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For all those business owners out there struggling to stay current, Lindsey Interactive can help.  Lindsey Interactive is experiencing tremendous and exciting growth.
Great content can help your brand accomplish various goals, but is making money one of them?
Speaking at Marketing’s Content 360 conference, Chow highlighted the transition from traditional marketing to content marketing.
For brands to build lasting relationships with consumers using content, they need to start thinking and acting like publishers, something that is a long-term goal for Marriott.
Not only does it produce hero content (that is, big investment content done once or twice a year) such as the video series “Two Bellmen”, it also has its own newsroom to keep abreast of the industry and world happenings, which allows it to create relevant and real-time content for consumption.
Two Bellmen is a comedy film about two bellmen who prove their company loyalty when the JW Marriott LA Live comes under siege by “The Purple Panthers,” the primary antagonists of the movie. Out of the three, commerce takes a more tactical approach, consisting of bookings, media buys and licensing fees with regards to distributing the content which is also another key factor for content marketing success. Among all other forms of content, Chow said video is the one that works best for the brand. Also talking about videos and a proper investment in them at Content 360 was Radha K Raman, marketing director for Asia Pacific at Brightcove. She cited Hugo Boss as a great example of a brand which is effective in utilising its digital properties to raise brand awareness through customer engagement. She stressed the importance of landing pages when it came to initiating a call-to-action to improve conversion rates.
Having the video play on the landing page allows one to put other related content such as information and even e-commerce links which can help aid sales. Poor SEO – although videos considered high quality are rewarded in search results, reaping those rewards are only possible if the videos are embedded in your own site. Lack of branding – both YouTube and Vimeo limit the brand and customisation options on a brand’s channel.
Limited admin controls – with free players, anyone across the company who has administrative rights has full access to the channel – there is no way to limit levels of administrative access.
Denied access – there is potential to miss out on an audience for countries such as China and workplaces which block FVPs. Superficial analytics – analytics on these platforms are superficial because when it comes to tracking lead-generation and ROI on FVPs they can’t be tied to individual prospects.
Analytics’ consequences of making video edits – no matter how minor the change, all viewing history and stats associated will be lost on FVPs.
Lack of user experience control – with YouTube your content is subject to advertising and this can affect the user experience journey as these ads could be from an actual competitor. Jetstar Airways has also been successful in the past year when it comes to creating visual content which touches on all the key points mentioned. Sharing her views at Marketing’s Content 360 conference, Chantal van Wijnbergen, head of marketing and PR for SEA at Jetstar Airways, talked about the airline’s journey this year in engaging customers through videos.

Showing sensitivity towards local cultures and holidays, Jetstar launched a campaign during the Chinese New Year period last year, which matched singles through the power of the zodiac and gave them a chance to escape the judgment of singlehood from relatives during the holiday season and possibly “meet their true love”. In November last year, Jetstar ran a campaign for December babies who felt neglected during the festive season because their birthdays were too close to the Christmas holidays.
Wijnbergen shared the positive response to the campaign and also highlighted the importance of going back to your consumer and listening to what they want and then making a connection to the brand. Jetstar’s success with its videos lies in the importance of localising content for the Southeast Asian market to be able to better connect with its audience; which shows the stronghold that visual content, particularly video, has on the whole content marketing game – a highly talked about topic during the Content 360 event. Surreal Gourmet's Bob Blumer was in town last week with Discovery Networks Asia Pacific giving audiences a surreal dining experien..
Slimming powerhouse Marie France Bodyline has appointed Hong Kong TVB Artiste, Angela Tong as its latest celebrity spokesperson fo.. Havas has bought a majority stake in Singapore-based boutique PR agency Siren Communications, with the latter being renamed Euro R.. IREM is an international community of real estate managers dedicated to ethical business practices, maximizing the value of investment real estate, and promoting superior management through education and information sharing. Creating an easily identifiable design for instant product or organization recall is essential in marketing of products and services. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Some staples such as printed advertisements like phonebooks are becoming obsolete and outdated while other avenues for advertising are taking off at an outstanding rate.
The answer could be yes, according to Tony Chow, director of creative and content marketing for Asia Pacific at Marriott Hotel. We are setting our eyes on making our first full-length feature film and that will be a revenue source from content. You’ve got to serve champagne quality service in beer budgets, so it’s time to get smarter about content,” Chow quipped. It is a multi-platform studio developing, producing and distributing content that aims to engage, inform and entertain target audiences across multiple screens.
Chow also stressed the importance of leveraging Marriott’s loyalty programme members as they are most likely to be brand advocates who can help spread the brand message more effectively.
She highlighted the difference between brands owning their own video streaming platform versus advertising on free platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.
The brand live-streamed its New York Fashion week directly from its website on top of its YouTube channel to achieve greater reach. Furthermore, having the video run on one’s own website enables brands to track site visits and potentially convert a viewer into a customer. But YouTube is not a video marketing strategy, it’s merely a distribution channel – one that comes with its own set of challenges and limited opportunities for brands to own and control the experience,” Raman said.
A viewer could see competitor ads and irrelevant content being served next to the brand videos.

Moreover, when brands embed their player on their website, it’s the YouTube or Vimeo branding that shows up, thereby diluting the experience. Focusing on localised content which is both funny and emotive, it capitalised on FVPs to help spread the brand awareness. Facility managers nationwide are using Navigo digital signage to reiterate their brand through visual and interactive avenues. Business proprietors, instead of spending lots of time and money, invest in Lindsey Interactive instead. In a couple of years, we may be leveraging avenues such as MIPTV to distribute content,” he said, adding that content distribution will be a big priority for the brand going forward. A good way to maximise conversion in e-newsletters would be to draw viewers to click the image in the email and be taken to the landing page that plays the video.
You don’t know if they actually read it, what content they consumed and you have no way to tell sales if this is actually a hot lead, or what the lead knows,” she said. Views are also an important part of the picture because it helps track progress and possible demographics. When this happens and businesses cease to get their advertisement for such an ineffectual foundation, entrepreneurs will have to outsource and find other methods of advertising.
First of all, it is always best to invest in growing markets and the internet advertising market is booming.
We are an aggressive company that purchases other media companies, and we only take the best. They will also wonder why can’t they just build their own websites and fill them with content. Because of the immense sense of dedication and commitment to its entrepreneurs, we have created an iron clad business model that is built for success. For those seeking more detailed information, our weekly consultants are more than happy to assist you. They will address any questions that you may have in detail and are happy to help in realizing this amazing opportunity.
The Lindsey Interactive model will be sold through independent sales reps that have the ability to make up to $250,000 a year. In addition, Lindsey Interactive has an exciting affiliate program for individuals looking to earn additional income.

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