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We will use jQuery and Modernizr to help out with the older browsers, and PHP on the server side to validate the input. Enquiry is a standard select element, and message is a typical textarea -- nothing new here. Another thing worth noticing is that we are setting an attribute called placeholder on all of the input elements (except telephone) and the textarea.
It does not look too good at the moment, and it isn't really doing our shiny new HTML5 goodness any justice, so let's add some CSS.
What we are saying here is: only execute this following code when the request method is POST. Once we have established that this is a POST request, we can start our form processing logic. The telephone field and the enquiry field are not required fields, so no need to validate these. Once we have validated our form results, we need to decide whether to send the user an email containing the form results or not. Note: Remember to change the from email address in the headers and the to email address in the mail function. Whether the user's form submission was valid or not, we want to return them back to the form. The final thing for us to do is to redirect the user back to the form page, along with our $returndata array.
Another thing we need to bear in mind is, ultimately, if the user's browser has JavaScript enabled, we want to submit the form via AJAX. We then call session_start() to give us access to the session and the set the variable $_SESSION['cf_returndata'] to mirror $returndata. Now that we have processed the form data and have been returned to the page, we need to update the user on what has happened. By default, the messages do not appear at all because, in the CSS, we've set 'display:none'. Email field is one of the most common form control in today's world, and not to say it has always been a pain to write a full proof code to validate this email field. Today freebie is PSD icons, 500+ beautiful handcrafted UI Icons set for web & app user interface designing. Hello your collection always awesome and very creative.I am really satisfy to your collection.
Hello, thanx for this great set i have one question about the credit thing i can’t link to this website it’s ok to work with it or not? The freebie of the day is a collection of 4 free vector vintage style badges in high-quality resolution..
The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. JQuery is deemed as the backbone of web development, it is a concise JavaScript Library which can simplify HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web design and development. As a guy who tries out new software for fun (I’m a riot at parties), I can tell you from painful and often disappointing experience that finding the right tools for your trade is a very personal journey.
Nowadays, more and more web applications are trying to take their stake from the internet, coming in your help and trying to make your internet`s life easier through their admin panels.
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple responsive HTML email which will work in every email client, including all the new smartphone mail clients and apps. The art of web design demands a creative mind capable of visualizing the many aspects that go into creating eye-popping websites. Remember the article  Why you should not Marry a Web Designer which we came up with a few days back? So for this we have gathered and brought some of the best free flat social media icons for you to download. The HTML5 boilerplate includes an awesome CSS reset with sensible defaults and includes all the JS libraries (jQuery & Modernizr) we are going to be using today. We will hide these by default with CSS, and display them with either JavaScript or PHP once the form has been submitted. This will force the browser to check that this field has something in it before it allows the form to be submitted. To the textarea, we will set the required attribute to make sure the user enters some text.

