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This entry was posted in Certifications, Learn and tagged certificate, CSS, CSS3, exam, exam prep, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, JS, MCSD, study guide on February 23, 2013 by Shahed C. The exam you mentioned (C#) can be useful for developing Windows applications, Web applications and even video games. In HTML5 you can use events to trigger different actions in the browser, like calling Java Scrip when a user clicks or hovers over elements.
All events are declared as attributes and all event handlers are written in Javascript or vbscript and you can specify these event handlers as a value of event tag attribute. NOTE: When you add event handler in HTML5 you use oneventname, when you add even handler in Java Script you use eventname without the on prefix!

The following example demonstrates how to show the current mouse position in a canvas using the mousemove event.
GDevelop: Open source game development software to create HTML5 and native game without programming. GDevelop is an open source game creation software, allowing to make games for the web (HTML5) or for Windows and Linux. The events system lets you focus on your game.It is easy to use and powerful enough to do everything you imagine.
Check out the templates provided with GDevelop to get started, read the tutorial or go on the forums to ask a question.

With our new webapp, you can start the creation of a game in less than 5 minutes - directly from your browser and without coding! GDevelop has good reviews in lots of websites, and has been chosen by French magazine L'Ordinateur Individuel so as to write an article about game creation. In addition to the short syntax for using events you can also use the addEventListener function in Java Script to attach an event listener to any HTML5 element.

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