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Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online by promoting already existing products that was created by someone else. Vlogging in concept is in effect just blogging through the use of videos as opposed to text. Social media has influenced our lives in countless ways and at times without us realizing it. There are so many businesses you can go into online, but this article will give you one of the best online business ideas you can delve into.
Some people who blog are not really blogging for profit as maybe they are not aware of some of the things you can do with a blog. During 2012 we published a wide range of top internet marketing tips and professional search engine optimisation advice on our Blog.
Listed below are the top 5 most popular articles viewed by our customers and blog subscribers.
Unlike traditional html websites, WordPress blogs include a range of unique features and functionality. One of the challenges of developing backlinks to your website is the time it takes for Google and the other search engines to index the page displaying your link. Securing links on article directories and Web 2.0 properties are popular link building methods. However, considering that Google Plus only had 10 million users in July 2011, their rate of growth is very impressive.
If you are interested in learning how you can avoid a range of common website mistakes, I recommend that you download a FREE copy of our Fatal Website Mistakes To Avoid report right now! You may wish to consider subscribing to our Blog by RSS Feed or Email and receive our Professional Website Promotion Tips, direct to your inbox. Professional internet marketing specialist, with over 10 years experience of helping companies to increase their online brand awareness, improve their search engine ranking results and develop profitable websites.
Our Most Asked Questions (click to reveal answer)What Can Google See On My Website?The Google robot does not see web pages as you can see them in your browser. Read MoreWhy Do I Need A Mobile Website?Have you ever visited a website utilising your smart phone, only to find that the site loading time seemed to take ages? Read MoreHow Can I Use Google Webmaster Tools To Improve My Search Engine Optimisation Results?By registering your website with Google Webmaster Tools you will obtain useful information on how Google perceives your website.
Read MoreHow Can I Check My Website Browser Compatibilty?It is important to understand that not everyone uses the same web browser.
Read MoreWhat Are The Main Advantages Of Utilising Long Tail Keywords?Making use of long tail keywords provides a powerful strategy for targeting potential buyers, especially if you are operating in a really competitive and saturated market sector.

Read MoreHow Can I Create A Search Engine Friendly Navigation Structure For My Website?Your website’s navigation structure is an extremely important element of the search engine optimisation process.
The search engines use automated software to crawl your site and rely on the navigation links embedded in your code, to move from page to page. Read MoreHow Does Banner Advertising Work?Web banner advertising campaigns can be set up to target specific countries or regions such as Europe, Asia or even Worldwide. Read MoreHow Can I Optimise My Website For Local Search Terms?If you wish to rank highly in Google and other search engines for local search terms, it is important that your website is optimised to target a range of local keyword phrases, that are relevant for your business.
Local search terms are usually made up of a generic keyword with the addition of a local town or region. Read MoreWhat Is Social Media Marketing?In order to develop your online brand awareness, as well as your search engine rankings, it is important that you develop a strong, visible presence in the world of social media. One of the ways that you can achieve this, is to ensure that all of your social media profiles are customised to promote your logo and corporate image.
Read MoreHow Can I Use Social Media To Develop My Search Engine Ranking Results?We have been aware that engaging with social media can influence your search engine ranking results for quite some time now. The implications of each stage and the impact that they would have on our sales potential was equally well demonstrated to us, which enabled us to make informed decisions. I have always had my queries – however small – answered honestly and in terms that I can understand.
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Have you heard statements such as, there are so many people getting rich online and all you have to do is build a list and your set! I am going to tell you the top reasons why affiliate marketers fail and never start making money online while getting their businesses started. However, one of the quickest and easiest ways to start a web business is by working what are called Affiliate or Reseller Programs. Whilst there are a large number of Internet Explorer users, there are also a high percentage of people using alternative web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others.
Images, colours and the general design layout of a web page are irrelevant to search engines as they are unable to understand this type of information.
These include the ability to automatically notify Google and other search engines, each time a new blog post is published, as well as providing the option for your customers to add comments to your blog posts. However, although the home page of many of these sites may enjoy a high page rank score, the internal pages are likely to have a zero page rank rating.
Compared to Facebook’s 800 million, Google Plus has a long way to go to play catch up.

Viewed as a potential marketing channel for your website, Google Plus for Business should not be ignored and if you do not currently have a Google Plus business page, now is the time to seriously consider the devlopment of a Google Plus Social Media Marketing Strategy for your business.
You will be able to identify any potential problems with your sites navigation and overall design structure.
Meta tags provide important information for search engines and are contained in the head section of your webpage’s HTML source code. If your website’s navigation structure is poorly designed then Google and the other search engines will struggle to index all of your web pages.
Demographic targeting options are also available to fit the target audience for specific products or services. Developing highly branded Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube web pages should be an important part of your social media marketing strategy. Google have made various statements about how they are increasingly monitoring social media, culminating in the announcement of their new +1 social feature. Every stage of the process was explained clearly and in such a way that we could really understand.
It is therefore extremely important that your website displays correctly across all web browsers.
It is therefore quite obvious that web pages that contain mainly images and very little text are unlikely to achieve high search engine rankings.
You can also develop a database of regular readers and visitors to your blog, via RSS feeds and email. Meta Tags cannot be seen by visitors to your website, but are used by search engines to identify information on the specific topics of a web page. If your website does not display properly on every browser you are missing out on a major opportunity and all of your website promotion efforts will be a waste of time. It is also very surprising that there are a huge number of websites that fall into this web design trap. It has been incorporated long since today, and is the most lively adopted format which is heartily adopted worldwide.

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