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ShareIn my previous post on Memeburn, I outlined some practical etiquette tips for businesses delving into the murky world of social media marketing. Here are some great examples of international brand campaigns (in no particular order of preference) that have got it right.
The furry character won viral popularity immediately as viewers got onto the web to visit the Compare the Meerkat mini-site. The Twitter and Facebook pages do not include any links back to Compare the Market directly, but there are plenty on the mini-site and the campaign is very closely linked to the Compare the Market brand which gives it the power it needs. Whether or not you’re a fan of Isaiah Mustafa parading his pecs in nothing but a towel, you can’t argue with the success of the Old Spice’s “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign.
Mustafa became popular doing the brand’s TV commercials, but things really kicked off when Old Spice moved the campaign to the web and invited fans to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media outlets to pose questions that he answered quickly through 180 videos posted online in a few days. Old Spice experienced a 107% increase in short-term sales after the campaign launched, but the campaign is estimated to have cost a modest $250,000 to run, so the ROI is likely to be very positive. Heather Gorringe, the founder and owner of the business recognised social media as being an effective low-cost tool for spreading awareness of the Wiggly Wigglers brand, seeing as the business could not afford to spend on advertising and lead sourcing.
They then followed on from this success with videos, a blog, a group on Facebook, and Twitter pages for Heather and “Farmer Phil” which they use to solicit feedback, learn and join in the conversation. This is a well known series of online videos which first came onto the social media scene in 2006 (not long after YouTube was launched) and has continued ever since. It’s understandable; there is a strange kind of pleasure in seeing an iPad get completely trashed for the sake of it. Catherine is currently the Senior Account Manager at Creative Spark Interactive in Cape Town, where she is attempting to whip everyone into shape at breakneck speed.
Our readers can personalize ViralBlog in Zite alike ways, and schedule e-mail alerts to get the most relevant answers to their specific questions. No other company in comes close to matching Coca-Cola’s reach into the global marketplace. A brilliant, consistant, integrated and global marketing strategy is one of the key drivers behind Coke’s success. In many entertaining ways, Coke is sharing happiness and putting smiles on people’s faces, all around the world.
Later more on the glocal marketing results, but in this infographic you can already see Coke’s ROI on their marketing efforts. For example, in Egypt, Coca-Cola has built 650 clean water installations in the rural village of Beni Suef and sponsors Ramadan meals for children across the Middle East.
In India, the brand sponsors the Support My School initiative to improve facilities at local schools.
As former agency founder and strategist, my work at WPP and as chief global social officer at Mindshare I have worked with a dozen of leading global brands like: Unilever, Nike, Heineken, Ford, AmEx, Volvo and more.
While working with CMOs at both global centralized and global decentralized brands, I have seen up close and personal how extremely difficult it can be to manage and execute global and glocal marketing strategies.

Igor Beuker was CMO at 3 listed companies, chairman at the IAB, jury member at Webby, AMMA and Esprix awards, founder of 3 digital agencies (sold to WPP) and global chief social officer at Mindshare.
Related StoriesHow Brands Staff And Budget Their Social Media (Infographic)The 4 Social Consumer Segments CMOs Should Watch? It can be disheartening to see traditional Triple A games get prime marketing, with adverts everywhere you look. To make this happen, a truly innovative and attention grabbing piece of media must be created, whether that be the aforementioned picture or link, or something more involved. One of the most famous viral marketing events was the one of Halo 2, known as ‘I Love Bees’. Tomorrow, I’ll be showcasing another five campaigns that have got it miserably wrong – take heed of the lessons to be learned.
The campaign was then expanded to give Aleks more personality, a family story, and his own Twitter and Facebook pages where he engages with fans daily, posting amusing updates and answering questions. The questions came pouring in and the campaign generated huge buzz worldwide as millions of fans followed the campaign. It’s a small organic farming and gardening business in Hertfordshire in the UK, that picked up a ?25,000 prize from Dell in 2008 for innovative use of web applications and social media. The business had an existing website, so the campaign started with regular successful podcasts by the ‘Wigglers’ on the farm. Their success shows that you don’t have to be a technical guru to use social media, you just need a good understanding of the purpose of the platforms you are using. The videos show the Blendtec “Total Blender” blending and destroying various items ranging from golf balls and glow sticks to an iPhone, an iPad and even a vuvuzela. Zappos is an online retailer, and their Twitter account is run by Tony Hsieh, the company CEO and face of the brand. Though it is a huge corporation, Coca-Cola focuses on small community programs and invests a lot of time and money in small-scale charity efforts. But most of these brands are advertising their theme, but not delivering on their brand promise. Browse our flagship format Viral Friday where you can enjoy over 1.250 viral hit videos, follow Igor Beuker on Twitter, grab our RSS Feed, join our Facebook movement or subscribe to our weekly e-mail newsletter. How Coca-Cola Gets Your Live Tweets In Their TV AdsWhy Facebook Contests Might Be Hurting Your Brand?
Now I understand, why Coca-cola is a globally renowned brand with such a high percentage of 94% consumer awareness about the brand. Most developers don’t have the manpower or the budget to create high visibility publicity campaigns for them, but at the same time creating a well tuned and fun game, and hoping it gets noticed on the Apple and Android app stores just simply isn’t enough.
However, the adverts will be papered over or replaced in a month or two, and unless the game is a blockbuster then very few people will actually remember them.
If word of your product is being spread around social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the like, it’s ‘gone viral’.

Most games now include methods for players to share their achievements and top scores with their friends on social media, but this isn’t enough. To be shared, your content simply has to be entertaining or noteworthy enough to be shared. If you want your product be shared and spread around the web, you need to create a new and exciting product that others will want to share. The videos have proven to be very popular, gathering millions of views each and resulting in an increase in home sales of their blenders by more than 700%. Hsieh shares the day-to-day routine details of life at the company by posting regularly without a “hard-sell”, and in so doing, offers customers a deeper level of engagement with the Zappos brand. Twitter is used in this example as an effective customer service tool, and customers feel they are listened to and taken seriously. Matt Martin of Games Industry International says that mobile app marketing ‘doesn’t work at all’.
Viral marketing is often prized as it is a much cheaper method of getting the word out about your product, but most importantly it is interactive. Many players don’t use these features,  and most social media users are savvy enough to block the announcements from those who do.
In the run up to the release of Bioshock 2, Irrational Games created the website Something in the Sea, where players could examine evidence of Rapture as collected by a character called Mark Meltzer, a man whose daughter had been kidnapped and taken to the underwater city. Players had to solve riddles with little to no help, and eventually a lucky few were invited to a cinema to play Halo 2 before release. Minecraft has enjoyed millions of hours worth of essentially free advertising on Youtube, where players have recorded and uploaded their experiences playing the game. Lumping ‘share’ buttons into your game will probably net little success, but excitement can drummed up at little cost to the developer. With such gloomy light being shed on your work, how do you create interest in your app without breaking the bank? Because a person is actively passing on a picture or link about the product, they are much more likely to remember and buy, or in this case, download it. Posters were spotted in real life, and the game culminated in events where players would have to meet up at a certain place and time, a lucky few receiving limited edition goodies. In one of the game’s latest updates, players have been given the ability to stream their play time directly to, showing that Mojang, the game’s developers, want to make this process even easier for their fans.

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