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Makatary Auctions Software Is "self programmed" to behave like an auction in the real world -- not the typical bid by proxy auction that every other online auction site has to offer. Every sellable item posted to your site becomes part of a complex internet based inventory system.
The Freedom to do business anywhere an Internet connection is available is a fantastic advantage. Using The Makatary Network Exchange feature allows you to find what your retail customers are looking for by sharing inventory with other network members. The ability to show an individual customer exactly what they are looking for, combined with the unique ability to instantly create a personalized "showcase" environment, is a feature only found within The Makatary Network --and nowhere else! For Auction By Owner Software Or Hotel Marketing Software:   Click The Above Links ! A Powered By Makatary Auction is visually stunning, has an intuitive user interface, and search engine optimization is built into the auction source code.

Fundamental to this capability is the way your program allows you to make custom adjustments to your data handling forms "on the fly". Should you require, A private search engine can be integrated into your own site for no additional costs. When you post an item, A single word entered into the search key field will generate a " Find Related Items " button. The Makatary Automated Shopping Cart spontaneously adjusts for any changes made to an item in your inventory, such as price changes, non priced items, shipping and handling charges, and anything out of stock. It allows you to travel and upload your inventory, images, and information --from anywhere at any time ! If you have a little inventory, The Makatary Network Exchange will provide more items for you to show and sell to your customers. Our Intuitive Auction Software Facilitates The Creation And Maintenance Of Your Own Private Auctions From Any Computer In The World --And Our Auction Software Is Hosted On The Fastest Server Network On Planet Earth !We Began Developing This Auction Software Program With One Goal In Mind: An Auction Software Program That Emulates All The Variables Of A Real Life Auction.

Makatarys' use of Artificial Intelligence gives each user the ability to control an expert software programmer. These Two Systems Combined Will Automatacally Optimize Your Internet Site For The Popular Global Search Engines. It is not possible to bid against yourself (or your bid agent) in any Powered By Makatary Auction. We are confident our Internet Marketing System will be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

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