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The advent of internet has changed the world for the better, but whether it has made a considerable impact in the world of marketing or not, that is debatable. Many companies are used to the way some things work, for instance, many companies still use postal communication to ask their associates for a price quote, which would take days for an answer.
However, research shows that entrepreneurs are slowly gaining traction in Internet marketing, particularly in the US, where it generated revenues to the tune of $7.3 billion in the first quarter of 2011, and a corresponding increase of 23%, from the same period in 2010. Let’s take a look at how the rest of us can use the Internet for marketing our products.
If you look at the Fortune 500 companies list, each of them definitely has a website in their own name, but are they utilizing their sites as they should? To make matters worse, they will even have their own photograph pasted, believing that potential clients will run after their company’s products by looking at their faces, and reading the story of their personal milestones. The nature of purchases of their customers can help companies formulate better, more precise formulas for future marketing policies, and take bad-selling products off the shelf. The real advantage with the Internet is that the sending of reports can be automated, without any hassle, and can be updated regularly or as often as possible, as required. One of the key marketing roles of internet is mass customization of products to suit every individual, according to his or her needs. Mass customization not only makes the selling process faster, but enhances marketing for companies. Modern day customer service has changed, especially those who use emails and chat support as the corresponding medium.

Regular software updates, anti-virus software updates, and even Operating System updates have become a part of online customer service support systems.
Sales, are perhaps, the ultimate marketing goal, and no other can do it like the Internet does it.
Amazon and EBay are perfect examples of sites thriving on ecommerce and while the Internet is the ideal marketing tool for their sort of business, it also allows for passive marketing. Entrepreneurs are perhaps, unwilling to try out a new way, and prefer to duck in favour of more conventional ways. Some of them use it to build a reputation for the company but they don’t focus on the About Us page much. It would contain what their academic achievements are, and their personal milestones, but nothing about their company.
Potential clients, who will perhaps, look to forge a partnership with the firm will love to see what the company has achieved, as it will give a clear profile view of the company. The plans can be amended and worked out differently on the basis of the report, which will lead to better marketing efforts. You will have to choose the shirts, colour, special text if you want and add an art design.
There is a likelihood of repeat customers even though the feature itself is a marketing gimmick.
Many companies have online support systems, which gives them the facilities to reply to international customers.

Customers can now fix a software glitch faster with the help of online customer service over chat support without having to take the machine to the tech store. It’s no wonder customers will stick to their hardware and software, if the manufacturer keeps providing updates that allows them to fully utilize their wares.
According to Goldman Sachs, the global online sales may reach somewhere near $963 billion by 2013, which is a staggering sum to say the least.
A customer shopping online may receive recommendations of what other buyers like him also bought, plus reviews, notification for promotions and discounts, which could all influence him to actually get a product he had no intention of buying in the first place. Companies can gather information about its existing and past customers from their distribution partners faster through the Internet. In fact, this particular feature will give online companies a huge advantage over offline stores. A good thoughtful design will reflect how organised the company is, and that’s how a website can lend a hand in creating an image, and marketing prospects for a company. This ensures that the company only makes clothes that customers want, in the stock numbers required.

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