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Performance optimisation is an ongoing process, and our test and learn culture is reflected in our digital marketing approach. During discovery we audit the integrity and effectiveness of your web analytics framework, build a detailed understanding of the search, purchase and other online behaviour of your target customer groups, review how traffic from different channels converts on your site and complete a deep-dive audit of your digital channel performance.
After reviewing the detailed discovery audit reports, plus our SWOT analysis and prioritised action recommendations together with your team, we then agree the scope of our ongoing activities and set clear and measurable objectives for our work. Your integrated digital marketing team will be made up of a range of specialists working together to achieve agreed objectives. We provide all of our integrated digital marketing customers with a top line performance dashboard including visit, conversion, assisted conversion and revenue data for each channel.

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Whether the methods are (re)branding, social media strategy, print strategy, media planning, public relations, message development or word of mouth marketing, Hand-Raiser can help you develop ideas that will generate ideas to help you fill your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool with likely prospects for you to message.

His main passion is helping marketers more accurately interface with the technology community and ask the right questions to help them accomplish the objectives their brand customers have set.
A career in data and advertising technology has allowed him to have a unique perspective on the science of utilizing the right methodologies to systematically ask the right questions that lead to delivering the outcomes necessary for success.
Innovative ideas for brand promotion, corporate communications, events organizing, digital media campaigns, flash presentations.

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