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Randy Harp did a superb job sharing much of his acquired wisdom in the area of strategic planning for churches in a break-out session at the 2015 BBFI Fall meeting at High Street Baptist Church (Springfield, MO). Suggested reading: Advanced Strategic Planning (Malphurs), Visioneering (Andy Stanley), Seven Practical Practices of Effective Ministry (Andy Stanley), Eat that Frog. This entry was posted in Church and tagged church, goals, leadership, mission, mission statement, pastor, strategic planning, vision by Greg Burdine.
Aperio uses strategic planning to help organisations create and implement forward-thinking entrepreneurial solutions that address their most important challenges and opportunities.
Context setting: To inform the planning team of the current, broad understanding of organisational context.
Defining the Strategic Framework: To clearly define and understand the organisationa€™s vision, mission, core values and strategic priorities.
Defining Goals: To define the goals that will need to be achieved in order to deliver on the organisationa€™s strategic priorities. Ratification of the Strategic Framework and Governance Review: For the Board of Directors to formally ratify the organisationa€™s vision, mission, core values, strategic priorities and to identify the governance structure, principles and competencies that will be key in supporting the successful implementation of the new strategic plan.
We believe ita€™s our role to expertly lead our clients through the process, and ita€™s our clientsa€™ role to be experts in their business and wholeheartedly engage in the process. We infuse the process with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation a€“ constantly challenging our clients to identify ways in which to direct their resources towards the maximum social return on investment. Strategic Planning is a continuous and systematic process where people make decisions about intended future outcomes, how outcomes are to be accomplished, and how success is measured and evaluated. Strategic planning in the public and not-for-profit sectors is different than strategic planning in private sector firms.
The public and non-for-profit sectors do not have the universal measuring tool of bottom-line profits that applies to private sector planning. Public sector stragic planners typically find themselves caught in the middle, between those who want higher program service levels, and those who want less expensive or less intrusive programs. Blackerby Associates has had considerable success in helping client organizations to raise and resolve conflicts arising from the goal-setting process. Blackerby Associates has helped many organizations to design and implement open strategic planning processes that receive and process input from a wide variety of related interests. The plan-to-plan is a project plan that describes how the organization will develop its strategic plan.

The mission, goals and values element always begins with the mission, the broadest possible description of the organization's vision of its future.
External needs assessment is an appraisal of the key outside trends and forces that influence the success an organization will have in achieving its mission and goals.
An outcome measure is a yardstick, or standard, used to measure success in achieving a strategic objective.
Strategic priorities rank each strategic objective according to its relative importance to the organization.
In the strategies element, planners identify all the alternative approaches, rate them according to criteria such as timeliness, projected cost or effectiveness in achieving a strategic objective, and then select a set of strategies that will best achieve the performance target specified in the strategic objective.
Performance feed-forward is a systematic procedure for comparing actual performance to planned performance, and for using that information to improve subsequent planning cycles. The Strategic Planning Process Template outlines the planning process for the determination and selection of new IT systems in an organization. The overview page (A — Strategic Planning) moves from target selection to requirements definition to the decision phase, and includes links to placeholder pages for the detailed definition of the three decision outcomes. In Task A02 (and others on this page), notice that the Supporting Role is the name of a group rather than an individual role. The Process Connector Labeled E01 leads to a continuation page (not included) that involves creating training for the new work processes. The Process Connector Labeled F01 leads to a continuation page (not included) that defines the procurement process for the new system. The Process Connector Labeled G01 leads to a continuation page (not included) that defines the development process for the new system.
This page contains the sub-process for Task A07, so note that the map begins and ends with Process Connectors labeled A07.
Our church had a strategic planning session and it was the pivotal moment of our church that gave us renewed purpose. What are some gauges that should be used (examples: attendance, offerings, first time guests, 2nd time guests, involvement).
With a compelling vision of the future defined, we help our clients to clearly map out the steps necessary in order to confidently move forward.
We believe it is important to ensure the active and authentic participation of the staff, board, and other stakeholders as appropriate to build the necessary consensus and ownership for the strategic plan.

While strategic planning must indeed produce a product, a Strategic Plan document, the primary value comes from the teamwork, vision, commitment to and ownership of organizational success the planners gain through the process of making the decisions the document contains. Organizations that are ready to plan strategically have leaders who are ready to make decisions. A well-written strategic plan will describe clearly how anyone can tell whether the organization is successful. These external trends and forces may pose either an opportunity or a threat to the organization, such as changes in economic conditions, population, technology, environment, or statutes. In the Performance Strategies model, a strategy is an approach, or an implementation methodology, that will lead to achieving a strategic objective. In addition, it also includes a sub-process page (AG — High-level Business Case) to illustrate how the Sub-process TaskID field is used in Task A07. Although providing separate role names is usually desirable when creating TaskMaps, using a group name is often appropriate when three or more people consistently work as a group throughout a process. The Sub-process TaskID indicates that Task A07 is broken down into more detail on another page, in this case page AG. For example, Build business case (AG01) might require multiple tasks instead of the one shown here, and might involve multiple roles. It also includes a less likely but very real possibility, Business case rejected, which causes the Business Analyst to start again. The plan may measure intended future outcomes either quantitatively or qualitatively, but it always defines threshold criteria for achieving success. The arrows indicate the general sequence of the elements, but planners often find themselves backing up to re-examine an element they had already drafted.
Think of the current page as the 35,000-foot view of the process and page AG as the 5,000-foot view of the details. These debates do not typically occur in private sector strategic planning, where profit is the goal, and more profit is better than less.

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