Yep, you guessed it, this lets us set a maximum number of characters we can write in the textarea. If you do not have these, simply download the source files for this tutorial and copy them over. By default, if a form is posted to a PHP script, the form's input values are stored in a super global array called $_POST. If it's not, we'll set the $formok variable to false, and store an error message in the $errors array. We are storing our headers in the $headers variable and supplying extra information on who the email is from, and what type of content it contains. If the form was valid and the message was sent, we need to provide the user with the success message. Once we are redirected back to the form page, we will lose our $returndata variable; so, to make this data persistant, we will temporarily store it in the session. That will mean we will want our AJAX request to be posted to the same place as the form submission when the JavaScript is disabled. We are telling it to redirect us to the last page we came from using the variable: $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']. All we need to do now is update the user and provide either a success message or an error message.
This means accessing the session variable we set on process.php and working out what response to give.
Inside the class attribute of the messages, we are using PHP to add a 'visible' class to them if they are to be shown. This type is currently not supported by most of the browser, but it's just the matter of time.
Gemicon released free icons set. Each pixel-perfect icon available in 3 different sizes (16px, 32px, 64px) as a seprate Photoshop layered file. This week we look at parallax scrolling, windows app developers can’t live without, as well as amazing flat icons, what to get web designers for Christmas and much more. You can see the line icon collection below; we collected the best icon sets for user interface designs.
Tools that look great on paper will so often lack that one crucial element that would make them an effective part of your workflow. Many people are using today twitter and facebook,or other social networks to communicate,and as a reward,big networks are offering what is called “The API key” (application programming interface) to help programmers to create related web applications. Today we’re featuring some of the latest jQuery plugins that will make it easier for web designers and developers to enhance form and function in their websites.
If you want to impress your clients or implement immediate impact on your site, this is a good choice for you. In order to help them in their work brilliant web developers from all over the world always try to inventnew tools and find bright decisions. Now let’s talk about what problems I faced while developing this plugin and how you can use it to spice up your website. While beautiful designs and original layouts are the most recognizable parts of our favorite websites, the work done by talented designers has always required an equally talented developer to put together the often complicated, underlying code. In this article we are going to cover some of the best free social media icon sets for each and every mood of web designer. All these sites are extremely creative, unique and immaculately designed and expertly use the new features offered by HTML5 and CSS3. It offers a series of latest technology where users are concerned with design and development as well. HTML5 has fully over run and transfigured the web-designing age during the last couple of years with outstanding capabilities of producing additional functionality and amazing visually sound websites.
She has a Masters degree in International Business Management, but her passion is anything related to web design.
This is a really good starting point for any HTML5 project and will save you a great deal of time. We will use the img folder for storing image assets for our form, and process.php to handle all the server-side logic for the contact form. The email field is similar, but as well as being required, we actually want to make sure it is an email address that was entered. For some daft reason, the powers that be who made the HTML5 spec did not think we would need a minlength attribute (like we do now) and there is no attribute for this. When the form is first displayed, the placeholder text will appear in the input, normally in a different font color.

I have already indicated that the field is required by putting a red asterisk in the label.
This will give us consistency across all browsers except Opera, which does not support the styling of placeholders. If nothing is posted, $_POST will not be an array, the if statement will equate to false and our code will not be run.
We are accessing the $_POST array by passing in the form field name as the key to retrieve the data for each variable. If it's not valid, we want to display the error messages stored in the $errors array as well as populate the form fields with the data that was originally sent. Because the form would have already been validated on the client-side, it will pass through all the server-side validation, and the details will be emailed to us.
In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to create a simple but beautiful parallax website that will create an illusion of 3D depth to your site.
We want to bring to your attention a selection of some useful tools such as generators, jquery plugins, frameworks and other helpful resources and services. Thanks to new software from Adobe and Webdyo however, the need for coding skills has been eliminated allowing the developer complete control over their projects. What is to be done is that you have to click the links which shall lead you the original creators of that particular social media Icon set and then you will be able to download from there easily. Without any further ado go through these websites, these will successfully incite your brain with floods of ideas to execute in your own great website design. This is fact that HTML 5 is superbly creative always but now with update features and manageable allowing designers with the capability that was once connected with just some imaginations. The form will use some of the new HTML5 input elements and attributes, and will be validated using the browser's built-in form validation. So as a makeshift minlength attribute, we are going to use another new HTML5 attribute called a custom data attribute. The [] after $errors is a shortcut to array_push (which is used to add an item to the end of an array).
Where you see the curly braces with our variable names in them, these will be changed into the variables value when this script is run. We will store some variables we have been using in this script in an array and send them along with the redirect back to the form.
Though Webydo and Adobe Muse may appear very similar on the surface, each piece of software manages to distinguish itself in subtle ways during the process of web design. As the title reads, this article is about best Christmas gifts for designers and developers.
All these are freebies but please do put some time into the terms and condition before using them as stated by the original creator of the icon sets. HTML5 just not changed the web development business but also modified the development process that was even HTML itself. Designers are always passionate to do query for the HTML5 tools that can give them full advantage for development quality and pace.
Although telephone is not a required field, we are using the tel HTML5 input type for this. This means that, with the AJAX request, there is no reason for us to redirect or set any session variables. This is a pretty cool effect, and can provide the user with a bit more information on what they need to do.
This sort of substitution only works if the string is encapsulated in DOUBLE quotes, not SINGLE. In the final part of this script, we will check to see if the current request to process.php was an AJAX request or not, and if it was, set our session variables and redirect. Also, I would love to mention the similar articles that we came up with for this festive season in case you missed them.
This is a variable we are going to be checking to see if we have previously posted our form. The next thing we want to do is display an error message or success at the top of the form.

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