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Yes why not, those tools are not cheap and in the end they are created to result in higher sales by guiding the shopper with content.
A couple of moths ago I discovered an interactive herb selector in Delhaize and yesterday I was glad to see an elderly couple intensively searching and selecting herbs with this tool. We do want more and more choice but we hate the terror of choice… It’s a huge paradox that should be seen as an opportunity! Pi Day is celebrated around the world in March, and we've created a theme to commemorate it!
Promethean Planet celebrates our teacher members by featuring them regularly in the Teacher Feature section! Promethean’s ActivInspire software comes with great pre-made pages that you can use with your students. You may have already discovered the Ruler, Compass and Protractor tools in previous versions of Promethean’s software. Because the ActivBoard’s pen has built-in full mouse functionality (including rollovers and hovering), math teachers are amazed to find that they can easily use other applications in their ActivClassrooms without modification or annoying restrictions! Macaw is an awesome design prototyping tool that converts your design into codes so that you spend more time designing, rather than coding.  All the prototypes you built with Macaw are clickable so that clients or users can have a better sense of how the interactive flow will be like.
Marvel App allows you to import your digital design assets and make a prototype out of them.
I introduced Notism as a collaborative design platform for designers in an older article but they also allow interactive prototypes to be built. Invision is a cloud based designer tool that can allow you to convert static design resources into clickable prototypes that can be shared between your team member for faster feedback.  Invision offers a free account for limited use so you can get one and try it yourself.
Solidify allows you to create interactive prototypes with sketches for designers who really to sketch out their concepts and wireframes. Easel is an in browser design tool that lets you drag elements into your wireframe for fast design prototyping. Axure has a powerful engines that lets you build interactive prototypes really really fast.
With a passion for Knowledge, Smashinghub has been created to explore things like Free Resources For Designers, Photographers, Web Developers and Inspiration. Easel and macaw aren’t really prototyping tools as much as visual html authoring tools.
In this week’s blog on the topic of interactive documentaries, guest editor Paulina Tervo decided to look into some of the web tools for documentary makers wishing to create interactive stories. Now some companies are tapping into this specific need by offering filmmakers easy-to-use editing and publishing tools that allow them to create interactive and non-linear stories without much knowledge of code or design. AD:  Klynt is an editing and publishing tool that allows filmmakers to create non-linear and interactive stories easily and without the need to use a programmer. BM: Our online builder tool makes it easy for you to turn images, video and text into beautiful, engaging stories.
AD: You can create stories with any subject, length or genre, ranging from investigations to analytical, observational, historical documentaries, games and mind-map stories. BM: Storyplanet has broad storytelling possibilities ranging from e-books, interactive timelines, linear movies with links within it, page-like stories where you decide your own user journey, stories with hyperlinked overlays on the image etc.

AD: No, with Klynt we decided not to develop templates as our users were not keen on the idea. BM: Witness used Storyplanet to create a timeline of 20 years of their work (which can be seen here), and Al Jazeera used it to create a story on 18 days of revolution in Egypt (which can be seen here). BM: We are developing a way for users to download their data in order to store it on their own server. There are many other brilliant and useful web tools for documentary makers, which I did not have the time to delve into. It helped to select the product they needed, maybe they even bought a variety of herbs instead of what they normally use. Don't miss our Geometry resource pack, publisher created resources from ETA and loads of other resources! Many features include videos of the teacher delivering ActivClassroom-based lessons to their students. Many teachers use Geometer’s Sketchpad on the ActivBoard, while others love using the TI-Smartview Calculator on the ActivBoard.
This is fine when web pages or print design was all we needed to communicate with fellow team members or clients. From its landing page, this tool might not be available yet but you can sign up to receive notifications once it is ready. You can test your clickable designs on any devices using proto, with full featured animations to let you have a better sense of the end result. It also incorporate Bootstrap libraries for those who like to work in the Twitter bootstrap framework.
It has conditional logic and dynamic content functionality built into its prototyping tool so that you don’t need to worry about all those when doing your concept work.
The idea that producing a project for the web is cheaper than a traditional documentary is a myth and in many cases it can in fact be the opposite.
What previously would have been a highly expensive and labour-intensive pursuit now gives media makers the freedom and opportunity to experiment without taking huge risks.
It was designed as an affordable and creative solution to explore new narrative formats on the internet. You can use our free online toolbox to do everything from your next school project or family album to documentaries, timelines, presentations and more. You can create any kind of story architecture.  With Klynt you can do something quite sophisticated and interactive with little knowledge of design or coding. This allows us to push the boundaries of the application, and helps us define the features for future versions. We offer two types of licenses to Klynt, 150 euro for the light version and 500 euro for the pro version. In order to tackle it we are moving closer to more standard technologies and open source policies to give our users more control and ownership. Since we are still in BETA stage this feature is not functional yet but we can do it for users manually for now. We are planning to have a market place for filmmakers and photographers, so that through our platform you could become a pro-producer and charge for the use of your content.

The example above allows students with ActivExpression  handsets to send in their estimate of the angle on the flipchart page.
For example, you can open multiple rulers at a time so students can distinguish between metric and imperial measurements.
Search the forum  for comments on this!Additionally, Promethean has partnered with other organizations to provide you with special resources or offers. However, as websites become more interactive and apps becoming more requested, designers need interactive design prototyping tool to better communicate their design ideas. Best of all, it is free to use so I encourage you guys to try this if you want to design an interactive prototype.
You can drag and drop design elements into your prototypes as well as being able to add in interactive actions. To make an engaging interactive documentary, you not only need a well crafted story but you also need to develop and design the user experience, and find a coder to put it all together.
Storyplanet is aimed for a wide audience, including photographers, journalists and filmmakers as well as educational users and NGOs. We are currently talking to the guys at Mozilla to find out a way to integrate our tool with Popcorn maker.
We are also building a market place for templates (similar to the app store) in order to boost revenue.
We are also hoping to function as a publishing network, and establishing partnerships with big media outlets who could search and buy content from makers on our platform. Using the powerful built-in protractor, they can measure for themselves to see what the angle really is. Two that you may want to explore further include Learning Clip and Cabrilog.Learning Clip is especially cool for those of you with ActiVotes! These interactive design tools are better suited to show how one state moves into another so as to give a better view of how user interaction will be like.
As the genre is still in its early days, it can be very difficult to find a coder who can understand the filmmaker and vice versa.
This UK-based education publisher has adapted their online FLASH-based multimedia math lessons to work with Promethean ActiVote devices using the Promethean SDK.
Viewers of these interactive prototypes will then be better able to give you more constructive and definite feedback.
What were rich learning objects for teacher-led whiteboard or “one-to-one” PC use, have now been adapted for whole group interaction using Activote. In this way, every learner can participate in each step, providing instant feedback to the teacher so lessons can be adapted to ensure that all learners benefit.
Triangle Man is a hoot!Cabrilog provides ActivClassroom users tools for teaching and learning a variety of mathematical concepts for all levels. A simple click will let you interact with mathematical objects and efficiently demonstrate concepts.

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