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GraphGenerator is designed for interactive diagrams in Macromedia Flash format (.swf) creating.
Pics2Go makes it incredibly easy to generate slide shows made up of JPEG images that automatically run from your hard drive or CD-ROM. MakeCDROM is a FREE application to help you create a fully cusomizable front end menu program that can also be launched from a CDROM. AniRez2 lets you set resolution and colordepth of your or the users monitor before launching your program.
Aareus InfoClip is designed to obtain a high quality printed and emailable reports from online documents.
FlipAlbum 5 Pro lets you create and sell 3D page-flipping digital albums on CDs that run on both Mac and Pc.
Christie introduces three new Boxer models featuring 2K resolution with 20,000, 25,000 and 30,000 center lumens. Now available in multiple software performance configurations, the Christie Boxer Series offers choices based on resolution, brightness and budget requirements. Weighing-in at a trim and compact 160 pounds and including single-phase power, built-in warping and blending, omnidirectional installation capabilities, and a full-range of connectivity, the Boxer Series packs a punch for high-impact visual events. Field-upgradable, the maker says each upgrade takes only minutes until users can access the increased performance capabilities of any Boxer Series projector. At-a-glance source and status updates on lamp hours, voltage, temperature and warnings that can be sent directly to a mobile device or web browser. The new Christie Boxer models will ship in the summer of 2016 with a three-year parts and labour warranty. Digital signage video walls enhance flexibility in terms of scaling and content design for public space applications. AG Neovo’s video wall mounts (VWM-01 and VWM-02) are modularly designed for fitting easily into a variety of customizable mounting solutions. For traffic control authorities, broadcasters, and casino and industrial site operators, pre-programmed configurations are ushered onto the video walls in their control rooms to identify and contain anomalies. AG Neovo’s HIP-Series and HVWIP-Series HDMI LAN video wall matrix extenders and controllers will do the trick if even larger-scale configurations are called for. Both designed as floor stand displays, the DF-55 and PF-55H are intended for dual-sided and single-sided signage applications respectively.
Additionally the SIX-G is an excellent troubleshooting tool for distributed HDMI systems and a reference source for video calibration-- and is compatible with CalMAN.
One of the biggest challenges for integrators today is determining what infrastructure to put in the systems they design and further verifying that all of the components will work together.
ISF Certified — includes ISF Test Patterns like PLUGE, Chroma Multiburst, Color Girls & more. The SIX-G takes the guess work out of installation, troubleshooting and calibrating, delivering absolute information about HDMI components that will work and identifies ones that won’t work — all in a hand-held, portable field tool. IP cameras have made enormous gains in image quality, resolution and frame rate in a very short time. Video Management Servers (VMS) are generally designed to receive the encoded video from cameras and write the video data as a file directly to disk, without the need to decode the video.
VMS design has traditionally been premised on forensic, post event, evidence storage and review in order to prosecute criminals or avoid trip and fall liability law suits. However, as IP cameras proliferate, their utility for purposes such as safety monitoring, industrial operations monitoring, traffic monitoring, and general situational awareness increases.
A modern x86 architecture PC with a contemporary GPU is capable of decoding about 150 frames per second of 1080p (2 megapixel) H.264 compressed video. In addition, RGB Spectrum offers the ability to control all source computers, including decoding engines, with using its innovative Multipoint Control Room Management System (MCMS), allowing an operator to change the settings on any computer feeding the wall processor.

