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In some cases, the Internet viral marketing campaigns below just did not take off but in other cases they backfired causing negative instead of positive publicity.
Here is a good example of what happens when a seemingly good idea does not scale to the exponential power of online word of mouse. Sony is on the list of some of the biggest companies in the world that tried to create online buzz through what many saw as outright trickery. This viral marketing example brings up the question of whether some brands are just unmarketable online. I grew up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and had not heard of the ATHF cartoon show before this interesting case study came to my attention. I cannot resist saying a few more words about the Toyota campaign which, apart from the gross misjudgment on the part of the marketing executives involved, is actually a pretty good example of Internet viral marketing. Do you have insights, strategies or a story about viral marketing to share with other readers? Viral marketing is a set of techniques that make use of internet media such as social networks (among others) in order to increase sales of products and services, or positioning of a brand with the help of the propagation of the message in an exponential or a viral way among internet users.
The techniques used in order to accomplish a successful viral marketing campaign are of different character, however it’s got nothing to do with computer viruses, but they got their name (viral techniques) because of the way the information about certain product, services or brands is propagated.
Thanks to the internet it is possible managing viral marketing campaigns that turn out to be much more affordable and effective than the campaigns managed through traditional methods. One of the things that seem to attract virality the most is offering a free product or service that is of great interest to the audience. Did you know that purchase consideration increases 14.3% by the third viewing of an advertisement on a top tier video hosting site? As I discussed in my previous articles on Internet viral marketing, existing online networks are the primary ingredient to creating a viral message. It is worth bringing up Google's Gmail which is the #3 e-mail service in the world with about 200 million users (after Yahoo! In 2001 BMW started a new trend in advertising by making a series of branded mini films exclusively for the Internet. Audi released a campaign called a€?The Art of the Heista€? in 2005 which included a number of online and offline elements in a truly integrated viral marketing campaign. Burger King has a campaign that has been running successfully since 2001 called The Subservient Chicken which featured hilarious website where you could type in commands for a man dressed up as a giant chicken. The distinction of the fastest-growing Internet viral marketing campaign ever goes to an Old Spice viral video that went from close to 7 million views in 24 hour to over 3 times that number within 36 hours. The producers of the hit 2008 movie Cloverfied decided on a clever marketing strategy whereby teaser trailers, posters and other media ads were created that only showed the relase date of the movie without its actual title. It is no surprise that the viral campaign for Cloverfield was as thought out and intricate as it was, because the producers had applied the same techniques to marketing the hit TV show Lost. Movie viral marketing campaigns mentions are not complete without this 1999 horror movie which was the first movie to be heavily promoted on the Internet.
Viral Marketing Takes Work!!! What a great write-up of some of the 1000s of examples out there of companies that have used the power of viral marketing successfully! If you have net style experience, develop a SEO site layout as well as offer it away for free. I have discussed the ingredients of online viral marketing campaigns as being networks, passability and remarkability and have highlighted why some famous viral marketing campaigns were so successful.
When the Starbucks Coffee Company decided to release an online coupon to promote their line of iced beverages in the summer of 2006, they did not count on the message going viral.
Whether or not their motives were sincere or not, we may never know but in the months before Christmas of 2006 they hired a guerrilla marketing firm to create a fake blog to promote its Playstation Portable (PSP) game console.
As well, we have to consider the difference between viral marketing and the more commonplace online branding, both of which Walmart has tried and failed at in recent years. In promoting a movie release back in 2007 the makers of the show hired a Guerrilla Marketing firm to put up mysterious electronic mini billboards featuring a character from the movie around several major U.S. If you can swallow the horrible idea that making people think that they were being stalked is good promotion, you might admire the fact that Toyota's campaign contained a number of integrated as well as interactive components. Firstly, the way the Toyota marketers figured they would trick people is by having friends sign them up to the joke unknowingly. An ingenious campaign by VariTalk to let fans send personalized phone messages to friends in lead actor Samuel L. This oddly titled clip is based on an Internet meme - an idea that gains huge cultural significance as described in detail in Seth Godin's foundational e-book on Internet viral marketing - called a€?All your base are belong to usa€? (or a€?AYBABTUa€?).
Perhaps you have been able to achieve viral marketing success or want to recall another major viral marketing success or flop! Doing this in an adequate way, it’s possible to reach a great quantity of people in a very short amount of time.

