks required for response since every extra click required in response will generally reduce response by 10%. Also tests have shown that page can be scrollable – users will scroll if they appear scrollable. Esto, en el caso de estas plantillas especificas, se soluciona facilmente ya que la mayoria utiliza Bootstrap y editarlas es extremadamente simple si es que ya estan acostumbrados a utilizar CSS.

The way your brands WebPages look, whether it’s your homepage, blog or press releases make a difference in who arrives, who stays and even who buys.I remember me sharing tips for successful Online Campaigns with more conversions.
The second is a landing page specifically created for the campaign with a different look and feel. This often happens where resource cannot be found to create a microsite within the main site, or it is felt that the existing site look and feel cannot deliver the brand impact required. To deliver relevance also requires consistency with what they have already read and seen to meet their expectation.
Removing menu options will often increase conversion rate since less choice of where to click is offered, but for those who don’t respond will give a poor experience and prevent them browsing other parts of the site. Because the web is a new medium and the access platforms, user behaviours and competitor approach all change continuously, what works at the start of the year will certainly not work as well by the end of the year.
It’s using the design of the landing page to persuade a user towards a particular action. Having an attractive, relevant and well executed landing page is critical for online marketing strategy.
With all of that in mind, we are listing few points with all the essential ingredients to create a great landing page.1.
Make Sure Your Landing Pages are Technically OptimizedBefore web designers can actually create a landing page, a full team of SEO experts and web development professionals should make sure that everything is technically optimized. Create a great 1st impression with DesignSo, what’s the first thing you notice about a website after opening its URL?
The first thing that gets noticed by an incoming visitor, it is imperative that you make the landing page design both attractive and easy to understand. A well-designed page increases the chances that visitors will stay longer on your page and consequently click due to the page’s appeal. 46% of Web sales are lost on websites that lack the critical elements that build value and trust with website visitors. So it’s imperative you have a catchy, attractive headline which shouts out to the visitor that they are in the right place. Content is the KeyOnce you have hooked them with your headlines, it’s time to land them with your content!
You should be able to leverage on your audience’s motivations – their fears, their needs, their desires, their curiosity and use them to come up with persuasive copy that is short, crisp, but nevertheless, highly impactful.
Be VisualImages and other media content such as video, audio and animation clips also form an important part of landing page. Plus, people like to read “captions” under your images almost as much as they read your headlines.
Strong Call-to-ActionYour call to action basically tells your audience what you want them to do, whether it’s to buy your product, avail of your services, and subscribe to your newsletter. Be more creative than the “Order Now” or “Subscribe Now.”Visitors respond well to how you say things, then what you say. And since the offer is the Call-to-action, let it be so visually as well as content wise be so appealing that they are drawn to it.7.
Integrate your various online PropertiesSocial media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest, use them to your benefit.
Therefore, by embracing the power of social media and blending it with your landing pages will benefit you on multiple fronts.
Include multiple social media sharing buttons on each of your landing pages; with this it raises awareness for your brand. And gives them many platforms to follow your brand and be informed.Thus with a well-designed page and keeping all these ingredients in mind can make a difference between the user buying the product or losing interest. Here are Examples of websites that have got it right.Gift RocketGift Rocket’s beautifully designed landing page features an illustrated image, which is surrounded by icons of all the different products and services that are available for purchase. If not, you can always scroll down the page for more information, testimonials and social buttons as well. On the right-hand pane, a mock-up of the Everest interface on an iPhone toggles through its main features, with annotations picking out highlights. Ultimately, the goal is to channel users towards the App Store.So there you have it, ways to make your landing page effective so it drives your business.
Landing page is something which you need to work on always; you can’t launch and keep checking your email for new acquisitions.
It’s a continuous process of tweaking as per change in customer’s demand and product type. With all the ingredients above you’ll have a landing page that works hard for your business and gets you real results.Your turnHave you created any landing pages for your campaigns? But as you rightly said they might not be suitable for all the cases, we didn’t mention it as a separate #tip here and included it in the GiftRocket example if you see.I am sure, for some products and services testimonials can play a great role!

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