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Keyakinan kami untuk membawa Voila Indonesia menjadi sebuah Activation Company bermula pada tahun 2010 yang lalu. Kami meyakini visi untuk menjadi perusahaan global di bidang komunikasi dan selalu menanamkan nilai bahwa setiap kreatifitas dan karya harus menciptakan dampak positif atas tantangan dan permasalahan yang dihadapi oleh brand atau company. I guess, even though the plan is to take the plunge and risk becoming location independent, I'm still trying to mitigate the risk as much as possible. Kami fokus membantu Anda pada brand activation dan events management serta mengembangkan kampanye terintegrasi yang dapat diukur untuk brand Anda.

You can build a reputation and scorecard with reviews upon your achievements.The world becoming a global village, it is becoming possible working anywhere in the world (you only need an internet connection and a device such as phablet, tablet, smartphone etc), and still having steady streams of revenues. I simply want to work from that particular location, and hopefully also have the opportunity to give back by employing domestic help and through whatever other possible means I am permitted.Please also keep in mind that I am very aware of the laws of this universe, and I would not expect to be rewarded if I tried to take from others just to make it better for me.
Some even have income from rents in their own homecountry, and enable them to live a life elsewhere with good standards of living in Asean countries.It is just the alternative lifestyle. Some while travelling and earn google advertising from bloggings.However, interestingly most people who do this, do not have young kids.

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