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In 2005 I left a job at a traditional TV production company and took a marketing position at an internet company. They have the infrastructure, know-how and talent to create high-quality, professional video content.
Can TV production companies overcome these barriers and succeed in the online video market?
This means they need to change the way they think about content creation, learn to work in short iterations, measure results and be quick to make constant changes to the plan. Tackle It “Tool” Tuesday ~ Tools and Resources, Do You Have Too Many or Not Enough?
Review your list – is it more green or more orange?A  Mine some time back was definitely more ORANGE!A  I loved collecting those resources and tools. It was awesome to feel the weight of those “oh I need to still read this, or start this, or learn this too” all cleaned out and narrowed down to what I would actually use and read!
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I’m now working with a TV production company to launch digital channels and video-based websites for OTT platforms. According to Youtube, 300 hours of video content are uploaded to their platform every minute. This free PR and media access to millions of TV viewers could be used to cross promote their brands and content online. The rules of online video are different, the attention span of viewers are limited, and the distractions are constant.  Although the content development and production know-how are there, these companies still need to learn and adapt their thinking to the web and mobile viewing habits. Being a content provider for TV platforms, most production companies have never had to deal with marketing to consumers. This may go against the DNA of many TV production companies, but this shift in thinking and culture is a must for making that leap. I was addicted to it not unlike collecting all those stickers and bonding agents that were so cool for scrap booking, oh don’t get my husband started on my stamp collection too – they were tools I had to have!
Be sure it will and your purchases will go a lot further in helping to explode your business! They are avid readers and dedicate time set aside for not only using tools and resources but for personal development – how about you?A  They have grown by the knowledge they have taken in over the years and it is something as BUSY solo-preneursA  we too have to be in the habit of taking and setting that time aside for this as well.A  BUT remember it is only valuable when you implement what you are learning!
Working on this project brings up some interesting insights about how things panned out for TV production companies in the last decade. Only a few of these hours could be considered to be interesting, high quality, appealing content.

To test the attractiveness of their inventory materials online, these companies don’t even have to create a dedicated website or drive traffic or anything. If they produce digital channels for OTT platforms, they can still rely on the platforms’ marketing capabilities, but if they launch independent channels, they would have to develop these capabilities in house as well. Our water cooler talks back then were all about how the internet would soon kill TV and everyone was going to be watching videos online very soon.
Aren’t these companies best positioned to capture the value in these times of accelerated online video growth?
If you have good content that people are likely to search for, just upload it to Youtube for a while and see what happens.
It is not trivial for them to develop a “lean startup” or “bootstrapping” type of thinking. It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way. At the very least it would be a proof-of-concept experiment with a few ad dollars on the side. They put in the same effort and resources behind content for the web as they do for TV content.

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