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Delighting your customers with interactive marketing ideas gets you noticed and increases response rates greatly too. The hardest part will be choosing which format of fun and interactive marketing ideas to use for your next campaign. We Produce and Advise From the point of order you will be nominated a dedicated Account Manager who will be your point of contact all the way. There is a saying that it’s not over until the fat lady sings and this is true with printed products.
Whether you are seeking new customers or wanting to promote brand loyalty with existing customers you need direct mail pieces that will make an impact and be remembered. The Interloop Mailer has a unique folding action and makes it the ultimate “cannot put down” direct mail piece. The Red Reveal is one of the best marketing ideas for business to business direct marketing.
The key element is engagement which is why you need promotional products with a difference and interactive qualities.

The vast array of business communication products offers sliding products, extending products, unique folding and moving pictures to name just a few.
Guidance about artwork, schedule until your bespoke fun interactive marketing ideas are ready to land in your customers and prospects post trays.
Once your customers and prospects have turned it they just keep on going; they share with co-workers too. It is very versatile and one of the best marketing ideas for interaction and entertainment. Promotional products and interactive mailers with interactive qualities grab attention, are shared with others and increase response rates greatly making your marketing and advertising campaigns successful and fun. E-mail marketing has a place, however physical pieces that can be played with will be remembered and ensure that your marketing message reaches your target audience.
The card and reader can be sent together, or if you prefer you can add extra intrigue by sending the insert cards separately in stages.
A changing image that comes in many formats and easily shows the benefits of products and services.

It reveals a different aspect of your marketing message on every turn making it fascinating and captivating. Additional cards can even be sent at a later date so there’s every excuse for your marketing campaign to run and run!
All you have to do is choose your product, send us your artwork and sit back and wait for your telephones to ring and sales to come in.
Knocking spots off e-mails, letters, pamphlets and booklets, the Interloop Mailer is unlikely to be dismissed and thrown into the bin.
Your scrambles message can only be read when your customers and prospects insert the reader card which is great fun and this too will be shared with others. Your only problem will be deciding which size you need for your interactive and entertaining Interloop – 120 mm, 150 mm, 170 mm or 210 mm.

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