Normally, by making use of blogs, landing pages, Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube videogames, newsletters in massive e-mails, e-mail sequence campaigns, affiliate networks and others. The idea is for the users to share and send each other interesting and entertaining contents. A message is launched (e-mail or Facebook publications) and the purpose is for people to read it and share it with their friends, who will share it with other friends and so on. It can be successfully applied to mobile marketing campaigns or even for the advertising of mobile applications. In looking at why some viral marketing campaigns were successful, I want to talk about how the key concepts of networks, passability and remarkability that I have discussed previously come into play. As goofy as that sounds today, they sold the world's first web-based e-mail service to Microsoft just a year later for an astounding $400 million and Windows Live Hotmail is still is world's largest e-mail service with over 350 million users. Hotmail took off through the word of mouse of Hotmail users e-mailing people who were traditionally tied to e-mail services provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like America Online. BMW enrolled world class producers, directors and actors and made films that won awards and critical acclaim from the Cannes Film Festival to the New York Times to Time magazine.
The premise of the campaign was the fictional staged theft of an Audi car and the general public was asked to help track down the a€?stolena€? automobile in everything from billboards to online games, TV ads and public announcements at automobile shows. To their credit, Audi has a long history of creative and interactive advertising from placing hundreds of magnetic model cars around Toronto during the city's annual film festival to launching a free iPhone game to a new online series about a rich family of Audi owners called Meet the Beckers. Based on the tagline, "get chicken the way you like it", you can type in anything from a€?singa€? and a€?dancea€? to a€?go awaya€? or a€?eat McDonald'sa€? to provoke all sorts of responses. The Subservient Chicken concept was originally a series of TV ads that evolved into an online concept which has given it the ability to go viral and stay popular for so many years. Well, millions of people have, thanks to a successful mutlimedia ad campaign that featured a Gorilla playing drums to the Phil Collins song, a€?In the Air Tonight.a€? Cadbury spent millions on the expensive production and campaign and ran the ad on prime time TV, cinema, billboard and print ads in the fall of 2007. Presenting item creates a news amongst Internet individuals which can easily draw web traffic to your internet site.
Well, this marketing technique is generally overlooked online but incredibly powerful to massively boost your business growth if applied in the right way.
In this article I want to look at the flipside which is big online viral campaigns that fizzled. In other cases, companies tried to be too clever or even downright deceptive and sought viral marketing stardom by a€?flogginga€? - fake blogging a€“ and other online a€?no nosa€?.
The coupon was intended for use by Starbucks employees in a select number of states but ended up being posted all over the web and e-mailed to countless others. It is hard to estimate just how many people got a hold of the coupon but soon stores all over the world were receiving it and many had to stop honoring it which led to negative publicity.
The a€?floga€? was entitled a€?All I Want for Xmas is a PSPa€? and purported to chronicle the efforts of a couple of teenagers trying to convince their parents to buy them a PSP for Christmas that year. Perhaps if they had let viewers know that it was a marketing gimmick things would have worked out, or at least not turned out so bad.
The company has suffered a number of prominent online viral marketing and social networking mishaps that would seem to indicate that, well, the brand is just not web-ready. This a great example of built in passability which is one of the ingredients of viral marketing. The phrase comes from a badly translated line from a Japanese video game became an Internet sensation because of its absurd hilarity. The word a€?memesa€? was coined by famed evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his groundbreaking 1976 book a€?The Selfish Genea€?.
Often, it’s done with a brand or company sponsorship that requires positioning its product among its target audience. The older of these are the odious chain messages that users used to receive on their e-mails. Learn more from this post dedicated exclusively to mobile viral marketing and be ready to be impressed. My belief is that any sales and marketing organization can benefit from these techniques in applying them to your own online marketing strategy.
Finally, unless you are communicating something useful, interesting, funny or entertaining, your message will not be remarkable enough to gain a big following. Gmail used the different approach of originally releasing Gmail to a limited audience who were then allowed to invite friends to join. Over 10 million people viewed the films within 4 months of their release and BMW sales went up 12% over the previous year. What made a€?The Hirea€? series of films a success is the quality and sheer entertainment value of the films which were distributed on limited edition DVDs but spread mostly via e-mail online.
In the commercials muscular actor Isaiah Mustafa appears wrapped just in a towel and delivers a suave monologue that sees him transformed into various scenes from being on a sailboat to riding a horse to being in a hot tub to serenading women. When the ad was eventually posted online, a planned web presence and the initial groundswell helped it receive 500,000 views within a week and over 6 million by the end of that year. Cadbury sales of its Dairy Milk chocolate bar shot up 9% that year and market research showed a 20% improvement in the public perception of the company after a number of disastrous public relations mishaps. It was only when I saw the actors at the MTV Awards that I realized that the whole thing had been a farce!
