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Lembramos que a Microsoft ja oferece ha um bom tempo, um plugin do Windows Media Player para o Firefox, plug-in utilizado para assistir o conteudo do Windows Media. Entende-se que a funcionalidade deste novo plug-in para o Firefox, permite que o Browser ofereca a visualizacao de videos no formato H.264 que sera amplamente utilizando no HTML5, ja sendo um padrao W3C . A extensao e baseada em um extra para o Firefox que analisa as paginas HTML5 e substitui as tags de video com uma chamada para o plug-in do Windows Media Player para que o conteudo possa ser executado no navegador. O processo de instalacao e simples e leva pouco tempo, porem e necessario que todas as janelas do navegador estejam fechadas para nao ocorrer nenhum tipo de problema. Pontos para a Microsoft, so achei muito estranho ela desenvolver um Plug-in para um navegador concorrente e esquecendo do seu Internet Explorer 9. HTML5 video player is fast becoming a common feature in websites nowadays thus highlighting the fact of HTML5 slowly taking what used to be the area where Flash reigns supreme. With HTML5 establishing itself as the present and undeniably the future of the web, it becomes understandable that more and more people are getting convinced to join the bandwagon. When you hover over the video, the controls animate in like a ribbon, wrapping around the video. Key Features: Responsive Player, 5 Skins to choose from, Audio Playlists supported, Unlimited players per page, Retina Support, Custom Flash and Silverlight players, Automatic Stop, Easy to Customize, Full-screen video button, Playlist can stay open or closed by default. HTML5 Video Gallery with a cool ‘Live playlist’ feature could be used as video gallery, video player or any kind of video showcase. This HTML5 WordPress video plugin gives you a number of options on how to present the videos on your website. This HTML5 video player plugin allows you to embed video in your post or page using HTML5 with Flash fallback support for non-HTML5 browsers. Key Features: Built-in support for video features including HD Switching, Playlists, Lightboxes, Keyboard Control and much more, Many add-ons available such as Your Custom Logo, Social Sharing, Real-Time Statistics, Embed and much more.
Spider Video Player for WordPress is a Flash & HTML5 video player plugin that allows you to easily add videos to your website with the possibility. Sonny is a freelance web developer who specializes in creating WordPress websites for clients. A top-notch responsive HTML5 Audio Player compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices.
Option to automatically generate the player playlist from a folder which contains the MP3 files. Once you’ve bought the product, you can download for free, from your account, all the updated versions.
Ultimate video player is powerful responsive video player with right side or bottom Gallery which support most popular video types available!

You can use player to play advertisement video before your main video (pre-roll), and also you can have popup advertisement at any time wou want during playback.
O plug-in permite que os usuarios do Firefox vejam a reproducao de videos com o codec H.264 em HTML5, usando recursos embutidos do proprio Windows 7. No futuro, o codec de video H.264 sera tao prevalente na web, que a Microsoft ja cria esta ponte de interoperabilidade. O Firefox em alguns casos, pode deixar de reproduzir um video, mesmo que a extensao esteja instalada corretamente, pois uma pagina pode usar uma verificacao para determinar se o navegador consegue reproduzir conteudo H.264. O HTML5 vem a cada dia mais forte, com mais tendencias e muito mais inovacao, quando vermos isso ja estara ultrapassado e ja comecaremos a falar cada vez mais cedo de novas tecnologias e oportunidades. While Flash still has a large market base, that may not evaporate anytime soon, it would be hard not to concede that it is losing ground to new technologies such as HTML5. If you visit those links and purchase the product you find, I will earn a commission without additional cost on your part.
It is incredibly customizable with 8 different colors and 5 additional styles to choose from.
You can use player without gallery with only one video, or you can build your own gallery with thumbnails, titles and descriptions.
It comes with a a detailed help file along with additional features like 5 custom skins and Responsive Layout.
However, Internet Explorer doesn’t offer the fullscreen experience that we’re all used to, and if you want to use HTML5 video in Firefox, you have to create additional videos because it doesn’t support the mp4 file type. Aside from his passion for coding, he also writes interesting topics about graphic and web design, photography, social media and anything creative.
Any color scheme possible, customizable from parameters, so you can integrate this audio player in any design. Optional parameter to disable responsive behavior in order to integrate it in non-responsive websites. Also, from parameters you can create any color scheme, having the possibility to integrate it in any design. Parameters to open the link in the same window or a new window and parameter to change the button title. Um caso nada convencional, pois o Mozilla Firefox ainda e o principal concorrente da propria Microsoft e consecutivamente do Internet Explorer. A mesma visa que esta interligacao e muito importante para os usuarios do Firefox que sao clientes do Windows. Currently, iPhone and iPad is not offering native Flash support although there are add-ons to get this done.

If you are searching for a nice HTML5 video player plugin for your projects, we are taking some effort to round some of them up in this post. Before making any purchase I encourage you to evaluate the products or services on your own.
It features a beautiful and unified UI on all desktop browsers and supports fullscreen in Window Mode. The gallery works in all major browsers environment – including IE through flash fall-back. Possibility to define the height and width of the video player, also defining the video size adjustment options for the player window. Em geral, o HTML5 e uma atualizacao permanente com a especificacao HTML que adiciona recursos de multimidia. YouTube on the other hand is offering HTML5 video playback features if your browser supports the latest HTML iteration, and sees Flash only as a fallback. If you are running on a platform on the other hand like WordPress, you can also find ready-to-integrate plugins that you can grab for your site. Player look is customizable via CSS, so you can easily customize colors and adjust it to your needs.
HTML5 Video Player with Playlist, Full Screen, Random, Stream Seek, Volume Control, Timer, Play-Pause option.
Clearly, some of the big players in the web are switching to HTML5 and what more to lay it more clearly than Adobe’s own admission that it is altogether stopping development on Flash Player for browsers on mobile. Some of the items are also free to, so you need not have to spend anything just to have a nifty video playback mechanism on your web page. And if you don’t want to create additional video files just for Firefox, Chamelon gives you the option to use the Flash backup instead.
For example – it uses HTML5 LocalStorage to remember the last volume you had before you exit and sets back that volume when you come back. Player comes with 5 pre-built skins and it’s fully responsive, resizeable and customisable so it fits perfectly in every website design.

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