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To get best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. The new Census Bureau map pinpoints clusters of people throughout the country whose first language is not English. Those other languages - spoken at home by more than 60-and-a-half million people - are Spanish, French, French Creole, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Arabic and Vietnamese.
While the mapper is based on a survey assembled over the past 7 years, it included census data gathered over the last three decades.
Ryan says the 2011 Language Mapper is also useful for libraries and schools so they can offer programs and courses to help improve English language proficiency. Amnesty International says almost a dozen children, including babies, have died this year in squalid conditions at a military detention center used to hold suspected Boko Haram militants. When roads are blocked by floods, landslides or hostile checkpoints, often the only way to get vital medicine and supplies to remote areas is by air. Nigeria has pledged to crack down on armed nomadic herders accused of a series of brutal raids against communities across the country. Donald Trump — the presumptive Republican presidential nominee — has some tough talk for U.S.
Discarded plastic bottles are piling up around the world despite recycling efforts, and people are coming up with new and creative ways of using them.
A year ago, Turkey's biggest city in the predominately Kurdish region, Diyarbakir, was hoping to cash in on a wave of tourists attracted to its rich history and legacy of multiculturalism. Rescue workers in Nairobi continue to dig through the rubble of a building that collapsed more than a week ago. Conservative advocates of providing nuclear weapons to America's closest Asian military allies could move from the political fringes to the mainstream if Donald Trump becomes the next president of the United States. The first step to achieving Naturalization Citizenship is to apply using Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.
You have been a permanent resident of the United States for al least 3 years or more and meet all requirements to file as a spouse of a U.S.

You may qualify with other paths to naturalization and this is why it is important to set up an Free initial consultation with Attorney Richard Hein to discuss your needs and see what the best ways to qualify you for naturalization citizenship. For Temporary Protective Status or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals please visit those sections on this website. Census Bureau has released an online, interactive map showing where non-English languages are spoken around the country with an eye toward targeting services to non-English speaking communities. Each dot on the 2011 Language Mapper represents an area where one of 15 languages is the primary tongue spoken in the home. Vietnamese saw the greatest jump in the number of speakers - a seven-fold increase between 2005-2011.
During that time, the number of non-English speakers in the United States rose 158 percent, compared to the population growth among the general population of 38 percent. It's the latest in a series of accusations made by the human rights group against the Nigerian military.
More than 20 percent of the plants known to science are facing extinction because more and more of their habitat is being used for agriculture and urbanization. As the cost of living continues to rise and the economy slows, some are considering returning home to look for work. Almost everything and anything that is made in China can be found and purchased in the city.
But the collapse of a cease-fire last July between Kurdish rebels and the government led to violence, dashing hopes for the city's economic revival. VOA’s Brian Padden reports from Seoul that comments made by the presumptive Republican Party nominee about disengaging from Asia have raised doubts about the U.S. Local officials say those carrying the right papers, and those who are injured, are allowed through — but Ankara says it is under pressure to tighten controls following the recent migrant deal with Europe.
Armed Forces (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corp, Coast Guard) and meet all elegibility requirements. If you are under threat of deportation or removal you may have rights to remain legally temporarily while your case is heard.

This website is for general information only and none of the content herein is to be relied upon as legal advice. The Nigerian government denies the allegations, and says it is succeeding in its fight against Boko Haram. He already wants to force Mexico to pay for a border wall and is threatening to impose huge tariffs on Chinese imports to offset America's record $366 billion trade deficit with China.
VOA's Zlatica Hoke reports the installation aims to promote art, health and environmental protection.
As worries persist about the Chinese economy and the possibility it could see a hard landing, sellers in the mountainside city of commerce say they are feeling the pain, but also finding ways to weather the storm.
In response to the tragedy, the government has begun demolishing other condemned buildings.
As Henry Ridgwell reports, the restrictions have divided families trying to flee the civil war in Syria. Submitting the wrong paperwork or missing steps in the process can deny you access to being Naturalized a Citizen.
Talking to an attorney about your particular case is essential to getting on the right path to applying for citizenship, legal residence or work visa. It is always a good idea to consult with an Attorney that deals with immigration to learn what the newest adjustments that have been made to the law and to make sure the process is handled properly without any setbacks. At the Hein Law Firm, we work diligently to see your application is processed with all requirements making the process smoother for the applicant.

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