It can easily additionally aid construct incoming links, along with, a backlink to your website.
There is cost-free software application obtainable such as Exebook, eBook Generator, as well as Open Office which will assemble your publication for you. In some cases, companies were simply ignorant of the undesirable and unforeseen consequences of their seemingly innocuous marketing activities. Instead, the site posted fake comments by fictitious visitors and the marketing gurus also manufactured fake viral tie-ins to other websites and event a rap video by a fake a€?Cousin Petea€?.

Walmart has tried to build an online shopping presence for years but that has not worked either. A public Facebook page Walmart put up in 2007 came to an early end when users began posting criticism and even vandalized the page.
It is a great concept when done right but the Chevrolet campaign created such mixed results that to this day it is hard to say whether or not it was a a€?successa€?.
While it seems like a good idea, they triggered a bomb scare in the City of Boston which took the devices to be similar to improvised LEDs. While this is not really a case of Internet viral marketing (which needs to be tied into an online presence), it does bear mentioning as a case where efforts to create a bang can be misconstrued or grossly overdone. Online viral tie-ins like fake e-mails and MySpace pages were then supplemented by fake bills in the mail and other real life artifacts.
Like genes, memes are evolutionary a€?building blocksa€? but of of thoughts, ideas or concepts that are transmitted from person to person and down generations.
Give away POP material (point of purchase material) to the users that register on your website or who invite other friends to do so.
An average of 98.1% of Americans aged between 18 and 29 spend over 40 hours a week on the internet. To this day you can still invite others to Gmail as well as simply just sign up yourself for free. Note that under the covers of Google's ingenious promotional device is a quality product that offers many features that make it quite a different offering from Microsoft's Hotmail. The success of the campaign was no doubt centered around the sheer entertainment value of the carefully choreographed clip whose popularity spawned 200 Facebook fan pages and worldwide acclaim. The Blair Witch Project went on to become one of the most successful movies ever in terms of being shot for a mere $30,000 by a team of amateur film-makers and grossing over $250 million worldwide.
Merely put a hyperlink to your website in the footnote of the design template and allow the users understand that in order to utilize this design template they must leave your link. Essentially millions of website owners are trying to find fresh content to apply their web sites, ezines, or newsletters. It also tried so hard to be a€?trendya€? by misusing teen coolspeak that the ploy became obvious. Walmart deserves credit for the interactive features of the page such as quizzes and tie-ins to products and services, but the company did not anticipate the backlash of the online community.
It may just have been a bad decision by giving a mouthpiece to the anti-SUV crowd just as the many opponents of Walmart's policies and practices have a forum online. Chevy bought an entire episode of the hit TV show a€?The Apprenticea€? in which Donald Trump's would-be apprentices sold car dealers on buying Tahoes. Internet memes expand on this by using the exponential power of the worldwide web in connecting unlimited numbers of people instantaneously. If media consumers are spending the equivalent of a full-time job’s worth per week, imagine how hard content producers work.
Google as a company is heavily vested in creating many free applications that provide no end of value from Google Earth to Google Docs to the ingenious Street View facility on Google Maps. The vast majority of the money spent by movie studio Artisan once it picked up the project was a staggering $25 million in marketing the movie in order to create the facade. Search engine marketing (SEM) may benefit significantly from the appropriate method using viral advertising. Speak to with your search engine marketing (SEO) analyst on exactly what kind of layout to develop for superior interest.
The same happened in 2006 with a blog called a€?Walmarting Across Americaa€? about a couple traveling across the country in an RV and spending nights in Walmart parking lots. As an online tie-in, the company created a website that gave viewers video clips and the editing tools to create their own versions of ads.
Viral marketing in a sense is an effort to manufacture memes so that they become the medium through which a marketing messages are transmitted. Right here a few simple advertising techniques for going viral with your services or product. How To Profitably Create A Landing Page 5 Quick Steps To Activate Google Adwords Express Small Business Email Marketing Biggest Killer Mistake? There were over 600,000 visitors to the site over 3 weeks with 30,000 ads created by users. While the vast majority of ads were well-meaning, a significant number of anti-SUV ads that subsequently went viral on sites like YouTube created a large amount of bad publicity for Chevy. Search engine advertising (SEM) specialists encourage you discover video clips like your item and study them. You can easily even use branding software program which enables the individuals that download your book to modify your custom links in the eBook to their very own affiliate or site links. This search engine marketing (SEM) strategy lets your follower a chance to produce extra profits by awarding your publication.

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