Using a video wall processor in combination with multiple computers serving as IP decoders is an effective way to scale up the number of cameras that can be simultaneously viewed. Microsoft evangelist Bruce Harris gives a few details on the HoloLens augmented reality headset at a Tel Aviv event-- including the fact the device battery lasts for 5.5 hours of regular use. Such fact might make the Hololens look limited, but Microsoft does have a few tricks up its sleeve-- the device runs any universal Windows 10 application and is "totally wireless," with no wired option available. Microsoft is still to provide a Hololens consumer release date, but shipments to developers should start from Q1 2016.
My House for Windows Vista, adjusted and suited, for building control also becomes an easy and flexible complement for the smart control system in general which, at the same time, also increases the functionality.
If you have an Android Phone and plan to get an iPhone, chances are that you want to keep those old Android Data on your iPhone as well. All of the features of your computer are now at your disposal around the clock and regardless of your location!
Webelf provides web management not only for your computer, but also for any electronic devices. ALL-in-ONE easy to use disk cataloging software which helps you to effective organize, maintain and explore your media collections.
Advanced Clipboard allows you to create 15 independent clipboards and work with each of them separately. Adobe SWF format is gaining popularity among the development community thanks to its impressive video capabilities and powerful interactive features combined with ease of development.
Mobile Marketing Pro, as it's name states, allows to create mobile marketing campaigns through delivery and reception of SMS text messages with keywords (also known as two way SMS). We have created a drop down menu extension for Dreamweaver that seamlessly blends 2 of the best menu technologies - DHTML and FLASH. Simple use and eye-catching design of animated diagrams makes this program indispensable for business people.
The program will gather all the files required to run from a CD-ROM and create an autorun file.
This makes sure that everyone is seeing the program or presentation fullscreen and with the correct colordepth. Want to create amazing Flash TEXT EFFECTS, or FLASH BUTTONS, but don t have Macromedia Flash or don t know how to use it for complex animations? Publish photo albums, product catalogs, scrapbooks, and newsletters online or on CDs for commercial distribution. CollageFactory is an intuitive, elegant tool for producing high-quality collages from your digital photos. With an upgrade path to higher brightness, resolution and performance capabilities, users can pay for what they need today, with a path to the future.
Christie Boxer is available in multiple software performance configurations, delivering various options to meet budget, brightness and resolution needs.
Featuring a floating-point processing engine with the equivalent of 25 bits fixed point processing resolution, Christie TruLife Lite provides increased dynamic range and superior scaling. To do precisely that, AG Neovo’s slim bezel displays—PM-65, PM-55, PM-43, and PM-32—seamlessly integrate images on video walls meant for advertising, information sharing, or entertainment.
AG Neovo’s PN-46 is designed specifically as a building block for such CCTV surveillance and related applications.
Today it is not uncommon to see video resolutions of 20 megapixels or greater at frame rates of 15 to 30 fps.
Generally VMS systems assume a very limited number of live cameras being simultaneously viewed. Security Operation Centers, Traffic Management Centers, and Operation Management Centers increasingly demand more cameras to be displayed.

For instance the RGB Spectrum MediaWall V can connect to up to 36 PC workstations, each capable of decoding 5 1080p streams.
Connectivity comes through wifi and Bluetooth, and the users can pair Hololens headsets together to share AR experiences.
In addition to scenes, detailed control and central switch off there are functions for music control (Play, stop, step, volume och text information as which track and artist playing). Having a mobile phone or tablet with access to the Internet at a hand, you can use full remote computer management via Webelf software! It enables you capture any sounds of your PC into MP3, OGG, WAV or WMA files quickly and easily!
SmartAssistant is an easy-to-use PIM (Personal Information Management) software with a nice and stylish looking for storing and managing your private information securely. Catalogs your Audio CD and MP3's (including ID3 Tags), DVD Movies, Digital videos, photos and pictures (including EXIF data and thumbnails), Software, Games, Documents and more. It means that you can paste information from any of the clipboards to any application at any moment. Also you can create SMS information services with an automated subscription and deletion system, that can be used to send news letters or other type of information. Only native VCL are used, so the data is 100% compatible with standard streams and DFM files.
You can use an SWF projector or compiler to run an SWF presentation without the need to launch a Web browser, but such applications would be severely limited in features compared to native Windows executables, without protection against SWF decompilers. Otherwise, people will see their on the monitor only.It is available 33 high-quality images. IP surveillance architectures rely on distributed processing to encode and compress video from raw formats captured by the camera imager into streams which pass across common Ethernet networks. A common trick of the trade is to encode two streams at each camera, one for recording at full frame rate and resolution, and one at lower resolution and frame rate for live viewing. The power issue also limits the display capabilities of the headset, leading to a field of view "similar" to a 15-inch monitor close to the viewer's face. WMA MP3 Recorder allows you to record sound without running out of memory as long as there's enough disk space.
Every camera is an encoder, and as you add more cameras, you naturally need more encoding capacity. The question is, how do you scale up decoding capacity to view the rapidly growing population of cameras? A+ Web Show Maker is the premier tool to create intuitive, interactive slideshows for viewing in your Web Browser.
Using images, sounds, music files from your computer, you'll be able to create stunning web presentations with no knowledge of HTML programming.
With a single click of a button your presentation will be ready for viewing on your computer or over the internet on your website. A+ Web Show Maker allows you to produce stunning interactive SlideShow style web presentations that can be viewed from any internet browser.
A+ Web Show Maker automatically handles the complex process of linking your images and pages together. From family pictures to slide shows for your business website, A+ Web Show Maker is the ideal choice to get your images on the internet!

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