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Sure, you won’t be able to get all the JARVIS features like Iron Man had, but still, we are going to enhance your computer experience!
Imagine how it would feel to shock your friends by shutting down your computer by just saying it! The whole process is quite long, but once it’s done, you can be completely sure that your system is ready to accept your commands and in behave in some terms like JARVIS of Iron Man. Well well, you need to understand some basic commands your computer takes to execute certain actions. This is a software provided by Microsoft by which you will be able to add your own commands into the system. Windows Speech Recognition will guide you through the commands and in the meantime, also train your computer to understand your voice better. It took me almost half an hour to complete this step on my desktop, but it was well worth it, because all the basic commands can be executed by me just by speaking! You just have to click on the “Install” button and your software will be ready! Now, open Windows Speech Recognition Macros and you will soon find the icon in the Notification Area of the taskbar.

Send Keystrokes: Take a situation where you want to select all the text and copy it into the clipboard.
Emulate Recognition: This is for the commands already supported by Windows Vista Speech Recognition. But before that, I want to tell you that it is extremely important to digitally sign your macros! All About Windows Phone provides an independent source of news, reviews, apps and more to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Before you take imagination to an extreme, let me tell you that no software invented yet is so smart to behave like JARVIS in true terms. The whole system can’t actually be called JARVIS software, because the look of JARVIS is supported by a theme and the voice commands are taken with the help of Windows Speech Recognition. Therefore, I have taken the pain to hunt for the files and get them all into one single ZIP file.
You have to configure Windows Speech Recognition so that you can execute the basic commands by speaking. So, after you take the tutorial, you will notice that your system understands your commands better than anyone else’s.

Basically, Windows Speech Recognition is meant to create your own commands with specific actions. Personalize your Lock screen and be surprised with awesome pictures that will make your device outstanding. However, this tutorial is just an attempt to match the looks and some basic voice commands to give you a JARVIS like feel. If you aren’t much into this coding stuff, I would suggest you to leave the above macro. This option can allow you to execute any program, maybe your favourite game by just speaking!

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